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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Lots Sightings: L.A. Colors and e.l.f. Holiday Gift Set and More

So I was at Big Lots over the weekend and spotted some new-to-me things that I wanted to share with you. First up is the L.A. Colors Holiday 2015 Polish Mania Color Craze Set (above). I've seen variations of this set at all of the drugstore chains recently (which I'll be posting about as well) but in case you haven't seen these at your drugstores, I just wanted to let you know they're at Big Lots too. You get 18 minis in this set, along with nail guide stickers, stencils, and a how-to guide for $10.

Next up, I spotted a display with three different e.l.f. holiday sets (nail polish, lip gloss and eyeshadow). These are all $5 each.

(I just noticed that this one seems to have been "tested" but there were multiple palettes in the display.)

I also wanted to mention that I spotted the entire Revlon Spring 2014 Limited Edition Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Color Collection at my Big Lots, all for $1.50 each. There are some really pretty matte glitters in this collection, so if you never found these at your drugstores last year, try Big Lots!

You can check out some lovely reader swatches of this entire collection HERE, as well as my rather lengthy review of the shade Seychelles Sand HERE (I swatched it in a variety of different ways). I highly recommend that shade if you find it at your Big Lots (it's the second shade from the right in my pic above).

I also want to mention that I found a few new shades in the famous Big Lots Revlon 2-packs ($2). I don't remember ever seeing the shade Elusive in a 2-pack before (this is a matte polish with emerald glitter in a blackened base; click here for swatches). Elusive was first introduced in the Fall 2013 The Evening Opulence Collection, and it sort of got overshadowed because that was the collection that contained that blue lip butter everyone was trying to find at the time (click here to refresh your memory). It's permanent now, but I suspect it's on its way out, in case you want to pick up a bottle.

I also spotted a 2-pack with Hearts of Gold (left) and Heavenly (right). These are permanent shades, but I suspect these are both on their way out too. Heavenly contains square iridescent glitter (click here to see my swatches/review). I love that polish.

Have you spotted anything new at your local Big Lots lately? If so, please share with us in the comments (and thank you!).


  1. They got rid of big lots near me. :-(

  2. Oh gosh, I didn't even know Big Lots carried any make up stuff! Looks like I need to take a ride down and see what I can find. I LOVE the pebbled nail polishes, they're like the liquid sand from OPI. I hope they have some of those, I'd love to snag those. Thanks for the heads up! :D

  3. I work at Big Lots and I've seen a couple more sets in our holiday makeup!
    - e.l.f Essential Beauty Book (a book of 48 shadows with a mascara, primer, and eyeliner pen)
    - e.l.f Essential Brush Kit (I can't remember how many brushes come in the set, but it includes a bottle of their brush cleaner)
    - 100 eyeshadow palette (Are these always the same shadows? I've yet to pick one up, oops)

    I believe all of these were priced at $10.

    Also for the holiday season this year we've gotten a lot of ACTUAL perfume.. not "inspired by" knockoffs. Today I just put out a Lady Gaga Fame set of perfume and lotion and a Katy Perry Killer Queen set I'm picking up on Friday!

    Furthermore in my region (Ohio) we're running a promotion--if you sign up for our Rewards card you'll get a $5 off $15 coupon good for your next purchase sent to your email in the next day or so. It's for new Rewards customers only, but I'm not sure if the promotion is nationwide yet, or if it will be. It doesn't hurt to ask!

  4. Ooh I hope I can find the Revlon Haute Rocks, I bought at least one when they were new, I think...

  5. Wow that all sounds wonderful. I love a good bargain. My store here isn't very nice looking and the Beauty dep is really messy and not usually much there. Last Christmas anyway. Maybe has gotten better in the past cpl months since I went in. Always check their Beauty dep. they have a store in a town I used to shop before moving and it was super nice always. All over the store looked super nice. I hate that that happens to some store chains and even restaurants. But would live to find some of these especially the Elf lip gloss and brushes mentioned in the other comment. I love Elf.

  6. I do think Revlon Heavenly is discontinued as well. I couldn't find it recently at HEB or Walmart, the shelves have been empty, but I DID find it at Big Lots in the next town over as a single.

  7. Not Big Lots, but the 99 cents only store has been getting massive amount of makeup. About 3 shipments a week so I've been making a lot of trips. They have had some amazing deals. Tons of Sally Hansen nail polish strips( both the gel kind and the regular kind), tons of different nail polishes( wet and wild, sally Hansen, LA colors( along with kits). Tons of false nails, ( Kiss, Nailene). Lots of eyelashes( Ardell, Andrea). Duo lash glue, Rimmel mascara, Loreal and Maybelline mascara( saw that yesterday), Wet and wild trios), Prestige quads, prestige lipsticks, etc, etc. I've been tagging you on IG too.


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