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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spotted at Rite Aid: LA Colors, Organix body and skincare and more!

It's "crazy season" again at the drugstores, my lovelies! There so many new products hitting store shelves right now that I can hardly keep track of it all! I've got lots and lots to show you so let's get right to it.

First up, I want to thank my lovely reader Sephiria for these great pics of some L.A. Colors products she spotted at her local Rite Aid recently. I have never seen L.A. Colors at Rite Aid before, so this was a complete shock to me!

image credit: Sephiria for Nouveau Cheap

Sephiria spotted L.A. Colors nail polish 7-packs, which retail for $5.99 each. She also spotted these L.A. Colors 50-shade Artist Eye Palettes (price unknown). I have never seen 50-pans from L.A. Colors before, so this is pretty exciting! Thanks so much, Sephiria, for the great pics and scoop!

Remember a few weeks ago when I spotted some of the new Organix skincare products at Rite Aid? Well I was at another Rite Aid recently and spotted even MORE skincare and body care products from Organix (click here if you missed my Organix Coconut Milk White Lotus Body Mist review--it's divine!).

 Organix Tea Tree Willow Bark Natural Acne Care 3-Step Trial Kit
(includes Antibacterial Acne Wash, Oil Control Toner and Anti-Acne Lotion)

 Organix Coconut Milk Goji Berry Slimming Lotion
Organix Coconut Milk Sugar Cane Smoothing Body Lotion

NOTE: all of these products have hang-tags on the bottles with info regarding a $50 rebate available via

 Organix Coconut Milk Brown Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub
Organix Tea Tree Spearmint Oil Control Toner

 Organix Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Silkening Body Wash
Organix Cherry Blossom Poppy Delicate Cleansing Milk

 Organix Cherry Blossom Moringa Oil Nourishing Body Butter

I also noticed that Rite Aid's house brand, Pure Spring, got a HUGE makeover (their old products are all 50-75% off if you can still find them):

 Pure Spring Bath & Shower Creams, Bath & Shower Gels, and Body Sorbets in:
Organic Honey & Caramel
Organic Strawberry & Pomegranate Juice
 Organic Lemon Juice & Mint

 Pure Spring Hand Creams and Whipped Body Creams in:

Organic Honey & Caramel
Organic Strawberry & Pomegranate Juice
 Organic Lemon Juice & Mint
According to the label, the above products are cruelty-free.

And finally, I spotted this other new line of bath products at Rite Aid called Daily Necessities:

 The fragrances in this collection are:
Sweet Berries
Sparkling Peach
Cucumber Melon
Fresh Linen
Wild Jasmine

Have you spotted any of the products mentioned in this post at your local Rite Aid stores? I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Oh my gosh! I need all that coconut Organix stuff. ALL OF IT! I've been having the worst week and you totally made it better! Thanks!!!

  2. Ooooooo...all that coconut milk stuff looks delish!

  3. wonder which rite aid region have the LA colors been seen because in NYC I don't see it in any of the Rite Aid :(

  4. I'll be on the look out for L.A. Colors especially the nail polish. When L.A. Colors had a polish at CVS in the Fall/Winter I could only found it at one big 24 hour CVS. There not as many Rite Aids close to me. So I hope these are easier to find.

  5. Gosh I would love to try all the coconut milk stuff. I think i just might especially with the rebate. I especially wanna try the exfoliating body scrub. Ive been using exfoliaters alot since i have started using self tanners. but i want the body wash too. I love the smell of coconuts. But im a little confused about how to send in the information to get the rebate. Do u send in just receipts or send in shopping list too?

  6. All the Organix just showed up at my Rite Aid. I got the coconut milk spray based on your review G and it is delish! Also, I saw at least one large LA Colors np set (a 'summer' one and it was either 5.99 or 7.99) at Marshalls and a ton of the 3-pack sets there too so if anyone isn't finding at RA (I'm not either), try Marshalls. I pop in a few times a week just to browse because you just never know what might show up on any given day there! :)

  7. p.s., I hope RA brings out the LA Colors eye shadows soon whether that palette or any others. I LOVE the ones I've gotten from Dollar Tree! They are amazing. I was never a brand snob, believing that if something works it works regardless of where it cane from but honestly, I think my favorite makeup nowadays is from the drugstore. It's great to have so many options easily available with much better quality than ever, and far more sales than "high end" makeup ever has. Perhaps the "low end vs high end" stigma is finally changing.... I mean, once applied and say you removed the labels, I'd be hard pressed to discern a MAC or Dior e/s from a NYX or WnW one. And more often than not, I prefer my "low end" ones!

  8. Juat waiting for a big sale on the Organix!

  9. Wooowww what pretty bath products!!!

  10. devilishgorgeous: They have been spotted at Rite Aids in Northern California. :)

    ashwillis: Hum...that's a good question! I just looked at the site, and I see that it says you need to send in an "original submission form". I'm not sure what that is--maybe it's the little hang-tag that's on the bottle? As for the "shopping list", I think that's just a list of all the items you purchased (with UPC codes) that you write up yourself. And then it looks like you also have to send in your receipts from your purchases.
    Hope that helps, and sorry I can't give you more info as I haven't tried using the rebate myself.

    Steffy: Yay! I'm so glad that body mist worked out for you. I swear sometimes I'm tempted to drink it. lol! And thanks for the info about Marshall's. That is SO good to know! Oh, and I totally agree with what you said about high end vs. low end. It seems like the lines are getting blurred lately, and I for one am thrilled about that. :)

    Lilybeans: Wouldn't that be wonderful??

  11. Greetings, now please don't take this the wrong way, but I was googling organix cherry blossom, looking for their body products (boy, are they hard to find online!) and I came across your blog. Could you PLEASE enlighten me with what stores you find organix body products in? I am desperate to find their body line in the cherry blossom scent. I am looking for the whole thing: body spray, body wash, body polish, body scrub, body butter, and firming lotion. Any help would be greatly apprciated! Thanks!

  12. Actually, I just bought the Organix Tea Tree face trial kit - I didn't realize it was a trial! I was trying to look up some reviews about the product, because I'm impatient to see if it works (and if the 14.99 for a trial was worth it). Hopefully someone out there has tried, and loved it! :3 I really love their Keratin products, but for some reason the coconut hair products left my hair feeling really greasy.

  13. I've done a review of the teatree kit- I absolutely loved it. Here's the review:

    I don't like posting my blog's stuff on other people's, but since you were looking for a review. (Sorry Nouveau Cheap. I hope you don't mind 'cause I really like your blog- it's pretty awesome!)


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