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Monday, December 29, 2014

Spotted: NEW Sinful Colors What's Hot 2015 Collection (Walgreens-Exclusive)

In addition to the new Sinful Colors Valentine's Day 2015 collection that's now popping up at Walgreens, some of you have spotted this new 2015 collection at your local Walgreens stores recently as well (thanks to everyone who shared tips about this one!).

Many thanks to two lovely readers for the following pics. First up, my pal Amanda of Pretty Girl Science blog spotted this display at Walgreens the other day and was nice enough to share this pic:

image credit: Amanda for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sinful Colors What's Hot 2015 Collection at Walgreens
(retail: $1.99 each)

Keep reading for more pics and a look at the new shade in this collection...

Reader @jenniohnails on Instagram also spotted this display at Walgreens this week and was nice enough to share these pics:

image credit: @jenniohnails for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: @jenniohnails for Nouveau Cheap

I am LOVING that Sinful Colors listed all of the shades in this collection right the display itself (and thank you for including the photo above, @jenniohnails!). I almost feel like Sinful wanted to make it easier on us bloggers who cover these collections (if that's why you did it, Sinful Colors, I LOVE YOU!). 

As I mentioned at the top of this post, there is only one new shade here (the rest are repromotes). Here's the breakdown:

Feel the Vibe (orange creme) - limited edition from the Spring 2014 Oh My Mod! collection

Gold Medal (gold shimmer) - limited edition from the Holiday 2013 Decorate Decadently collection

Ruby Glisten (red jelly with red glitter) - limited edition from the Summer 2014 Simmer Down collection (that link will take you to my swatches of this shade)

Calypso (dark teal creme) - from the permanent collection

Berry Charm (berry crelly) - limited edition from the Fall 2013 Heart & Soul collection

Tempest (lavender creme) - from the permanent collection

Skylark (orange-peach creme) - limited edition from the Fall 2013 Country Charmer collection

Green Ocean (green/teal mylar shards) - limited edition but reappears every St. Patrick's Day (actually, the St. Patrick's Day Sinful Colors display usually starts popping up at Walgreens the last week of January, as you can see HERE) and this shade can also be found in other recent limited edition collections

Pink Smart (light pink creme) - NEW

@jenniohnails also shared some pics of Pink Smart:

image credit: @jenniohnails for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: @jenniohnails for Nouveau Cheap
1506 Pink Smart (NEW)

I don't think it's a coincidence that Pink Smart would pair nicely with the heart glitter topper in the Valentine's Day display, and that both of these displays came out at the same time! 

But what I do find odd here is that for a collection called "What's Hot 2015" there's only one shade here (Berry Charm) that is similar to the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala. I think it would have been fun to see other Marsala-esque shades repromoted here, such as  Vacation Time, or even Beau Brique or Pandora. BUT, I see what they did here since some of the shades in this display are definitely similar to the colors in Pantone's Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report

Have you spotted this collection at your local Walgreens yet? Thoughts? By the way, even though the display says "Walgreens Exclusive Colors," I have definitely seen some of these shades at Rite Aid and Walmart in the past (some of the displays I linked to above were spotted at those retailers). So I'm assuming they mean that this particular display is exclusive to Walgreens (obviously it would never pop up elsewhere since it says "Walgreens" on the actual display). But perhaps the shade Pink Smart is also exclusive to Walgreens? If you spot it elsewhere, please do let us know? Thanks!

Thanks again, Amanda and @jenniohnails, for the great sightings and pics!


  1. Is it just me, or does Green Ocean look TOTALLY misrepresented on that display graphic? I adore Green Ocean, but that is most definitely not what it looks like, or even close.

    1. I absolutely agree!! It's a completely different polish! Lol.

  2. I saw this yesterday too and thought to myself that there is no way Green Ocean is a Walgreens exclusive so I'm not sure what they mean by this either. Although is does specifically state "Walgreens exclusive colors". I think that is very misleading to people. The average person doesn't know the Sinful line like we do so they will just buy these colors thinking they are something special. Oh and you're correct in saying some of the polishes in the picture do not match up to the actual polish. Pink Smart is a light pastel creme but on the pic it is way darker!

    1. You're so right about Pink Smart! That looks like Energetic Red or Dressed to Kill in the display pic, right?? So odd!

  3. It looks to me that the fault lies with the graphics/printing company. I am sure the mock up did not look quite this way. And if so shame on you Sinful Colors, LOL! Anyway I will absolutely by Pink Smart, just because I am compelled to own them all! LOL. Plus it is a pretty pink!

  4. I saw this yesterday! I decided to pick up Green Ocean, Tempest, and Berry Charm. I am waiting for my next paycheck to pick up Ruby Glisten, and maybe Pink Smart :) I am waiting for my Walgreens to get the Valentine's Day display in!

  5. Yeah I see all these at Rite Aid - the full collection plus most of the holiday and other seasonal collections show up as well so not sure what they mean by 'Wags exclusive' either. Green Ocean kinda looks teal here to me...? Not sure but hopefully they didn't change it, its one of my favorites. It also looks like they meant Cream Pink or one of those you mentioned, not Pink Smart as that pic is WAY different than the display colors *confused*

  6. I saw Pink Smart and thought it was Starfish for a moment. I'm not a fan of bubble-gum cream pinks, so it's a pass for me. I agree that it would have been nice to see some Marsala promotion. Beau Brique and others in a display would appeal more to me. A spicy Valentine's Day?

  7. I have a bottle of green ocean from when it first came out. I also have one from last years st Patrick's day collection. They are very similar, but slightly different. Now I looked at the one in this new display and it's completely different. There's tiny glitters in it! Why do they keep changing the polish and not the name? Ugghh.


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