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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The CVS Beauty Clearance Sale is baaaack!

UPDATED 6/15/11 (new items are always added to the top of each list):

A HUGE thank-you to all of you wonderful ladies for the comments you have left on this post. Like last time, I will try to update this post regularly with your information. If you have blog posts/videos about your hauls that you'd like to share, please leave a link in your comment. Thanks SO much!

If you spot anything on clearance that is NOT on the list below, please please leave a comment and let us know!

The following information has been submitted by readers across the country. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the following info but, as always, if you do not see sale stickers on these products at your local CVS, take the item to the red scanner and see if the clearance price comes up in the system:

Hibiscus Facial Toner 50% off
(other Alba products, including moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash and toner are also being spotted at 50% off)


Dial Up Mascara 75% off (Black, Blackest Black, Black Brown)
Triple Effects Waterproof Mascara 75% off
Bright Eyes Eye Base + Concealer 75% off (all shades)
Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo Pencils 75% off (all shades)

Fortifying Nail Builder base coat 75% off
Instant Liquid Nail Hardener top coat 75% off
Nail Strengthener Cream 75% off

Baby Bee Getting Started Kit - 50% off
Head to Toe Starter Kit - 50% off
Tips n' Toes Hands & Feet Kit - 50% off
Back Pack - 50% off
Body Butter - 50% off

Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara (red and purple tubes) 50% off (Black)
Outlast Smoothwear Lipcolor 50% off (all shades)
various lipglosses 50% off (more info to come)

Focus on Lips 50% off (all products)
24.7 Skincare 50% off (all products)

Oil Blotting Sheets 75% off
Eye Makeup Remover 75% off
Apricot Scrub 75% off

A French Affair Collection 50% off (Coat Azure, French Affair, Nice is Nice, Sand Tropez, possibly Kisses and Bisses and Topless and Barefoot)

Ultra Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Cream 50% off
Ultra Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Dual Eye Treatment 50% off

Visible Lift Line-Minimizing and Tone-Enhancing Powder 75% off (Nude Beige, possibly others)
Visible Lift Line-Minimizing and Tone-Enhancing Concealer 75% off (Fair, possibly others)
Go 360 Cleanser with The Scrublet 50% off (Deep Cleansing Formula)
Brow Stylist 75% (Medium Brown, Blonde)
Micro Liner Ultra Fine Eyeliner 75% off (Black)
Lash Out Mascara 75% off
various lipglosses 75% off (more info to come)
Visible Lift Concealer Pen 75% off (select shades?)

Collagen Filler Lip Contouring Treatment - 50% off
Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate 50% off

Expert Wear Brow & Eyeliner Automatic Pencil 50% off (Light Brown, possibly others)
Line Stylist Eyeliner 50% off (Sapphire Glimmer)
Color Sensational Lipstick 50% off (Carmel Kiss, Blushing Brunette, Autumn Rush, Warm & Cozy, My Mahogany)
Lash Stilletto Mascara 50% off (selected varieties)
Volum' Express Classic Mascara 50% off (Brownish Black)
Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector 50% off (possible all shades)
Full and Soft Waterproof Mascara 50% off
Various eyeliners 50% off (select shades)

Tone Correcting Night Concentrate 50% off
Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizer SPF20 50% off
Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Night Cream 50% off

Liquid Lip Shines (old version) 75% off (possibly all shades)
Tinted Lip Balm 75% off (Sugar Baby--some are reporting all shades)
In a New York Color Minute Nail Polish 75% off (shade #s: 204, 210, 220, 230, 236, 240, 242)
Blushable Creme Stick 75% off (Urban Spice)
Eyeliner Duet 75% off (Islands in the Stream)
Smooth and Natural Matte Powder foundation 75% off (Metro Tan)

Nail Color 75% off (Wandering Vine, Charged Up)

Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment (Intensive Treatment Mask & Skin Tightening Serum) - 50% off (normally $69, now $34.50)
Eye Derma-pod System 50% off
MicroDermabrasion Kit 50% off

Blush 75% off (Santa Rose, Spring Flower)
Kiss & Stay Lipgloss 75% off (Dream On, Lustrous Nude)
Royal Gloss 75% off (Gourmet, Peach Crush, Bubble Blush)
Nail Polish 75% off (Midnight Blue, Marine Blue, Violet Metal, Purple Rain)
Moisture Renew Lipstick 75% off (Rosette, Precious Brown, possibly others)
Fix & Perfect Primer 75% off
Stay Matte Foundation 75% off
Glam'Eyes shadows 75% off (Spicy Bronze, Night Jewel, Posh Peacock, possibly others)
LashMaxxx Mascara 75% off
Lash Flirt Mascara 75% off
Sexy Curves Mascara 75% off
Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara 75% off
Glam'eyes Mascara 75% off

Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner 75% off (Black, Mink)
Fabulash Mascara 75% off (Black, Blackest Black)
Fabulash Waterproof Mascara 75% off (Black)
ColorStay Under Eye Concealer 75% off (Light, Medium Deep)
ColorStay Eyeliner 75% off (Pewter, Teal)
Nail Polish 75% off (Coral Craving, Electric Pink, Oh My Magenta, possibly others)
Just Bitten Lipstain 75% off (Lust)
Revlon Age Defying Spa Illuminator 75% off (Gold Light)
Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow Quad 75% off (Electric Pop)
New Complexion Makeup Foundation 75% off (select shades)
Double Twist Volumizing Mascara 75% off
Age Defying Spa Foundation 75% off (select shades)
ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powders 75% off (all shades)
Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze 75% off (Continuous Coral, possibly others)
Age Defying Spa Concealer 75% off (all shades)
ColorStay Lipliner 75% off (select shades)
Possible sightings: other foundations and mascaras 75% off (more info as it becomes available)

Inta-Brite Nail Whitener + UV Protection 75% off
HD Nail Polish 75% off (shade #s: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08)
Continuous Treatments 75% off (strengthener, hardener, base & top coat)
Complete Salon Manicure polishes 75% off (Lavender Cloud, Yellow Kitty, possibly Grass Slipper, )
Prep & Perfect Lip Care 75% off
Diamond 12-Hr Lip Treatment 75% off (Baguette, Ascher, Flawless)
Hard as Nails 75% off (White Tip)
Color Quick Pens 75% off (Petal Pink, Magenta, possibly others)

Cellular Nutrient Serum with Anti-Oxidants - 50% off
Anti-Aging Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub - 50% off

Wrinkle Free At Home Wrinkle Reversal System 50% off

Train Case 50% off
Natural Wear Mineral Foundation 50% off (all shades?)
Glassy Gloss 50% off (Reflection, possibly others)
Pencil Sharpener 50% off
Ultimate Minerals Loose Blush 50% off (Barely Peach, possibly others)
Craze nail color 50% off (assorted shades)
various liners 50% off (select shades)
Natural Wear Pressed Powder 50% off (select shades)
various nail polishes 50% off (select shades)
Speed Glosses 50% off (select shades)



  1. I was there yesterday and got 12 polishes for $12.45! Five of the Wet 'n Wild Mermaid's Cove polishes, two Sally Hansen HDs, two Sally Hansen Salon Manicures, a Revlon, and two Rimmels. Used a bunch of $1 coupons...there's a 25% CVS email coupon, too, and for some reason, it worked on all of the clearance stuff, at least for my transaction it did! It's always nice seeing "Today You Saved $47.35" at the bottom of your receipt! Yay!

  2. I didn't see the nail polishes on clearance when I went to CVS yesterday but a lot of skincare was on sale. A bunch of 50% stickers everywhere :) I snagged an Olay MicroDermabrasion kit for 50% for only $16!

  3. YAY!! Do you know how long this sale usually runs?

  4. Christinah715: SCORE!! I got that 25% off coupon too, and now I intend to put it to VERY good use. :)

    AngelicBetrayal: Oooh, that's a fantastic deal on the Olay kit. WOW! And remember: if you don't see the stickers at your CVS location, take some products to the scanner and see if they come up on clearance like last time. :)

    Raquel: Based on past sales, there usually is no end date for this sale. I believe the objective is for CVS to clear out the old, discontinued items from their inventory to make room for new releases. So the sale usually lasts until everything is pretty much wiped out (a few weeks) and then they sometimes take the very last of the clearance products and put them in a bin with a 75% off sign. So you've got lots of time, but the quicker you go, the BETTER the selection. Hope that helps.

  5. eeeeeeeeee!!!! this is so exciting!!! Thanks for sharing guys <3

  6. uh oh....heading there tonight. wonder how much damage i can do :)

  7. Since the Rimmel polishes are 75% off (at $3.99 each, according to a quick search) and there are $1.00 coupons floating around, you can end up getting those for free! After the discount they should be $1.00 before any coupons. I almost did this the other day but didn't have my coupon carrier with me, so I left it to get later.

  8. DarkThreads: I'm crossing my fingers that they'll accept your coupons! I know that in the past, some locations didn't accept coupons on beauty clearance sale items, while others did. Hoping your CVS does (and mine too!). :D

  9. I missed my coupon! Aaargh! I just checked my email and it wouldn't link me to it. I guess I'll just make do with me EC Bucks.

  10. OMG PERFECT timing, pay day is tomorrow and you are right, IT'S ON!
    thanks for the heads up!

  11. Yeah I am so excited!! Thx for the heads up ladies!!! :)

  12. no stickers at my cvs but i've been wanting nice is nice so i scanned it and it was half off. they didn't let me use my 25% off though :(

    will try another cvs closer to me to see if i can find stickers to see what all they have on sale! happy hunting!!:)

  13. sarah: Thanks so much for confirming that you scanned the Essie polish and it came up on clearance (even though you didn't see any sale stickers). That is GREAT to hear! :) And I'm sorry you weren't able to use your 25% off coupon. I know it's hit or miss with coupons during this sale. Sometimes they're allowed, other times they're not. :(

  14. I got Nice is Nice & Coat Azure. They scanned 50%, but had the 75% sticker on them;-)) They adjusted them. Score!!!


  15. I went to CVS Tuesday and they had 2 different foundations 75% off and the Fix & Perfect Primer. I saw a couple of mascaras on sale from Rimmel too. Other than that I didn't see very much on sale at my location. I think I am just going to wait a few days and try again.

    Oh and just a tip, I scanned the items that said 75% off at the self scanner before i took it to the register just to make sure and some of it didn't come up as on sale but once I took it up to the register, everything was fine. My cashier just said that maybe it wasn't in the computer yet but basically that day I spent $9.50 and saved about $43.00.

  16. I just went and they had the CVS brand travel size products on clearance. I got the 20 pack oil blotting sheets for $.19, travel sized eye makeup remover $.24, and travel apricot scrub for $.15. I saw the NYC nail polish for 75%.

  17. Yay!! I've been holding on to some Rimmel Coupons that I need to burn through. At my CVS, Rimmel Polishes are 4.39. After $1/1 coupons = .39 each! Time to stock up!

  18. Thank you SO much for the heads up!!! I just got back from CVS and got 2 Revlon Mineral Finishing Powders. My total was $7.36. Saved $20.24!!! WOOHOO!!!

  19. I just ran to CVS after seeing this post! I got:

    Essie polish in Coat Azure 50% off: $4.49
    Revlon polish in 210 Electric Pink 75% off: $1.57

    Rimmel Glam'Eyes shadows in 200 Spicy Bronze, 300 Night Jewel, and 500 Posh Peacock 75% off: $1.22 each

    Rimmel LashMaxxx Mascara 75% off: $2.62

    Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes in 410 Lavender Cloud and 420 Yellow Kitty 75% off: $2.25 each

  20. Hi again G!

    Hope all is well! :)
    Just came back from CVS and picked up a few goodies! There are pictures on my blog, feel free to use them if you like! ;)

    -Sally Hansen: $1.82 ea
    Lite, Hi-Def, Digital, Cyber
    -Rimmel Marine Blue nail polish: $1.17
    -NYC: Flat Iron Green: $.49
    -Rimmel Lash Flirt: $2.12
    -Rimmel Sexy Curves: $2.12
    -NYC Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Baby: $.75
    -Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze in Continuous Coral: $2.49
    -Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation: $1.82

    (Note: all HD nail polishes are 75%, select Rimmel nail polishes are 75% off, and select NYC nail polishes are also 75% off)
    (Note: 75% off on select Rimmel mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows, and blush)

    Feel free to use any info and again, there are pics on my blog!

    Hope that helps! :)

    Best regards,

  21. @Susan: Awesome lady! Lucky Duck.

    I grabbed Coat Azure and French Affair. I also grabbed Rimmel Stay Matte foundation and the primer. Both $1.78 a piece and I had a $3 MC for the foundation.

    Can't wait to see what else will be marked down. Nothing was labeled in my store. I had a scan to make sure.

  22. This is so exciting! I've been holding onto Maybelline, Rimmel, and L'Oreal coupons JUST for this! By the way, the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation is on clearance for about $1.82 (or so I've heard) and there is a coupons from for $3 off any Stay Matte Foundation ONLY AT CVS. This is perfect! You can print two coupons, buy three, and get all three free since the coupon will work for all three (you'll get overage for the same product.. if that makes sense).

  23. I wanted to add my finds because my CVS was sorely lacking on stickers!! (although when I scanned some stuff it did come up on sale). What I remember is:

    Maybelline double-sided concealer and highlighter 50%
    Revlon finishing highlighters, bronzers 75%
    L'oreal brow pencils 75% (they looked cute, there was a tweezer on the bottom)
    Essie French polishes 50%
    some SH HD polishes 75%
    Covergirl long lasting lipsticks (where theres a color and a separate chap stick) 75%
    Almay Dial Up - can't remember if it was 50 or 75% but definitely on sale
    Almay eye primer 75%
    Almay double ended liner-highlighter 75% off some shades

    Many of these things were already on clearance at my Walgreens.

    I hope this helps some people. I know I'm missing some because of the dang missing tags so I'll be heading back over the weekend and maybe check out another CVS.

  24. I saw the Rimmel 75% off polishes, blushes, Stay Matte foundation. Also, Essie French collection for 50% off. I saw Lash Out mascara for 75% off and some CG lipglosses I think.

  25. I notice there was a sale going on a couple days ago wen i went to Walgreens an CVS and there was some stuff missing already and it wasn't even marked. I bought a few things at CVS that Ive been wanting for a while and with some coupons i saved A LOT!
    I got:

    Physicians Formula Talk Free Mineral Wear Correcting Primer at 4.99 (on sale) + 5.00 coupon = FREE!

    Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer was 2.75 (75% off) + 2.00 coupon = .75 cents!

    Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder in Suntan Mate and Brighten. Got those at 3.50 esach! (75% off).

    I spend ony 7.73 and saved 49.96!!!

    I hope everyone take advantage of the sale! (^.*)

  26. I went to CVS and bought Rimmel Fix and Perfect for 75%. I saw a few Rimmel Blushes for 50%. Maybelline Full and Soft Waterproof was 50% and Almay's Dial Up Mascara was 75% off. I had the 25% off coupon too, but since it's not used with sale items I just bought some fruit juice.

  27. I picked up Essie Coat Azure, Sand Tropez, Nice is Nice and French Affair. All for 50% off here in South Florida. No stickers on the bottle.

    Need to check out everything else though. Im so excited. Thanks for this info as I was eyeing this Essie collection for weeks. Does your CVS carry the other polishes in the collection Kisses and Bisses or Topless and Barefoot? My local CVS didnt even have a spot for those two.

  28. I bought..
    2 essie fingernail polishes for 2.12 each
    Revlon Colorstay finishing powder=3.57
    Revlon natural complextion foundation=3.45
    Rimmel glam eyes mascara=2.09
    Rimmel sexy curves waterproof and regular=2.09 each
    Almay dial up mascara=2.12
    Rimmel glam eyes eyeshadow=1.09
    L'Oreal visible lift powder=3 something

  29. Yup, I just went in last night and picked up a whole pile of polish on clearance! 50% and 75% stickers galore. I love it when they do this!

  30. The lower numbered (01-08)SH HD polishes were 75% off at my closest CVS. The higher numbers weren't stickered. I need to go back and scan those, just to see if they were just missed during stickering.

  31. Yippee!!! I am going to Albany, NY this weekend and they have a GREAT CVS on Wolf Rd.!!! See you there! :)

  32. I don't think ALL Sally Hansen HD polishes are on clearance. At least at the one location I went to, the more "boring" of the HD polishes were the ones on clearance.

  33. From what I remember, my CVS (Pontotoc, MS - the closest one, eek!) had a tone of Wet N' Wild at half off (liners, the natural powder compacts, the round bottle polishes, the speed glosses, mineral blushes, etc.) And the Revlon Spa foundation, certain Colorstay eye and lip liners, and a few of the cream quads at 75% off. Rimmel had some polishes marked down at half off and their Fix & Perfect Primer at 75% off. As others have stated, the French Collection for Essie was half off - picked up Coat Azure...I didn't see anything at all marked down from Milani and very little from L'Oreal - they had some glosses marked down that I had never seen before. *takes breath* for now, that's all I can remember. =] Hope this helps someone!

  34. Has anyone hit up a store in the Houston area??? I'll probably go looking after work, but I often find that sometimes states and cities vary when sales are offered. I'll be sure to post what I find.


  35. There is also some revlon foundation and mascaras. None of the stores I went to had any sally hansens marked. Lots of rimmel foundation, mascaras, eyeshadows and lipstick for 75%. Some WNW 50% off but not ringing up, but they honor the stickers.

  36. Thnku so much everyone! I ran to cvs as soon as I saw ur comments! and I got myself a lil haul lol. the deals were fantastic, though unfortunately I didn't find any essie on sale =(

    check out my blog..I did a post on everything i bought..thnku everyone so much!

  37. Just went to my local cvs and picked up:

    Rimmel Stay Matte foundation ($1.75)
    Almay Bright Eyes concealer (2.35)
    Rimmel lipstick in Precious Brown (2.09)
    Rimmel Eyeshadow in Spicy Bronze (1.07)
    L'oreal Microliner ($2.35)
    Essie Cote d'Azure (somewhere around $3.00)
    Olay Microderm Abrasion kit (around $15.00)

    I'm going to go to another store after work and see if I can find more Essie sale polishes!

    The cvs I went to also had a ton of L'oreal Age Perfecting Concealers, Maybelline concealers, and Covergirl long-last lipstick on sale. They also had a few Sally Hansen nail polish pens at 75% off, but no shades I needed/wanted :(.

  38. I scanned a L'oreal lift concealer pen today..came up $3 and change from 12!

  39. My CVS only had about 5 items marked. 3concealers and 2 mascaras. Maybe they just put the labels on yet. Nothing like the winter clearance.

  40. Unfortunately there isn't any sale going on in the west los angeles area ... bummer =( ... unless anyone knows a specific cvs ... thanks! =)

  41. My CVS didn't have stickers on most things, but a few Maybelline eyeliners were 50% off, the Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation and Highlighter (in select shades) were 75% off, while the Revlon nail polish in Oh My Magenta was also 75% off.

  42. Does anybody know where people can find more rimmel coupons? Looks like I've used all mine and I need to stock up on my favorite mascara if it's going to be discontinued (sexy curves). And now I can't seem to find the sally hansen coupons I got last week online.... sheesh.

    Oh, at my store one of the Revlon Just Bittens was on clearance (the brownish one on the end) in addition to what you've already posted. Also, a few other shades of revlon nail polish, but those have alraedy been put in the xmas bag. :p

  43. Susan and Samantha, just because you don't see stickers doesn't mean that all the stuff listed isn't on sale at your CVS. It probably is! If you saw anything on the list that you are interested in buying, take it to the red box scanner thingee and price check it, it will likely come up 50-75% off! Go back before they sticker them, and they all get picked over, you have a great opportunity to get them before anyone else does!

  44. I think the past sales spoiled me. I'm disappointed with this one, there doesn't seem to be even half the products that were there in the last 3 clearance sales.

    I'm really disappointed that there is no Milani on sale, when are they going to make room for the glitter polishes, the liquif'eye auto liners, the new eyeshadows, and the new baked blushes??? They have to put something on clearance to add those to the core collection stock! I want some cheap Milani!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

  45. Wow, this is a lot more than what's on sale at my CVS, unless they didn't put a sticker in a lot of them. I'll do a post on all the things I found and I'll link this post :)

  46. Susan and Samantha: Are you saying that you've scanned the products and the sale prices aren't showing up in the system? If that's the case, I'm so sorry! But if you haven't tried to scan any of the products on this list, I highly suggest it. Just because it doesn't have a sticker on it, does not necessarily mean it's not on sale!

    Donna: Thank you so much for saying that once again. This time around, I put it in bold, and in all red (above) but I feel like I just can never get out the word out to everyone that they need to scan, scan, scan and see what happens! Always great to see it repeated. :)

  47. I wish too that they would put some Milani stuff on sale. I love the liquifeye liners. I got aqua last week at walgreens and I love it and I use the black alot but Im out. Im not sure if CVS is gonna carry the full line of Milani like Wags does but it would be nice since I have to go to the next town to go to Wags. At least Wags could run a 40% off sale so I could pick up a few of the new blushes and liners. Has anyone tried the new liquifeye auto eyeliners?Just wondering if they were as good as the pencil ones. But im definetly gonna have to pick up a black liner and the Dolce pink blush even if they dont go on sale. Its still better than paying dept. store prices.

  48. ashwillis83, I've read mixed reviews on the auto-liners, some are saying they aren't as pigmented and pull on the eye, and others say they are just as good as the pencils, so I don't know what to think. I'd still like to try them because I love all the new colors.

    I prefer auto-liners since I'm terrible at sharpening my pencils, I always seem to break off the tips just as I get them where I want them, and have to sharpen again, only to break off the tip again. So I waste so much product before I finally get it right.

  49. I took pics of stuff you don't have if you want them. :) Let me know (I check these comments frquently.. lol NO MAKEUP DEAL IS GETTING PAST ME!)

    But here's some of the items:
    Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rosette 75% off
    Almay Triple Effects Mascara 75% off
    Covergirl Lash Exact (red and purple tubes) selected waterproof varieties 50% off
    Revlon Cream Shadow (blue, green, white, and some other color - only one shade!) 75% off
    Maybelline Volum' Express Classic in Brownish Black 50% off
    Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens (pink plush? and magenta) 75% off
    Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear all shades 50% off
    Maybelline Lash Stilletto selected varieties 50% off

  50. they werent on clearance at my CVS. I was there earlier and everything scanned full price :( I was sad

  51. @Donna Ive heard if you put your pencils in the fridge it can keep that from happening. But i have not tried it yet.

  52. I picked up almay one coat dial up mascara for $2.22 and Rimmel Sexy Curves for $2.12!!!! Thanks for the great heads up, G!! I also scanned a Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids but it came out regular price. Oh well. My CVS didn't have the stickers yet but i scanned my items at the red coupon machine and they came out sale price! yay! Also- with the almay mascara i found a special package somewhere random, i think in the maybelline display that had a free almay eyeliner and it STILL came out for $2.22! wow~

  53. Linda: WOW! Thank you SO much for the great, and very detailed, list of new additions. This helps SO much! :) xo

  54. Zombii: If you have a Rite Aid near you, there are $1 tear-pad Rimmel coupons on the counter displays in the "new product" area. :)

  55. So today I bought 4 Rimmel Stay Matte foundations (3 different colors, giving them to my sister to try) @$1.82 each and one of them looked used when I opened it when I got home - gross! (I tossed it out), 2 Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeshadows @$1.09 each, and the Wet n Wild Summer Nail Pail. Used 2 $3 Rimmel foundation coupons, 2 $1 Rimmel any product coupons (tearpad at Rite Aid!), and $5ECBs so my total came out to just $2.86!! :D

  56. Oh yeah! For NYC nail polish.. some other colors along with Flat Iron Green that were tagged 75% are West Village and Penn Station.

  57. I also saw NYC Smooth Mineral Powder foundation for 75% off.

  58. Thanks so much, ladies, for all the fantastic info! I just updated this post with your new additions. Thanks again!!! :D

  59. Just picked up Revlon Creme Illuminence Eyeshadow in Electric Pop for $1.87 and Revlon Age Defying Illuminator in Gold Light for $3.57. That was the only shade on clearence. If hubby were not with me I think I would scored more!

  60. Im mad but the Almay triple effect mascara was not on clearance at my CVS and i took back a tube I had bought at Rite Aid when it was on sale cause it would have been a better deal. Hopefully it will go on sale at CVS or Wags or Rite Aid will run a 40% off sale soon. Its supposed to be a really good mascara.But i did get 2 tubes of the Sexy Curves for like 2.46 cause I had 2 dollar off coupons. I also finnally spotted the Bloom and Mermaid collection but not the Inkd collection:-(I was really wanting to try Undercover Graffitti.

  61. I went to two different CVS stores, and at one the older set of SH HD polished was clearly marked 75% off and there was only one left! At the other, the older HD polishes were NOT marked at all but still rang up 75% off, and I had my pick of them!

    Other deals I got:
    SH Prep & Perfect Lip Care (conditioning base coat) - 75% off
    SH Diamond 12-Hr Lip Treatment in Baguette, Asscher, Flawless - 75% off
    SH Hard as Nails in White Tip - 75% off
    Essie French Affair INCL Kisses and Bises - 50% off (Didn't try Topless and Barefoot - now I have to go back!)
    Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lipgloss in Dream On and Lustrous Nude - 75% off
    Rimmel Royal Gloss in Gourmet, Peach Crush and Bubble Blush - 75% off
    Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - the polishes you mentioned PLUS Midnight Blue - 75% off

    Misc. Clearance Bin Deals:
    Orly Liquid Vinyl, $1.75
    Band-Aid Tough Strips (20 ct.) with bonus Tough Box - $1.05
    Bayer Phillips Colon Health Probiotic + Fiber - $7.70 (usu $25+)

  62. Courtney: Thanks So MUCH for the great, detailed list of sightings! I'm updating the master list now, and when I went to my CVS, I spotted lots of additional NYC products on clearance too, plus some skincare, so the list is definitely growing! Thanks for your help! :D

  63. Is the 50% off outlast smoothware all shades specific to lip/eye/face products? or is it just anything that is in the smoothware collection?

  64. Kallina: Aaaah! Thank you for catching that! It's just the lipcolor. I just updated my post to clarify. Thanks again. :)

  65. My CVS didn't have much in the way of makeup (yet!), but they did have a TON of skincare on clearance!

    -Alba moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash and toner (most of the Alba line!)
    -the new L'Oreal scrublet facewash you reviewed (only the deep cleansing version, NOT sensitive skin)

  66. Just wanted to let all of you know that there is a $2 off any Rimmel product available on the Rimmer website, under Crown Your Friends.c Have fun shopping!

  67. I've heard that the L'Oreal Go 360 Cleanser is on sale.

    Ashwillis, (I dunno if you're reading this) but I'm SO sorry. Only the waterproof version is on sale! I didn't realize it the other day, since I thought that the mascara just came in blue packaging. :P My bad, there are other, non-waterproof varieties NOT on clearance. Sorry!

  68. I didn't see ANY Rimmel products at the CVS closest to us. Not sure what happened. There wasn't even a place for them. Weird. But just went to a CVS that is further away and found Rimmel. They only had a small basket of a few item that had stickers on them from the LAST clearance sale that are ringing up regular price. BUT I took my printed list of the items you had spotted on sale and tested them out. Found another Rimmel color glam eye shadow that you can add to your list that is 75% off. :O)
    #100 Glam Ice - at that store it rang up at $1.05 and with the $1.00 off coupon it was .05!!!!!

  69. I loved this post, it was so helpful when I was at CVS today. The lady in the cosmetics isle gave me weird looks b/c I kept walking back & forth.

    Anyways, I thought I share something about the Covergirl mascaras. The discount only came off of shade "black" for both purple & red. Orignally, I wanted "blackest black" but it was still full price. :(

  70. I did buy a Colorstay Finishing Powder in Suntan and Sunkiss. Almay one coat dial up, and almay bright eyes concealer all were 75%off. I also bought 2 Olay Micro Derm products. ANd I bought 6 of the Revlon nail polishes that are on sale this week and used 3 $1.00 off coupons making 6 for 3.00 after coupons and Rewards :) I will be posting a review later on my blog

  71. I went to two stores today. One had no clearance at all, but at the other I picked up Orly Wandering Vine and Charged Up for $1.74 each!

  72. None of the wet'n'wild was marked as clearance, and they all rang up as full priced, unfortunately. I was super disappointed, as I LOVE the mineral blushes! Did anyone else have a problem with the wet'n'wild not ringing up as on sale? I'm hoping it will come into the system later.

  73. Hi there - I went to 5 CVS stores in the bay area, CA. None of them have the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer on sale when i scanned them and no stickers on them. I did find SH CSM in Grass Slipper w/a clearance sticker and they honored it, so i got it for $1.99.
    Also, i found a store that had Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder base coat, Instant Liquid Nail Hardener top coat, Nail Strengthener Cream for 75% off. Not all CVS sells this though.
    Found everything else that was listed previously. Yeah for deals!!! love this blog.

  74. can someone please tell me on what item can i use the coupon $2 off revlon one item of color cosmetics product?? i want to order the coupon but i want to be sure what i can use it on. thanks in advance.

  75. please can comeone tell me on what item i can use this coupon.
    $2/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product any. thanks in advance.

  76. I just came back from my local CVS. I live in Central Texas and the one I went to had all of the clearance stuff in red baskets up front. I didn't have time to play in the skincare, but am thrilled to get the rest of the French Affair collection (already had Topless and Barefoot) and a midnight blue polish from Rimmel!
    I will go back for skincare.. I really want the Olay Micro kit!

  77. All three of the Sally Hansen Continuous Treatments are on sale 75% off, strengthener, hardener, and base & top coat. Also another of the Revlon nail polishes marked down is Coral Craving.

    I was bummed that the Rimmel primer isn't clearanced at my CVS, I was so sure they just forgot to sticker it, but nope, it's not scanning 75% off.

  78. I just got back from CVS and have 2 new additions to the list!
    Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer (select shades, Medium Deep was on sale)

    Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Pewter

  79. Topless & Barefoot and Kisses & Bises did NOT ring up or scan 50% off at my CVS. All of the four other French Affair polishes did.

  80. The 360 Cleanser is still only 50% off at our store. I scanned it. Don't really need it so not really a big deal, but thought if it was 75% off it would be something didn't want to pass up. I'll watch to see if it goes down. Still not many stickers. Wow, nothing like the last sale. That was the first one of these I knew about. It spoiled me :O). But people know about the sale because there were many empty spots where the few things that are on clearance were. Hopefully they will add more.
    Question, since the last sale I found out about after it have been going on a this how they usually go? A few clearance items added at a time?


  81. I went to 2 different CVS locations and had some success! The 2nd store hadn't gotten around do makring down much yet but the woman workig there showed me what was going to be discounted. Here is my haul:

    Revelon Colorstay Mneral Finishing Powders in Sunkiss & Brighten for 75% off = $3.49 each
    NYC Eyeliner Duo in islands of the Stream for %75 off = $0.49
    Rimmel lasting Finish nail polishes in Violet Metal & Pruple Rain for 75% off = $1.12
    Sally Hansen HD nail colors for 75% off = $1.69
    Wet n Wild Craze nail polishes for 50% off but since it wouldn't ring up in the system the women just rang me up for one and I got 2 in Jade and Inferno for $1.99 total
    2 Rimmel Fix & Perfect foundation primers for 75% off = $1.88 (these were marked but when I scanned them it showed as full price but the woman double checked for me so I still got the sale price!)
    Finally, hidden in the Almay section I found some $2 off coupons so I used it to get the Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara which was 75% off making it $2.12, plus the $2 coupon brought it to $0.12!!! I'm going to get more of those mascaras today because you cannot beat a $0.12 mascara!

  82. I bought 4 mascaras to try out and each of them were $2.12!

    I got Almay Dial Up, Rimmel Sexy Curves, Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof and Rimmel Lash Flirt.

    Unfortunately these were the only ones on sale (including Maybelline Full n' Soft) at my store. An nothing had stickers on them...

  83. I've been to CVS multiple times this week, finding much of what's been listed. A lot of items are not marked so I camp out at the coupon machine scanning everything to check. I got the Olay microdermabrasion kit at 50% off, also got the eye derma-pod system for half off too.

  84. sidra: I believe that "color cosmetics" are anything with color, like eyeshadows, liners, lip colors and blushes. I'm not sure, but this MAY include nail polish as well. Hope that helps!

  85. Just updated the list based on all of your wonderful comments, tweets and emails. Thanks SO much, everyone!

    Also, when I was at CVS yesterday I spotted ALL of the Burt's Bees travel/mini kits on 50% off clearance, so I listed those in this post too.

    And one more thing: my beloved Revlon ColorStay automatic eyeliners are 75% off in the shades Teal and Pewter (which just so happen to be two of my favorites). I reeeeaaaally hope Revlon isn't discontinuing those shades!

  86. Just wanted to say thanks for the great tips! I picked up the Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder and Rimmel Primer for 75%off. I also used a $2.00 Loreal haircolor coupon from my Target goodie bag. My color was on sale for $7.00,so I got a great deal for $5.00. Love your blog. Read it everyday!

  87. G have you tried the Revlon Color Stay eyeliner in Blackberry? This is a must have color!

  88. found sally hansen natural beauty sheerest cream blush in Rosy Rose for 98¢.. reg 9.99!

  89. There was nothing at my cvs :( only the nyc cream stick and few rimmel, the sally hansen base and top coat had 75% off sticker on it but when i scanned it on the red thing that they have, it was still like 10.49 /:

  90. HELLO G! Wow, SO I always have trouble remembering passwords because there has been 2 instances where I wrote a comment but because I didn't have an account it never went through, -_- Anywhos, I wanted to update the list with some good finds.

    Maybelline Color Sensational l/p 50% off:
    -Carmel Kiss
    -Blushing Brunette
    -Autumn Rush
    -Warm & Cozy
    -My Mahagony

    Maybelline Eyeliner 50% off:
    Sapphire (blue pencil)

    I can't remember any off the top of my head because I put away most of my goodies. Thanks for sharing because a couple days before you posted, I found an aisle of bins with hair accessories and prestige cosmetics for very cheap $2 and less. (:

  91. my store also had the wet n wild natural wear mineral foundation for 50% off

  92. I was there today and gobbled up the three Essie polishes they had left with stickers proudly proclaiming 50% off - Coat Azure, Nice is Nice, and French Affair. They were the three from the collection I really wanted, so SCORE.

    They actually didn't ring up at 50%, but the lovely girl behind the counter saw my very disappointed face and gave it to me anyway. :)

    Also, I'm a fairly new reader and have been taking furious notes. This is one of the most helpful blogs I follow, so thank you!

  93. Just wanted to say that I popped into my CVS to check on the sale...I was most interested in the CVS brand travel eye-makeup remover and the Essie French Affair collection. None of these had stickers so I took them to the scanner and they all rang up as regular price. No goodies for me, I guess :(

  94. Well heck.. I wandered back to my CVS and bought some more goodies

    I bought the olay microdermabrasion kit and the eye pods. Nice score when I had CVS bucks and coupons! When else can I score both these kits for 16.00!

    I also picked up the NYC blush stick. For a buck, can't go wrong!

    And Sally Hansen complete manicure in Hello Kitty. I was just drawn to that pretty light creamy yellow

    Also picked up Sally Hansen Insta Bright UV protecor that was 75% off!

    I need to stay out of cvs!LOL

  95. Thanks so much to everyone who has commented since my last update! I just updated this post again today with your info--a million thanks for taking the time to list new sightings here!

    And to new readers, WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the info you find on my blog, and I look forward to "chatting" with you soon!

    G. xo

  96. @lily: WOW, what an AMAZING deal! :)

    I think that must've been left over from the last CVS Clearance Sale this winter! Most of the SH Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blushes were 75% off during that sale and I'm pretty sure Rosy Rose was one of the clearance colors. Way to go! :)

    If you're new to the SH Nat Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush, here's a tip: You can use it on lips, too!

    Apply with fingers or lip brush - it's buildable so you choose the level of pigmentation/intensity. If it makes your lips dry at all, try applying a light coat of lip balm or chapstick under or over it.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your great find! :)


  97. Question: Has anyone used the Sally Hansen Inta-Brite Nail Whitener + UV Protection?

    If so, could you please share your thoughts and opinions about this product? I'd REALLY appreciate it! :) I'll be checking new comments to this post regularly)?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    ~Ruthie <3

  98. My CVS has a regular clearance end cap that I check every time I'm there and that's how I scored! I got 5 of the Milani baked eye shadows, only one of the marbelized ones and the rest were the metallic ones. They were $1.88 each!

    Did anyone else have a small display of Nailtiques Protein Nail Lacquer at their CVS? It didn't sell at mine since they were small bottles at $8 each. So those got clearanced too. I got 5 of them at $1.99 each!

    So don't just check the clearance list, also check any clearance end caps or aisles in your store.

  99. Just updated the list and added a few new Maybelline liners and some new skincare brands/products that have been spotted.

    Donna: thanks for the info about checking the regular clearance end caps! I completely forgot to look at those the last time I was there!

  100. I just got back from CVS, and the Essie polishes we're marked 75% off, when I got the register they of course weren't and we're full price but the guy gave them to me anyway, $1.95!!! yay :)

    Also while I was there I spotted the WnW Mermaids Cover collection & the Bloom collection. Aswell as that gold collection with the eyeshadows/bronzer!

  101. Does anyone know if this beauty sale is still going on? I hope I haven't missed out!

  102. When I saw the Wet N Wild train case was on clearance I knew I had to go see if my CVS still had some in stock. Luckily, they did! I was excited to get it for half off, but it rang up for 75% off! I only paid $2.49 before tax (:

    Also, I got two other colors in the NYC Eyeliner Duets: Endless Love, and You've Got the Power.

  103. Roxanne, where are you from?? I've been to several stores around Kansas obsessing over trying to find this traincase! Has anyone else seen it??

  104. Just to confirm: all of the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powders are also 75% off at Rite Aid (so they're probably being discontinued.) I strongly recommend that you go pick these up- they're the best $3.50 I've ever spent!

  105. I have been to about 9 various CVS stores in Southern California (Orange County) and have scanned tons of items. Here’s some things I’ve discovered:

    - Alba: Only the Hibiscus toner is on clearance
    - Burt’s Bees: I only found these at 1 store, most don’t carry them. These are not the mini sets found in the promotional area up in the front, they are on the regular skincare aisle. These kits are about 5”x4” have a cardboard overwrap label and a clear plastic zippered bag underneath. There were 4 kits that have mini containers of various creams, salves, possibly chapstick and another item such as socks, a pumice stone etc (about 7-10 items total). They are 50%, making them $6.49. The Shea Almond Hand Cream was also $6.49.
    - Clairol: a few blonde shades of Nice N’ Easy hair color were on a clearance endcap at a few stores for $2.
    - CVS: None of the travel size items were marked or scanned as being on clearance. 1 store had some old looking CVS brand loose eye shadow marked $2 (75%)
    - Essie: Topless and Barefoot is regular price.
    - Maybelline: The only Full and Soft Mascara on clearance is Brownish Black.
    - Revlon: The only ColorStay Under Eye Concealer that comes up on clearance is Medium Deep.

    Maybe this is a regional difference but I could not find any Rimmel Royal Gloss or any Wet N Wild items at all. Not even a place in the displays, nothing. A few stores had a temporary standing cardboard display which has some eye shadow quads and nail polish (not the Craze or any clearance polishes) but that’s the extent of Wet N Wild out here.

    I have a question for everyone – which L’oreal and Covergirl lipglosses are on clearance? I couldn’t find any so I’d appreciate any info on what line and colors to look for. Thanks!

  106. I LOVE this sale. Thanks for spreading the word. I visited 2 CVS's today and here's what I scored.

    $1.82 Stay Matte Foundation 75% off
    $2.09 Glam'eyes Mascara 75% off

    $2.09 Fabulash Mascara 75% off (Black, Blackest Black)
    $2.49 Double Twist Volumizing Mascara 75% off

    $2.62 Continuous Treatments 75% off (strengthener, hardener, base & top coat)

    I also purchased L'Oreal Feria hair color for $7.99.

  107. The CVS travel sized oil absorbing sheets unfortunately weren't 75% off at my local CVS :( They were originally $1.99 but I still had to pay $1.49...oh well! I did pick up some other fantastic things so thanks for sharing!

  108. I keep checking back to see if any new items have been added but it says that the last update was 5/31. The CVS stores that are near us don't have things marked so I use this list as a guide to what to look for. I have to say there isn't much at the stores that are on sale. Trying to understand, maybe this is it for this sale at this time. Can't wait for the sale this winter. Hopefully it will be like the one last year. That was amazing.

  109. NYC eyeliner duet is also 75% off in "You've Got the Power". I picked up two of these, and while so far the color side seems a little lacking the black is surprisingly good!

  110. do they ever do online sales for beauty? I don't have a cvs near me and it sucks! They always seem too have great sales!

  111. Thanx G for keeping us up on all the new beauty info!

    What I got that wasn't on the list was a Rimmel blush in Autumn Catwalk, Lumene Revitalizing Toner for dry skin, Loreal Go 360 clean for sensitive skin, and Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Gel Cleanser (the one w/ the brush on top)!


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