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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pics of new products from Revlon, Almay and more (pic heavy)

Remember last week when Jane gave us the scoop on some new products from Revlon and Almay? Well I didn't think I'd actually see any of these goodies in my area for a while (I seem to be the last to spot new products these days!), but I happened to be at a Rite Aid I don't normally frequent and I found some of them (plus a few other goodies)!

Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner
(retail: $8.99)

Jane spotted this liner in four shades (Onyx, Espresso, Graphite, and Emerald) and, sure enough, all four shades were in this display as well. Click here to read Jane's descriptions of the shades.

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara
(retail: $7.99)

I can't wait to try this volumizing version, since I'm a big fan of the original.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains (new shades)
(retail: $8.99)
Revlon Just Tinted Nail Color (new)
(retail: $4.79)
Revlon Shiny Top Coat (new)
(retail: $5.75)

If you read Jane's take on the Just Tinted polishes, you know that I'm very curious about them! Have any of you tried these yet? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Almay Liquid Eyeliner Pen (new)
Almay Get Up & Grow Waterproof Mascara (new)
Almay Oil-free Makeup Eraser Stickers (new)

I have been a big fan of Almay's Liquid Liner for, gosh, over ten years now, so I'm really excited to try this new pen version. There are three shades in this display: Black, Brown, and Black Brown.

Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer
(retail: $8.99)

This is the counterpart to the Almay Wake Up Powder Foundation that I posted about back in December.

I finally spotted the L.A. Colors 50-pan Artist's Palette that Sephiria showed us in this post. I didn't thnk I'd see this one for a while, so I was excited to stumble across it unexpectedly! I decided to try and take some close-ups, just so you could get a better idea of what this palette looks like in person. Unfortunately, my pics are a bit blurry:

LA Colors Artist's Palettes in Inspiration (left) and Abstract (right)

According to the LA Colors website, these are, in fact, new (their other new product is Glitter Eyeliner, which you can see here).

In person, this palette is pretty large. It is definitely bigger than my Stila 8-pan palette, if you are familiar with that palette. I'm guessing that it might be almost a foot long. Also, the size of the pans is small--each pan is close to the size of a dime, I'd say. DEFINITELY smaller than a nickle.

I noticed that about 50% of the shades in each palette have the same silver sparkle running through them. The other 50% seem to be matte, or if not matte, they might have a very subtle satin texture to them (possibly similar to the shadows in the LA Colors 12-pan palettes). BUT, the colors seem brighter and more vivid than the shadows in the 12-pans, although maybe not as finely-milled as the shadows in the Professional Series Trios. Of course I could be totally wrong, but that's just my initial observation.

Each shadow has embossing on the surface, and it's a cute polka-dot design, which you can kind of see here:

I'm really on the fence about these. I think I need to find out the retail price, and if it's low enough, I'll give one a whirl. I will of course do a review if I end up purchasing one.

Oh, and I finally spotted all the mood displays at Rite Aid too!

Mood Struck Color Changing Lipglosses
(retail: $3.99)

The shades in this display are actually prettier than I had anticipated! There are clear, tinted glosses, opaque duochrome-y glosses, and glosses packed with microglitter in this collection. I was actually tempted to buy one, but then a shade in this display caught my eye:

Mood Struck Color Changing Nail Polish
(retail: $3.99)

Ever since Gaby showed us pics of these polishes at her Rite Aid, I've been thinking about them. I have yet to jump on the mood polish bandwagon (I've been tempted many times to buy one of the Claire's mood polishes), so when I saw these in person, I HAD to get one. The blurple duochrome-y shade on the left caught my eye, so that's the one I got (which I'll swatch soon). Of course it didn't hurt that I got 20% off the retail price since I'm a gold member of the Wellness+ program, and I also had some +UP Rewards I needed to use. So I basically got this polish for free. Yay!

But here's something interesting: if you look at the display that Gaby shared with us, the bottles (or maybe just the lids) look much different than the bottles in my display.

The bottles in this display TOTALLY remind me of the original Urban Decay nail polishes from the 90s! They have the same shape and the same wide-mouth bottle. The problem is, the UD polishes were notorious for drying out quickly (the wider the mouth, the quicker the polish will dry out, of course) and I remember them being a challenge to work with back in the day. So...I just hope these don't dry out quickly and turn to goop before I'm even done with my manicure. If any of you own one of these, I'd love to know how they work for you!

That's it for this drugstore report! Have you tried any of the products featured in this post? Anything you have your eye on? I'd love to hear from you, of course!


  1. I have the blurple mood polish you got! It's sooo gorgeous, isn't it? I actually got it from a little set from Marshall's that also came with a hot pink/coral shade, and a coral/peachy shade. The blurple reminds me a little of Orly Royal Velvet, but with more shimmer. It's absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite polishes (of the about 400 I have, lol)!

  2. WHOA mood LIP GLOSSES?! That's so weird! That's so awesome! How does that work...? I've never heard of mood glosses but I am VERY curious and I hope to find a review about them somewhere on the net....

    And yes, you're right the Mood polishes you found are different from the ones at my Rite Aid. My bottle is just a cylinder, yours are curvy!
    I bought one of the mood polishes, it's purple/pink. The purple is like a darker shade of Barney purple, but the pink it turns when it is warm is really different from the pink that is on the sticker (on the cap). The sticker says it will be a pale pink, but it is definitely brighter and a bit darker! Which I prefer! It's a rosey pink color, it's beautiful. I didn't like the polish dried matte, but it was nothing the NYC clear polish couldn't fix. And the wear time is better than my Wet n Wild polishes, so I think these were worth the $4 I paid! I'm pleased! I wonder what your swatches will look like!

  3. I saw the grow luscious plumping mascara tonight in walmart. but im gomma wait to try it when theirs a good sale and i hear some good reviews as i just purchased 2 tubes of mascara and dont really need it. I would like to try the eyeliners too. I definetly would like to know how the Almay undeeye concealer is and especially the felt tip liner. I usually get the LA Girl super skinny eye marker from cherry culture but i hate to pay so much for one thing. Maybe this Almay one will be good. Or my local Sally's could be nice and put out the Palladio felt-ti liner.

  4. Bare minerals id actually make the same package of make up eraser sticks.

    I love the ones by them, so if these are cheaper than the $5 I pay for those, they're going to be a new favorite!

  5. someone may have pointed this out already, but those l.a. colors palettes looks just like the ones cvs was carrying around the holidays (i dont think they had a brand name) for around 4.99ish. even the embossing patterny thing is the same. i picked one up, and was pretty pleased with the pigmentation and staying power (over primer). i actually dropped it one the floor and shattered a few of the colors i used the most, so i hope this is the same one!

  6. My mistake, my polish bottle is cylindrical but the spout is NARROW! It's like a Wet n Wild Fast Dry spout. Not at all as large as the ones you found in your Rite Aid
    - Gaby

  7. I picked up one of the mood polishes, and in my RA the bottles are a different shape; they may have done this to solve the wide mouth issue. I wasn't sure I'd love this polish; it was a little matte with a metallic shimmer. The one I have goes from purple (when cool) to a deep robin's egg blue. Its gorgeous with a topcoat and surprisingly long lived.

  8. I'm always impressed with how much new stuff your drug stores carry. Where I live, I'm lucky to see half of that, and some things I've seen in blogs late last year never made it here at all.

  9. the shades in the LA colors palettes are actually just all from their 5 pan palettes. if you dont have any of the 5 pan ones its definetly a good way to get them all but if you collect them like me, its kind of a fail. lol

  10. I saw the mood polishes at my RA the other and considered it briefly and past it up as a gimmick but now I am convinced to get one! I think I will get the one shieldmaiden just described if its available! Thanks for the info!

  11. I am dying for the LA Colors palettes! I love LA Colors shadows and the colors look fun.

  12. I love the original Grow Luscious so I was excited to see the new plumping one at Target. Unfortunately, its not good. The brush is thinner and tapered, and tends to clump my lashes together so it looks like I have 4-5 lashes total. No volume at all and minimal length. The original Grow Luscious gives me fat thick rockstar lashes. The new plumping version went into the bin the same day.

  13. I am a huge fan of the original Grow Luscious so I was stoked to see the new plumping version at Target. Unfortunately, it was not good. It clumped my lashes so it looked like I had 4-5 lashes total. Minimal length, zero volume. The brush is thinner and tapered at the end. The original Grow Luscious gives me fat thick rockstar lashes but not this one. The plumping version went into the bin the same day.

  14. Im still waiting to see the 3 pans at Dollar Tree. I got a 10 shade one that was new. But i really wanna try the 3 shade ones. The girl said they might send it some more . She said they never send the same stuff. They send different stuff everytime.

  15. I'm really interested in the Grow Luscious eyeliner and the Almay concealer, thanks for sharing :)

  16. The retail price of those palettes seems to be around 9.99 or cherry culture and other places online have them cheaper :)

  17. those new Revlon Grow Luscious lash liners are great! they are better quality and staying power than UD 24/7 liners!


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