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Friday, May 27, 2011

What I'm loving right now...

It's been a while since I did a What I'm loving right now... post, and since I've got several products that I'm currently obsessed with, I thought I'd share them with you today!

In no particular order, here's what I'm loving at this very moment (the links below will take you to my original review of the product, if available):

I literally have not reached for another deodorant since I first starting testing this product for my review back in April. I feel 100% confident, even in very hot weather, when I use this newest product from Degree, and I absolutely love the fresh, soapy, citrusy scent of Fresh Energy. If you're a Degree fan and you haven't tried this one yet, I think you'll be in for a real treat. I literally don't want to use anything else!

Epielle Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea and Cucumber

Here's the deal with these little gems: the lovely Alyson recommended them to me probably two years ago, and when I finally found them in my area, there was no looking back. You can read my original review by clicking the link above, but the short version? They ROCK. In the past two years, I've recommended them countless times, and just recently I suggested them to the lovely Jeweled Thumb, who gave them a whirl and now loves them too. I literally can't stress enough that they are the hidden gem of the makeup remover towelette world!

And, you can often find 30-packs for just $1 at various dollar stores.

But, even better, I've been spotting 60-packs at Big Lots lately for $2 (which is where I bought the Cucumber tissues above). Until the other day, the only scent I had yet to try was Green Tea, but thanks to my awesome reader Michelle ma Belle, who left a tip about Grocery Outlet on my You Tell Me post, I found the Green Tea tissues for just $1.99 at my local Grocery Outlet. (By the way, Michelle, I LOVE Grocery Outlet! Just like you said, they have so many amazing beauty products for ridiculously low prices--I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go there and I will definitely do a separate post about that store in the future).

When I originally did my review of this product (link above) I probably sounded a bit..shall we say...enthusiastic about this new lip color line. But let me tell you, I've reached for this shade, Enduring Blush, at LEAST four times a week since I wrote that post and I'm even wearing it right now as I write this post. If you love look of lipstains (but don't like the drying effect of them) and you love the look of tinted lip balms (but don't like the lack of staying power), you have GOT to try this product. It gives my lips that sheer, stain-like flush of color I love, yet it's moisturizing like a tinted lip balm. It's not drying like some lipstains tend to be, and the color lasts forever. The formula is like nothing I have ever owned. It's like a lipstain/tinted lip balm hybrid. I'm telling you, I cannot rave about this one enough. If I could, I would buy one for each and every one of you, let you try it and then say, "See? I told you so!"

Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Cherries PocketBac

I'm an anti-bac nut, and this one is at the very top of my list right now. The fragrance! To me, it smells just like cherry pie filling. I CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten

As we all know by now, this line of ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powders is currently on 75% off clearance at both CVS and Walgreens. I have raved about the shade Brighten already on this blog, and after I did my first post about it, I received a flood of emails, comments and tweets from those of you who decided to give it a whirl based on my recommendation. I am happy to report that with the exception of one person, you all seem to feel the exact same way that I do about this one (and apologies to the person who didn't care for this--I'm so sorry it didn't work for you!).

So let me put it to you this way: if you have oily skin like me, and you normally can't pull of the glowy or dewy look, you might want to consider Brighten (especially since it's on clearance for around $3.50). The shimmer is so baby-fine that it literally glides across the skin and leaves a beautiful glow behind.

There is no big, chunky sparkle in this powder--just finely-milled goodness. And since it's buildable, you can totally control the amount of shimmer on your skin. I haven't skipped a day of wearing this since I bought it. It's literally my ultimate highlighter and I'm going to be so sad if Revlon is discontinuing it (which appears to be the case). Good thing I bought two back-ups!

Rite Aid Renewal Maximum Strength Nail Polish Remover

I use 100% acetone to remove my polish and also do my manicure clean-up. I know that for some, it can be very drying, but I just prefer how quickly and efficiently it works to remove my polish and clean up a sloppy mani. So when I buy acetone, I usually have to visit a beauty supply store, because you just don't see pure acetone at the drugstore (at least in my area). Well, that all changed when I discovered Rite Aid's house brand (above). For around $3, this stuff ROCKS, and it's even cheaper if you're a Wellness+ Member (plus, Rite Aid often runs BOGOFREE sales on their house brands). It's a win-win and I no longer have to make a special trip to the beauty supply for my acetone fix. This works just as well as the acetone I buy at the beauty supply, and it's so much more convenient for me to get!

With all the buzz about the Wet n Wild LE collections and 8-pans, I must admit that these little trios got a bit lost in my makeup stash. But recently I revisited Silent Treatment, and, um, WOW. I'm more in love with it now than I was when I first showed it to you. These three shades work so beautifully together--this is just one of those no-brainer trios that you can use for a lovely eyelook for either day or night and you don't have to use any additional shadows to get there. It's completely self-sufficient on its own. In fact, if I were to take a weekend vacation, I would only need to pack this trio and I would be good to go. If you don't already own it, I highly recommend picking it up--I don't think you'll regret it.

I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of What I'm loving right now. I would love to hear from you if you've tried any of the above products. I hope they're working as well for you as they are for me!

Some of the products featured in this post were given to me by their brands for previous reviews on Other products were purchased with personal funds.


  1. Why did I look? Now I have to check out the Cucumber Face Wipes and Revlon Finishing Powder.
    I got the Degree after reading about it, I think it was here. Love it!
    I don't know if it is a good thing or not to have no Grocery Outlets here in Orlando.
    I'm trying to save up for the Premiere Beauty and Nail Show next weekend!!

  2. Onyx Professionals has 100% Acetone and is sold at Wal-mart and is $2.50

  3. I FREAKING LOVE THOSE TOWELETTES! I buy them at Big Lots for $1 and actually I was there a couple weeks ago and saw the cucumber scent and the bigger pack for $2 also. I don't recommend them for getting mascara off, but foundation, blush, etc. totally yes! And they smell so good.

  4. Kimberly: LOL!! Girlie, I'm sooo glad the Degree is working out for you!! I honestly do not want to use another deodorant now (and trust me, I have quite a few). :D And you're attending a nail show?? So jealous!

    vita86: Thanks for the tip! I don't make it to Walmart too often, so the Rite Aid remover is more convenient for me to pick up, but I'm sure this will help others! :)

    tiff: Yay!! So glad you love them too (and that you can find them at Big Lots as well)! Oh, and you know what I do if I can't remove all of my mascara with one? I just put a dab of eye makeup remover on the towelette itself and that works like a charm! Then, if I'm really lazy and don't plan to wash my face that night, I just use another (fresh) towelette to remove the eye makeup remover residue. It's my little "system". lol! :)

  5. What I'm loving right now is Forever Sunshine from Bath and Body Works. Oh, it smells so very lovely, sunny and fresh. It layers with many of my favorite spring and summer Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents and the body spray makes the most wonderful room spray.

  6. I finally found the Green Tea wipes at Big Lots for $2, and I love them! I only bought one pack at the time, because I was not sure how my sensitive skin would react, and did not want to be stuck with a ton of wipes that I could not use, but wow! They smell so good! Now if I could just find the citrus ones, I would be happy...

  7. The Green Tea Wipes are amazing! We have a dollar store down the street from my house and when I see it I grab 10 of them. The best thing about it is,only $1 and it works! I love the scent too...

  8. I just bought the 60 pack of the cucumber ones at Big Lots today for $2 and i love them!! They remind me of the Yes to Cucumbers for a fraction of the price. I normally use oil of olay cleansing cloths but this is nice when Im even lazier than usual lol. I also saw a clean and clear eye makeup remover for 3.50 and a finishes clean and clear cleanser for 3.50. The bottle of the cleanser reminded me of the makeup dissolving cleanser.


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