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Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick eye look using Wet n Wild Lust Eyeshadow Palette

I've received several requests for eye looks using the new Wet n Wild eyeshadows, so I thought I'd really challenge myself and use the purples in the new Lust palette (click here for my full review of this palette and also the Vanity palette). As many of you know, I can't really do purples with my skintone, but I am actually pleased with the colors in this palette because they bring out the green in my hazel eyes (as purples are known to do!).

So here's a pic of the Wet n Wild Lust palette (retail: $4.99):

And here is an eye look using JUST the left side of the palette (the mattes). I used all three shades to create this look, and I also used the purple liner in the famous Physicians Formula Gel Cream Eyeliner Trio for Green Eyes (click here for my full review of that trio). And please excuse my brows--I am way overdue for an at-home waxing (in case you're curious, I wax them myself using the Sally Hansen kit I reviewed here):

It's so hard to tell in photographs but I just want to stress that if you're a matte eyeshadow fan, I think you will love, love, love these new WnW palettes. The texture of these mattes is just so creamy and buttery, and they don't drag on the skin or leave inconsistent little marks (which darker mattes are notorious for doing). For me, these rank right up there with my much-coveted Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadows and I think they are, hands down, the best mattes you'll find at the drugstore these days. you own any of the new Wet n Wild eyeshadows yet? Let me know what you think of them!

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  1. I think the purples look lovely on you! I'm really craving the Lust palette (or should I say lusting after it lol). It looks so pretty! I have Pride and I really love the way the colors go on... Only thing is that the colors are blue and green... and I never use blues or greens! But I'm working on it!

    Also, I've realized after all the EOTD post I've looked at today disjointed eyes kinda freak me out lol

  2. I love this look! I need to pick up this palette, I'm long overdue for new eyeshadows.

  3. GOLD MEDAL!!! To the Wet 'n' Wild Palettes!

  4. your eyes look gorgeous with those colors! I never noticed how much green there was! You've officially convinced me, I've got to get these palettes.

  5. I love this look!! I did buy the lust palette last week, even though i'm not too keen on how purple looks on me. but this palette is sure convincing me otherwise! I'm getting Vanity next :)

    I also bought the new bronzzers in goddess and princess...and, sadly, I have to say that they're no match to Acapulco glow. they both have a lot of color, and the sheer glow is what i loved most about acapulco glow. Now i have to find some way to stock up or pray that WnW remakes it :(

  6. Great pics! I love the Lust palette and use it often. I have all of the ColorIcon palettes and cannot say enough good things about them. The quality is seriously amazing. The cool thing is that you get 6 shades per palette, and there are 4 total palettes. So if you have them all that is 24 eye shadows for under $30. You seriously can't beat that for awesome quality highly pigmented shadows! Love!

    Oh BTW, since I love your blog so much I featured you as the blog of the day on mine. Check it out! I hope to send more people your way =)

  7. Hmmmm, purple is my fave color but I'm not loving this on you. It looks a little washed out to me, or maybe I'm just not up on mattes so I'm clueless. I won the w&w color icon singles in a YT contest but haven't tried them out yet. I've love to see a look where you combined both sides of the palette and see if you could get a different look.

  8. I have to agree with everyone else. Those colors look great on you....beautiful. I have never tried WnW but I may have to give them a try.

  9. Aedd: LOL! Yeah, after looking at them for a while, the eye pics can get a bit weird, right? :) I'm so glad you like these new WnW palettes--and I bet once you dig in and start playing around with those blues and greens, you'll find some looks that work for you! Keep me posted? And thanks so much for the kind words! :)

    SeeingSunshine: Thank you, sweetie! And yes, I think you need to check these out, especially if you're overdue for some new shadows! :)

    ndoodles: LOL!!! I see someone's been watching the Olympics (me too!). And yes, definitely a gold medal for these babies! :)

    PoorCollegeStudent: Thank you so much, honey!! And yes, you neeeed to try these! :)

    Airi: Yay! I'm so glad you got this palette and that you're planning on getting Vanity! I think you'll love that one too. :) And about the bronzers, did you see my Neutrogena review from a few days ago? If you're looking for a sheer, totally wearable bronzer, I think you will LOVE that one. :)

    Tropical Mind: Yay! I totally agree--for the price, these are just the best deal around at the drugstore lately. And thank you SO much for the post about my blog! OMG, I am so flattered! I'm off to check it out right now! :)

    discount diva: Sorry you don't like this look on me...once again, I have to mention that I have a VERY tough time with purples, and I guess this one isn't exactly *perfect* for me but it's SO much better than other purples I've tried. Anyway, I think you will love those WnW singles--they're amazing!

    lisarene2u: Thank you so much, sweetie! If you have never tried WnW before, I think you are going to LOVE these new eyeshadows! Definitely check them out when you see them in your area! :)

  10. I have to say, I really love the 2 new WnW palettes I picked up (the 2 most neutral ones, not the green/blue or purple ones lol...I'm horrible with names)! And you're right on with the matte shades -- they really do blend beautifully for me. I love blending mattes with a touch of shimmer, as I find matte shades bring a whole new level of polish to an eye look :-)

    I also bought a trio as well as a couple of singles, and all of these new goodies has delivered :-)

  11. I bought this one and Vanity. I agree 100% w/ you. They're really great quality!

  12. I know you did this post forever ago but I had to put my two cents in.

    I loooove this palette! I got to try a bit when I was defecting a broken one out at work and all of us girls were standing around oohing and ahhing over the colors.

    I don't use eye pencils a lot, I tend to use shadow as a liner and let me tell you, this glided on better and more consistently than any other shadow that I use,including the MAC. I'm running out to buy every other palette I can get my hands on.

  13. I think the purple looks quite nice on you. It's soft and subtle.

    I've been a WnW fan for years. My CVS had a BOGO 1/2 off this past week and I scored a couple of bottles of polish.

    Congrats, too, on your WnW honors! Hooray!


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