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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color (and a special sneak peek!)

A little while ago I showed you the counter display for the new Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color collection that is surfacing at Rite Aid stores, but today I've got images of the entire collection for you, plus a special, exclusive sneak peek at the new Jesse's Girl Flavor Kissed Lip Gloss!

I can confirm that the new High Intensity Nail Color line is going to completely replace the existing Jesse's Girl nail color line, so if there's anything you like from the old collection, snag it while you can!

I want to thank Christine, or as most of you know her, @IWantJessesGirl on Twitter, for supplying me with these photos (I added the names of each shade to the images for reference).

There are 18 shades in the Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color Collection and the retail price per bottle is $2.99.

(click any image to enlarge)

(JulieG is named for YouTube guru JulieG713)

I saw some beautiful swatches of Glee over on Chloe's blog and it looks like this is an exact dupe of OPI Catch Me in Your Net/Zoya Charla/China Glaze Halley's Comet! Yay!

And now for your sneak peek of the new gloss line!
Jesse's Girl Flavor Kissed Lip Gloss
(retail: $2.99 each)

Flavor Kissed Lip Glosses
will be replacing the old Lip Juices (again, if you have some favorite Lip Juices, grab 'em while you can). Flavor Kissed Lip Glosses will come in six shades and the packaging is a little larger and flatter than the Lip Juices. I think they look really sleek and kind of space-agey!

So, Jesse's Girl fans: what do you think of these new nail colors? Do you plan to purchase any? What do you think of the new gloss? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I hated the bottle of Blue Moon nail polish I bought months ago. In fact, it was one of my first posts. I'll consider purchasing the new formula. I'd love to compare it

  2. Forgot to mention why, it took me four coasts to get it opaque and then chipped horribly!

  3. Thanks for showing all of the shades! I think you've just saved me a ~1 hr 15 min RT to Rite Aid, LOL! I figured there'd be more foils in the collection, but it looks like I have dupes for the only 2 that are, yay! :)

    P.S. We need to see you over on the MUA nail board more often, G! :D

  4. awe, I like that they named one after Julie, she was the one that introduced a lot of people to this brand :)

  5. Awesome - there are some great colors there!

  6. Hm. Is Midori perhaps a dupe for the Zoya polish of the same name? It seems like a pretty big coincidence if that's not the intention.
    I wish I were near a Rite Aid; Confetti looks quite nice.

  7. These are $2.99 at my Rite Aid. :(

  8. i got confetti and firefly. so pretty.

    april, these are on sale right now if you have a rite-aid wellness card (i think thats what its called).

  9. Melissa: I'm sorry the old version didn't work for you, but I'd love to hear how you like the new formula if you try it!

    JenJen: You are so welcome. And yeah, I keep meaning to log on and stop by, but I have been slammed lately. Hopefully when things slow down a bit I'll get back over there. Thanks so much! :)

    Sarah: Yes, I think that was pretty darned neat of them to do. :)

    ShakeupYourMakeup: I totally agree. ;)

    xreeshix: I have no idea since I don't own the Zoya polish. Sorry I can't confirm that for you! But just FYI, I've seen a lot of green shades of nail polish, shadow, etc. lately that have the word "Midori" in them because that green is just so distinctively Midori-colored. I reviewed a green jumbo eye pencil a while back from the brand Kiss that's called Midori too. :)

    April: Oh yes, sorry! You're right! I got these confused with another brand I just spotted at Rite Aid recently. Thanks for catching that!

    Kalee: Thanks for reminding me--all nail polishes are BOGO1/2OFF this week at Rite Aid. yay! And is Confetti just as pretty in person as it is in these pics? Thanks!

  10. I just bought spring break yesterday and it rang up $1.99!! FYI!

  11. Beauty in the Breakdown: Ok, really?? Thank you for letting me know that! I'm going right to the source and will find out the "official" price right now. lol! :D

  12. loving the Madori!!! I saw a bunch of neon colors but none of these! Im gonna keep my eyes peeled! :)

  13. I bought Glee, Confetti and Fire Fly a while back, and Glee is GORGEOUS. great pigmentation and the shine is absolutely amazing. maybe it's because i don't actually own Charla or Haley's Comet, but Glee totally blew me away. i actually had it on longer than i thought i would, 'cause i like keep looking at it lol

    Confetti looks like a dupe of one of the SH HD polishes?

  14. If Crush is true to the color in the picture I will be THRILLED. I've wanted a retro goldenrod like that for ages!

  15. Ladies: I want to confirm that the official retail price of these polishes AND the new lip glosses is $2.99 each. If they are ringing up for any less, it's probably because they're on sale this week at Rite Aid. Hope that helps!

    Robin: I know, it looks gorgeous, doesn't it? ;)

    Kai: Oooh, so great to hear your feedback about these shades! Thank you! And I'm glad you're loving Glee. That's the one I *really* want! And you know what? I thought the same thing about Confetti! I just can't remember *which* of the HD polishes it looks like. haha.

    unclegreenmush: I hope it's what you're looking for! Hopefully you'll spot these in your area soon. :)

  16. Oo, I'm drooling over "Spring Break" & all the bright pinks!


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