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Friday, November 22, 2013

Spotted: A second Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art display (new Insta-Dri shades and more)

Remember the new Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Collection display I showed you a few weeks ago (click here if you missed it)? Well there's a SECOND display now popping up at retailers, and this one contains some new products that are NOT in the first display (note: there are products in the first display that are not in the second display as well).

First up, my blogging buddy Mimi of Makeup Withdrawal spotted the second display at her local Walgreens and was nice enough to share some pics:

image credit: Mimi for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art display #2 at HEB

As you can see, there are new treatments and Insta-Dri polishes in this display, and I believe these are permanent new additions, not limited edition (more pics of the Insta-Dris and shades names a bit later in this post).

Mimi mentioned that the blue shade in this display (In-Prompt Blue) is one of those "I GOTTA HAVE IT" blues in the same vein as Essie Butler Please, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, etc. I totally agree. No matter how many of these I already own, there's just something about this type of blue that makes me feel like I gotta have it!

Also, if you look to the top right of this display, there are two new "Rehab" products: Nail Rehab and Cuticle Rehab. I'm guessing the Rehab line will probably feature other new products as well. Because that's just how Sally rolls, right?

Mimi also shared some close-ups of a few of the I Heart Nail Art kits (these are in the first display as well):

image credit: Mimi for Nouveau Cheap
I Heart Nail Art Glitter Kit, Stud Kit and Stylo polish pens

Thanks to Mr. Makeupwithdrawal for holding these for Mimi--what a guy!

image credit: Mimi for Nouveau Cheap 
I Heart Nail Art Glitter Kit

image credit: Mimi for Nouveau Cheap 
I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit

Mimi mentioned that the vials above contain quite a few studs--about 100ish per vial. Nice!

Now back to those new Insta-Dri polishes. Look what reader Kratrina of All The Beautiful Colors spotted at her local HEB this week:

image credit: Kratrina for Nouveau Cheap 
Sand Storm, Go For Gold, Chartreuse Chase, Grease Lightening, Grape Shifter, In Prompt Blue, I-Rush Luck, Jade Jump 

These are the same NEW shades that are also in the I Heart Nail Art display! Again, I'm pretty sure these eight shades are new additions to the permanent line (not LE). 

Reader Melinda shared a close-up pic of the glitter polish in this display:

image credit: Melinda for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 423 Grape Shifter

This one is so pretty, right?

Have you spotted either of the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art displays or the stand-alone Insta-Dri display in your area yet? Thoughts? And just a reminder, you can see the first I Heart Nail Art display here, which includes lots of products that are not in the second display.

Oh, and one of you sent me an email a while back containing the prices of the products in the I Heart Nail Art display (thank you SO much for that), but my in-box is a complete disaster right now and I cannot locate your email. If that was you, I apologize and I would love if you'd resend!

Thanks again, Mimi, Kratrina and Melinda for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I found this one yesterday at Walgreens and picked up Grape Shifter. I swatched it on a color wheel and oh so pretty!

  2. Jade Jump is not a new shade, I got it back in 2011ish? It was LE at that point I believe, so they must be adding it to the core line :)

    1. Oh I thought that shade looked familiar!! Thank you!! I think I actually own it, from a Spring 2011 LE collection, like you mentioned! ;)

      Yay for Sally making old LEs permanent!

    2. Chartreuse Chase is also a reissue from that Spring 2011 LE display. Of course I didn't realize that until after I'd bought it (and Jade Jump). Ah well.

  3. I like the look of that glitter! Btw, Jade Jump is not a new shade. I've had it for quite a while now. :)

    1. Please see my comment directly above yours! :)

  4. I found it yesterday at walgreens and I got me Grape Shifter is soooo pretty!!! I'm from Texas!

  5. Grape Shifter is gorgeous. I am normally not a purple person, but I have it on over Maybelline Plum Gorgeous (I believe) and it is SO pretty and SO sparkly.

  6. I'm going to be on the lookout for this collection. That blue Insta-Dri looks amazing. I've been looking for a blue like that for a while since I've never had one in that gotta get it shade. I love navy/dark blues but I've been afraid to try any other shade of blue since I tried the Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away and it stained my nails so bad I had to buff them. Even though I wore base coat.

    Could you please recommend to me some of those "I gotta have it" blue that does not stain? Both drugstore and higher end (OPI etc).

  7. I love all these "weird" colors! I just find reds and pinks so boring and love that this display has anything but boring colors! lol

    I wish more of these makeup companies would take a look at the limited edition products we go nuts over and either make them a part of the permanent collection, or at least bring them back now and then for a second chance limited edition promo.

  8. Oooh the studs set and that grapey purple glitter will be mine the minute I spot them, yay SH!

  9. Please reply to my previous comment G. I really want your suggestions on those "I GOTTA HAVE IT" blues :)

  10. they are permanent because I just went on sally Hansen's website and found them under the Insta-Dri section

  11. In the studs kit, what I thought was a vial with a mix of gold and silver studs is actually a vial of ALL gold (they're just silver on the bottom, concave side). I have strong cool undertones and, therefore, I just do not do gold. Needless to say, I was bummed. But I found a remedy! Swiping the gold studs with a little acetone makes them silver!! Yay!! Doubt anyone will see this, but I thought it worth mentioning.

  12. Yay! I missed out on jade jump before... Glad to have another go


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