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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Lots haul

After the Zoya, OPI and Essie sightings at Big Lots recently, I paid a visit to a few locations in my area and today I'd like to show you what I found!

BUT FIRST, check out the awesome selection of polishes that reader Mi Ki found at her Big Lots recently. She didn't find any Essie, China Glaze or Zoya but take a look at what she did find:

image credit: Mi Ki for Nouveau Cheap
A polish-lover's playground at Big Lots

Remember when I mentioned that the makers of Petites and Color Fever were going out of business? Well as you can see, their polishes are popping up at Big Lots, along with many other drugstore brands!

 image credit: Mi Ki for Nouveau Cheap
Jesse's Girl JulieG Holiday 2012 Nail Color, Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Color, Sinful Colors Nail Colors, L'Oreal Nail Color 

I know that several of you have been excited to find the Jesse's Girl JulieG polishes at your Big Lots, especially if you don't live in an area that has Rite Aids (Jesse's Girl is only sold at Rite Aid and through the Jesse's Girl website).  And those Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Colors first debuted back in 2010; were they discontinued? 

Mi Ki also spotted more OPI shatter polishes (in addition to the Super Bass Shatters and Black Satin polishes that Georgianna spotted)

 image credit: Mi Ki for Nouveau Cheap
OPI Pink Shatter - $1.80 each at Big Lots

I didn't find any Essie, Zoya or China Glaze at my Big Lots locations, but I did find some goodies:

LypSyl LypRadiance Honey Rose Lip Balm - $1.25 at Big Lots

 I just mentioned my love of LypSyl lip balms in last week's Five Buck Friday post, and then I find a new-to-me version at Big Lots for just $1.25! I haven't tried this yet, but I'm loving the combo of honey and rose.

 Revlon nail lacquer 2-pack - $2 at Big Lots
Gold Cost and Graceful

I've been wanting Gold Coast since it originally debuted in the Gucci Westman Summer 2012 Escapism Collection (click here for swatches). I've also heard that it makes a lovely layering polish--click here for some really pretty combos. I need another beige creme like a hole in the head, but I'm really digging the look of layering a chunky blue glitter over Graceful--take a look at this combo here.

 Maybelline Fall 2012 Limited Edition Color Show Nail Color - $1 at Big Lots
Downtown Brown

Aaah, remember the Color Show Limited Edition Duochromes from Fall 2012? How could I say no to a back-up of Downtown Brown for a buck?

 Softsoap Winter 2012 Limited Edition Wintermint Wonderland Hand Soap - $1.50 at Big Lots 

A dupe of Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint for $1.50? Yes, please.

 Modella Rectangle Organizer - $3 at Big Lots

Modella (a division of Conair) makes really cute makeup bags and since I always love clear bags for inside my purse (you can see everything!) I had to get this one. Look at that cute cherry zipper pull!

Epielle 30pk Cleasning Tissues - $1 each at Big Lots
Green Tea and Citrus

You know these are my Holy Grail towelettes and not just for removing my makeup. I also rely on them to remove swatches from my arms when I'm photographing products for the blog. I don't feel guilty blowing through these because you get 30 for a buck. I literally stock up every time I go to Big Lots (I like the Aloe and Cucumber ones too). 

I estimated the total retail value of my haul to be about $26. I paid about $11 total. Not bad at all!

Thanks for reading and, of course, I'd love to hear all about YOUR recent Big Lots hauls. Tell me what you're been finding in the comments!

And thanks again, Mi Ki, for the great pics!


  1. I just got Graceful, along with Impulsive, the other night and I'm wearing it now. It dries to a taupe-y grey cement color, with almost a green undertone to it. I've got Heavenly glitter layered over 1 nail, looks pretty good :) There was another 2 pack with Impulsive and Naughty, the Paradoxal dupe, and I foolishly didn't get it because I didn't want 2 Impulsives. ::kicks self:: I might run up there in a bit, just in case.

    I saw Black Satin by OPI when I was there too, I remember that one getting a huge amount of buzz on the mua nail board back in the day when it came out, lol.

  2. Omg I'm so jealous of you! I totally want Downtown Brown! Argh Big Lots y u no closer to meeeee

  3. Planning a Big Lots trip Saturday! Last time I was there I came home with 8 new polishes, all Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, including the duochromy Black Tie for a buck! I also spotted some of the light up Blue Cross milky glitters, Julie G and the OPI. This was about a month ago so hoping some new stuff has arrived since then. Would LOVE Zoya, OPI, etc!

  4. I contemplated getting that same cherry makeup bag, but I wound up buying an EcoTools set there that came in a makeup bag so I skipped it.

  5. Stopped by Dollar Tree today and they had a TON of polishes. They also had several Rimmel single shadows, five or six profusion shadow palettes, a Loreal quad (several different sizes of circle shaped shadows, never seen it before), quite a few Milani lip pencils, ELF shimmer whip, ELF eyeshadow and bronzer brushes.. and all the usual LA color etc.

  6. I'm with you! I would have SO gotten that Downtown Brown as back-up. =)

  7. Okay i need to stop at big lots now!!

  8. I havent found the citrus Epielle face wipes at my Big Lots yet but I did find their face masks for .60 each. I snatched them up!

  9. I recently purchased the epielle Green Tea towlettes, my favorite! Well, it used to be anyway. They have a heavier scent now. Not the subtle, clean smell that I remember. It's been a while since I've bought them. Could they have changed, or have they been sitting around too long? Anyone else had the same experience?

  10. Am I a polish hoarder if I admit to already have the three you bought today? All on sale of course lol I love the epielle wipes too. Bought a few packages in VA Beach based solely on your review. Haven't found them in NY yet and I'm down to my last pack :-(

  11. I have got to go see if they have any of the softsoap at my location. (I have run out of the BBW version) Its funny, I don't like mint gum, toothpaste, etc, but put it in a candle or handsoap and I am all over it! lol.

  12. I saw your post this week while I was on business in Florida and RACED over to the nearest BigLots I could find and scored a DOZEN bottles of polish; Essie top coat, Sally Hansen, NOPI, JulieG, Loreal, including Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic", and the newly reformulated "Hidden Treasure". I think I would have had heart failure if I'd found the original, but a a buck a bottle, I can't complain. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Big Lots asap.

  13. I think I'm going to have to go back! (went to several locations last week and picked up some magnetic polishes). That cherry bag is adorable. I need to grab a few more packs of the Epielle wipes; I love Green Tea or Cucumber (didn't love the Aloe) and haven't seen Citrus yet. Stash the Cucumber in the fridge; so refreshing!
    I always buy the giant package (60 wipes for 2.00) bc they have the plastic flip-lid that snaps shut.

  14. Just got back from Big Lots and picked up a couple of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure polishes for $1 each. I noticed that many of them had their Sally labels either removed or completely covered up by the Big Lots price sticker. Thought that was weird as people may not know what they were buying. Is that normal for them? I've never really noticed it before.

  15. Amazing finds! I wish we had deals like that in the UK, I get most of my nail polish 2nd-hand from car boot sales :) xo

  16. I'm gonna check my big lots for the cleansing towelettes!

  17. I don't have a Big Lots near me but I wish I did! I may need to get to one soon to check out all of the goods.


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