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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sneak Peek: New Revlon Colorstay Products

If you don't follow Revlon on social media, then you might have missed this today. They shared a sneak peek at some upcoming Colorstay products on their Instagram--check it out:

Left to right:

NEW Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon
NEW Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil
NEW Revlon Colorstay 2 IN 1 Angled Kajal

NEW Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow with Built-In Brush

The packaging of these new cream shadows reminds me A LOT of the Revlon Spring 2011 Limited Edition Super Lustrous Lip Balms. Remember those? If you don't, here's a pic from my review back in 2011:

 Revlon Spring 2011 Limited Edition Super Lustrous Lip Balm

I remember liking that brush for lip balm, since using a lip balm in a pot is always better with an accompanying brush (vs. using your finger). It was sort of genius to me back then. But with cream shadows? I don't know...I feel like at this point, we all have our favorite brushes or we use our fingers with cream shadows. Do we really need a tiny brush when there are so many better options for cream shadow application? Maybe that's just me. Perhaps you'll find this useful!

Anyway, what are you thoughts about these upcoming Colorstay products? I would imagine that these will be hitting the drugstores very soon, so keep your eyes open for them.


  1. Ehhh....Revlon just doesn't excite me. Their Colorstay foundation is my holy grail but the rest of their line i just meh for me.

  2. I used to really enjoy one of their brow products. It was a pencil on one side and a liquid with a spoolie on the other. I might give these new brow products a try. Lately I've been using a lot of "cream" shadows as a base, but I've been using them in stick form.

  3. Love the shadows, but that brush looks ridiculously useless.

  4. Oh I hope the creme shadows r good. I really like a good , not too expensive creme shadow from the DS. That excites me. I am such a DS person since that's most of the time what I can afford. If their not too much $ or there is a good sale. I agree with brush thing. But I also see that for some ppl who r not into makeup like most of us. Do not have brushes or favs. It has just been over three yrs I think since I discovered the Wonderful World of Beauty on Social Media. Could be my age too. Not knowing or having or using makeup brushes. I'm late 40s just for reference. But I have worn makeup most of my life except for being a child and had no idea there was all this info or makeup or pic or videos. I may know several that didn't either. Kinda sad I know. But SUPER exciting when one finds out. So some that buy the cremes may start or use the teeny, tiny brushes. That hands like mine with impending arthritis or whatever the docs call it next or it is. I really don't know but I know I drop things and gets hard to hold smaller things at times or days. What a life. Lol. But it is a life and glad to have it. Oct. may be Breast Cancer awareness month. But it's my 14th yr month of finding NHL that's treatable slow growing Cancer. But not curable they say. So each new Oct. means LIFE and having FUN enjoying this Beauty World.😊

  5. While I've never been a fan of cream shadow application with a brush either (I also just use my finger or I actual prefer the kind that are in lipgloss-like containers), I do see the merit of each one having a dedicated brush. I usually end up using my brushes for colors over function to reduce how frequently they need to be washed, so I love that each color would by default have its own assigned brush.

  6. i saw on instagram the swatches of 2 of the eyeshadow and their new lipsticks that are in the skinny tube. Both they eyeshadow and lipstick appear to be pigmented. she said they are creamy can the cream eyeshadow is very similar to maybelline color tattoo. she said the brush is the size of a pinky nail

  7. I used to love Revlon but have been bored by them. Hopefully these will be awesome. Remember how they used to do Runway nail polish LE collections?!? Loved them!

  8. I just found the angled Kajal liners at Target, in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

  9. I have hooded eyelids so the tiny brush is a great choice. Also did you get my email?

  10. Could prove interesting, seems similar to Maybelline's studio line if brow crayons and pencils though, so not unique. The cream e/s may be OK, although I rarely reach for my old ones anymore. Some new lippies would be nice too.

  11. The lip balm crayons are wonderful! And I surprisingly like the liner and the blending is very soft and blends out for a very smudge smoky look. And lasts well without smudging or fading.

  12. These days, I only ever use my Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows since that stuff doesn't budge, but Colorstay eyeliner is my favorite, so I'm really excited to check out that new eyeshadow line!

  13. Just picked up the eyeshadow, eyeliner and their new lipstick today at Walmart.


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