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Monday, March 2, 2009

Comment Policy (revised September 2012)

I love and encourage comments here at Nouveau Cheap, and I do not censor comments unless they violate the following comment policy.

Your comment will not be approved if it contains any of the following:

  • Derogatory remarks. There are a million ways to say you disagree with something or dislike something, and I encourage you to voice your opinion on this blog. However, if your tone is disrespectful, rude or cruel, your comment will not be approved.

  • Links to your own blog/YouTube channel/etc. This is not a place for self-promotion. If you'd like for me to check out your blog, please email me at nouveaucheap(at)gmail(dot)com. If you'd like to let readers know that you reviewed a product discussed on Nouveau Cheap, that's absolutely fine, but please do not include a link to your blog post. A simple "I reviewed this product too!" will work just fine. If a reader wants to see your review, they can click on your profile and access your blog that way.

  • Awards or tags that include a link to your blog. If you'd like to give me an award or tag, I'd be honored to receive it. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know you tagged me, but please do not leave a link to your blog in the comment. I can click on your profile to access your blog.

  • Giveaways, blog sales, etc. that you're hosting. Again, this is a place for sharing information, not for self-promotion. Please do not attempt to advertise your latest giveaway, blog sale, etc. on this blog.

  • Referral links. If you're letting us know of a great deal and you include a referral link that benefits you (i.e. readers click the link and you make money from it) it will not be approved.
  • Sale info that has already been covered in my Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales post. Now, this one I'm a bit more lenient about, but since the volume of comments on the You Tell Me page is very high, I'm trying my best to keep out redundancy. So if you leave a comment on that page to let us know that there's a sale this week on Maybelline, etc., and I have already mentioned that sale in my Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sale post, I will not approve your comment in an effort to keep the comments on the You Tell Me page as clean as possible. I hope you understand.

Please note that the above list was created after three plus years of blogging and lots of careful thought and consideration. I try very hard to keep Nouveau Cheap a spam-free zone and one that makes everyone in this community feel comfortable and welcomed. I want you to feel like you can leave a comment here and be embraced--not judged--and I'll do everything in my power to keep it that way.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and for sticking to "the rules".


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