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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Target beauty sightings

If you haven't been to Target in a while, there are some interesting things popping up that I thought I'd share with you today. I spotted these products myself over the course of a week, bopping from Targets to Targets in my area, but I have heard from several of you who have also spotted some of these products at your local Target stores, so you should probably be able to find these in your area too!

First up, some Target-exclusives:

Target-Exclusive Essie Spa Collection
(retail: $8.49 - $10.99)

This is a Target-exclusive hand and foot care collection from Essie:

essie feet in the clouds Leg & Foot Creme
(retail: $10.99)

essie so sole good Exfoliating Foot Scrub
(retail: $10.99)

essie swept off my feed Nourishing Treatment Oil
(retail: $10.99)

essie many many mani Intensive Hand Lotion
(retail: $8.49)

Next up, another Target-exclusive:

image credit: Taylor for Nouveau Cheap
Target-Exclusive Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Value Sets 
(three full-size Insta-Dri nail colors for $5)

Reader Taylor (@heyitstaymakeup on Twitter) spotted these four Xtreme Wear value sets at her Target and was nice enough to share this pic with us. I also spotted these at my Target, but my store only had the blue set left:

What a deal, right?

I believe that the glitter polish in the middle of this trio is the Fall 2013 Limited Edition shade Sea-ly String. I"m not sure about the two other shades.

Speaking of Xtreme Wears:

I found these next to the Summer 2014 Limited Edition Xtreme Wear matte glitters (click here for my review of those). My Target also had the Summer 2014 Color Foils and Color Frenzy polishes next to these, but I didn't see the Summer 2014 Matte Insta-Dris at my location. 

Here's a closer look at the other Xtreme Wears in this display:

Perky Pink, Blizzard Blue

Perky Pink launched into the permanent line in Spring 2013, so they're just repromoting it here. Blizzard Blue was launched into the permanent line in Winter 2010 (I had to go waaaaay back into my archives to find that post!) so it's odd that they're repromoting such an old shade, right?

Coral Reef, Violet Voltage, Supernova

Next up: 

Softsoap The Vintage Collection Liquid Hand Soaps

I had no idea there was a Softsoap "The Vintage Collection" until I saw these at Target this week! There were three scents on the shelf: Moonlight Vanilla, Sun-Ripened Melon and Jasmine Bouquet. 

I can't recall ever seeing these scents before. I'm not sure if these are very old scents that they're bringing back, or if the word "vintage" in the name is in reference to the vintage feel of the labels? I'll try to find out more info! But FYI, this is the exact same bottle shape as the Decor Collection that I reviewed here.

And last but not least:

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series ColorFinity Dry Shampoo in Rich Darks
(retail: $3.99, 4.9 oz)

I want to thank reader @Lori_FTW on Twitter for putting this one on my radar. I had no idea that Vidal Sassoon had come out with a dry shampoo until she tweeted me about it the other day! This one's interesting because it says it's specifically for dark hair, so I'm guessing it won't leave a white cast? I wonder if they have one for lighter hair too? I didn't see one at my Target.

But here's what has me a little bit bummed. Just like the Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo (also made by P&G), this one contains tapioca starch. And as you'll recall, I didn't love the Herbal Essences dry shampoo. My favorite dry shampoos use rice starch to absorb oil (Batiste and got2b are my favorites) and the tapioca starch in the Herbal Essences dry shampoo didn't do a great job at absorbing the oils in my hair. So I'm not sure if I'll end up trying/reviewing this one...if I can get it for a good price on sale, I will give it shot and keep you posted.

That's it for this sightings post! Have you spotted any of the products featured here at your local Target stores lately? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Taylor and Lori, for the pic and info! 


  1. Ah man, I forgot to send you my target pics of the Sally Hansen displays last night. Bought 2 of the Color Foils for nostalgia's sake as I had some of the old ones when I was younger

    1. Aaah, I appreciate the thought!! :) Were there polishes at your Target that I haven't already covered? (I linked to my posts about the Color Foils, etc in this post). Thanks!!

  2. I ended up picking up the full Essie manicure line a few weeks ago. All the foot related stuff is really nice, but I'm pretty crazy for the new hand creme! I love the smell, though the one thing bad is that it does take a little bit to absorb on my skin type. It just means for a few minutes I'm a tiny bit greasy, but I can deal with that ;)

  3. I just saw those $5 Sally Hansen kits at my Target - such a great deal!!

  4. I'm overly excited about all of this.

  5. I saw the Sally Hansen value sets! I'm going to Target again today.. I just have to hold myself back coz I will buy everything if I can!

  6. All very tempting, will look for this stuff...

    There are so many dry shampoos now! I agree with you that the rice starch ones work best for me. I just bought a lot of 8 of the got2b on eBay.

  7. Ah! I wish It weren't such a hassle to get to my Target (currently some MAJOR road construction going on) Those value packs are the best, who can say no to a free bottle of polish?

  8. Spotted the Vidal Sassoon dry shampoo at Christmas Tree Shops today. They had another one for blondes in addition to the one for dark hair.

  9. My mom is in love with target . I'm going to send her there with this pictures
    I'll just have to wait for august .

  10. I saw a big Nuxe display at my local Target. The price points were pretty high, as is usual for a prestige line like Nuxe. Wish they'd done some lower-priced Target exclusives!
    But there is some sort of fragrance the line uses that does NOT agree with my skin/nose so I would take a pass, regardless.

  11. Hi i didnt know where to put this but my local target has some makeup for 50% off on loreal, covergirl and sally hansen and revlon. I was able to get a great deal due to some coupons i had. Might be something to look into at your local target.

  12. The 3 for $5 SH Xtreme wear is a great deal, the Ocean Ombre set came home with me and I can confirm that the glitter is Sealy-String, the lt. blue is Breezy Blue, and the darker turq is Blue Me Away.


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