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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sally Beauty haul

Here's my final haul post for today. This time I'm showing you what I purchased this week from Sally Beauty (I actually purchased a few other items but they're gifts for someone who might see this post, so I can't show them to you here).

Sally Beauty Haul

Keep reading for product info and to see which Orly nail polish I chose for my freebie...

Let's start with these darned impulse purchases at the register! I am usually pretty good about resisting them, but when I saw these Lip Vitamins lip balms and noticed that they had a banana-split-flavored one, I knew I was in trouble. Then I noticed that they were 2/$3, so I couldn't resist and bought the chocolate-fudge-flavored one too.

Next, I bought one of the new Femme Couture Prime Wear Long Lasting Lip Cremes in the shade Honey Nude, which is a matte. These are currently on sale for $5.99 (regular price: $7.99).

I cheated on my beloved ASP Angled Zebra Board in favor of two Beauty Secrets Zebra Boards (180 grit). I couldn't help it because these are currently on sale for $0.49 so I got one for me and one for my mom. I've had my ASP Zebra board for so long now that it feels weird to use another nail file. We'll see how this one goes...

I also finally purchased a Beautique Eyeliner (in Blonde, which is a light taupe shade). I've heard many raves over the years for Beautique liners, so I can't wait to try this one. These liners are $2.49 each.

It's been a while since I picked up any GVP hair products, and this one caught my eye. It's their version of Redken Fabricate. I'm on a big "texture" kick right now, and it's been so cold lately that I seem to be blow-drying my hair more often. So I thought I'd give this a whirl. It retails for $3.59.

Whoops! I forgot about this little darling:

 Sally Girl Connecting Compact Eyeshadow in Brick

I love these little Sally Girl shadows, which I've blogged about several times over the years. For $0.99 ($0.94 if you're a Sally Club member), they are pretty darned impressive in terms of pigmentation and smoothness. I can't remember if I've actually owned Brick before, but it looked so pretty in the display that I thought it was worth purchasing (or repurchasing).

So do you want to know what I got for my Orly freebie? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here for how to score your own free bottle of Orly polish, while supplies last, through Monday 2/18).

 Orly Fowl Play

If you haven't seen swatches of the purple jelly flakie goodness that is Fowl Play, click right over here.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who responded to my tweet when I was trying to make up my mind between Fowl Play and Androgynie for my Orly freebie. The overwhelming response was "Get Fowl Play!!" so that's exactly what I did. Thank you, thank you, to everyone who steered me in the right direction. You guys are the best!

Have you purchased anything from Sally lately? Would you like me to review anything featured in this post today? Please do let me know! 


  1. I got fowl play too! :) I've been wanting to try it! I love it already.

  2. Fowl play is the best. I have two? backups because apparently, I believe that I will need 60 manicures of this. Which may not be enough! Excellent choice..enjoy!!

  3. That polish is beautiful! GREAT PICK

  4. When I went to sally's I bought China Glaze's Strawberry Fields and got Orly Shockwave as a freebie

  5. I like that brick eyeshadow! I have been looking for a good color to use as eyebrow powder that will work with my L'Oreal Feria R37 (Deep Burgundy) color and so far I haven't found anything close... but this might work if it isn't too light.

  6. those lip vitamins sound great....and look so yummy!

  7. I was just in there sunday and of course I had to get my favorite products with Argan oilandsomenail products. I didn't even know about the Orly freebie.

    1. I don't know how I forgot about this deal, I was in Sally to take advantage of the clearance sale and left without a freebie! So disappointed. However the Sally I went to was nearly cleared out of clearance merchandise. All I got was a China Glaze and Palladio Tinted Lip Balms. IDK was it only the old school style bottles that were free? So I don't feel bad, because there was nary a one!

  8. Omg I just saw the swatches of that polish...and I NEED IT! Lol

  9. What a lovely polish! I got Androgynie as my freebie - didn't even know that was going on till I went to the store myself, even though I tend to be up to speed with your blog! Androgynie is a very unique polish but the glitter really settles at the bottom (or the top if you store it upside down... or the side if store it on its so a little difficult to work with!

  10. Fowl Play is gorgeous! I wish I had picked up something like that as my freebie. Most of the free Orly polishes at my local store were in plain colors~~ :(

  11. Now I'm itching to go to Sally. I want to see a review of Fowl Play!

  12. Fowl Play was a great pick! I was in my local Sally on Monday and all they had were the same oddball (ugly) China Glaze polishes that have been on clearance for the last few weeks. No clearance Orly at all. The saleslady told me the event was only for the weekend and all of their clearance Orly was gone, though I kind of question that they put out any Orly in the first place--the old bottles were taken away around the 1st with none of them having been marked down all month. Plus, the business at this Sally is usually pretty tame, so I don't see how they could've sold out so fast. Looks like I missed out. ::sniff sniff::

  13. I went to Sally (in Eastpointe, Mich.) and they had two baskets of Orly behind the counter. A decent selection, too, but mostly purples, blues, reds and pinky nudes. I ended up getting Velvet Rope, since I'm on a purple kick. I also picked up a mini, in Dazzle, for $1.49, in the clearance bin, but they didn't have a whole lot there, at least in terms of nail polish.

    1. My local Sally's did the same thing. Not all the Orly shades were available as freebies. I did get a nice shimmer topcoat though, so I can't complain too hard.

  14. I have a ton of those little shadows from Sally's. You are right that they are very pigmented.


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