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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Original Formula Sea Breeze is BACK!

Do you remember Sea Breeze astringent? If you're older (around my age or above), that will seem like a dumb question. But if you're younger, you may have never even heard of this line of drugstore toners because, in recent years, it's all but disappeared from store shelves (I looked for Sea Breeze products just yesterday and couldn't find them).

So let me give you a little background about Sea Breeze and its army of followers before I give you the exciting news!

There are men and women out there who used the Original Formula Sea Breeze Astringent for 30+ years. These folks were LOYAL to this product, and depending on what reviews you read, there are some who swear their face has never looked better than it did when they used Sea Breeze. Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, I've heard rumblings about how this is probably one of the strongest, harshest toners ever to be seen on a store shelf, and that it can really make your face sting if you've got sensitive skin. So needless to day, this is a love-it-or-hate-it product. If you love it, you REALLY love it--you will walk to the ends of the earth barefoot just to get a bottle. And if you hate it, well, this news will mean nothing to you.

From my limited internet research, I've found that the Original Formula Sea Breeze was discontinued approxiately ten years ago (give or take a few years). This move really enraged the O.F. (Original Formula) fans. For a while you could find coveted O.F. bottles on eBay or Amazon and they'd go for $15+ a piece (if you could find one). But it looks like that supply has dried up, and now it's darn near impossible to find O.F. anywhere on the net.

You can still purchase Sea Breeze's other, updated formulas on places like, but as far as the loyalists are concerned, NOTHING compares to the Original Formula Sea Breeze.

So if you are one of those loyalists, allow me to present you with this very exciting news (from

A well-known skin care brand for over 100 years, Sea Breeze is bringing back its best-selling astringent formulas, Original Formula Astringent and Sensitive Skin Astringent, into the facial care market exclusively at Walmart stores next month.

Originally launched in 1906 as an antiseptic for use on minor cuts and scratches, Sea Breeze was purchased by Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1979 and re-launched as a face cleansing astringent. Idelle Labs purchased the brand in 2003.

All I have to say is, Sea Breeze, you're about to make a lot of 30, 40, and 50-something people VERY happy!

So, how do you feel about this news? Were you a loyal user of Original Formula Sea Breeze back in the day? Do you plan to pick up a bottle when it hits your local Walmart?


  1. i'm so's times like these i wish nyc would have a walmart =\

  2. How interesting! I've never used it before but I've definitely heard of it before! I'm actually very interested in how its comeback will be taken, especially for the people who used to be loyal customers. I'm curious to try it too, if you ever decide to pick one up please do a review! :)

  3. Oooh, that's wonderful news! Of course I remember good ol' Sea breeze! Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle again :) thanks for the update!

  4. I remember the sting of Sea Breeze. Ouch! Now bring back the original 10-0-6, and we'll talk.

  5. I used this when I was like 13 or 14, and MAN it was strong. It was perfect for my extremely acneic skin, but now, I'd rather stick to my Olay refreshing toner with witch hazel.

  6. I remember my step-mom always used the original sea breeze, and everytime I tried it my face felt like it was on fire. XD

    I saw this post about an awesome deal on those Physician's Formula bamboo compacts and thought you might be interested!

  7. Personally I am not that excited about it returning. That stuff was pretty harsh on my skin when I was younger. Thankfully I have found some Dickersons witch hazel and my skin is healing quite nicely. But it was cool when you wanted to cleanse your scalp, when you are wearing braids or was bedridden.

  8. I have been purchasing Sea Breeze at Big Lots (Atlanta metro area) for a while now. I didn't realize there was yet to be a relaunching. Perhaps some areas just got it before "wide release"?

    For those who find the original too strong, there is a sensitive version that has less alcohol in it. The bottle is the same, but the product is blue instead of the original golden color.

  9. Cutiegingerbread: lol!! Well, maybe if it gets super popular again, they'll start distributing it to other stores (hopefully!). :)

    Amy: You got it! I'm curious too, because I haven't used it in a looooong time (I don't even remember how it worked for me, it's been so long). lol. :)

    Miss Go Lightly: Yay! So glad someone else remembers old school Sea Breeze! I can't wait to see what you think of it now, so many years later. Keep me posted? :)

    Megan: OMG!! 10-0-6!!!! LOL!!! I haven't thought about that toner in YEARS! Man...I wish that was still around! :(

    Ashwini: Interesting! Like I mentioned in my post, it's definitely a love/hate thing with Sea Breeze, so I guess I know which side you fall on! lol. :) Glad you found another toner that works for you! Yay!

    Hana: What a funny story! I wonder if maybe it works better on more "mature" skin? I'll have to get a bottle and see for myself what happens! lol. And thanks for sharing that great deal! I noticed that the "try me" stickers have been removed from the boxes because the deal was only good through January, so I guess we missed it. :(

    Anon: Thanks for reminding me that a lot of people used to use Sea Breeze on their scalps, like a pre-shampoo treatment for dandruff, etc. I had totally forgotten about that! :)

    Trixie: I wonder if the Sea Breeze you've been purchasing at Big Lots is the newer formula? Can you click on the link in this post and see if those are the same bottles that you've been finding at your Big Lots? Because according to this new story, the relaunch is going to be exclusive to Walmart and it's not starting until March. So it would crazy if your B.L. was getting these way ahead of everyone else! Thanks! :)

  10. The bottles I have, and I'm looking at one as I type this, are the original, as in the photo in your post, NOT the new Sea Breeze "Actives" - which until I looked at the link you gave - I had never seen before.

    The ingredients in the new "Actives" are not the same as the original - for some reason that new stuff does not have peppermint oil, which is one of the reasons why it smells the way it does (that and the camphor, eucalyptus, and clove) and also why it has that cooling sensation, since that's something peppermint oil does (as in "The Altoid Effect").

    I remember Sea Breeze from the 70s when I was in high school, so I recognize the smell and power of this stuff!

    Here's something interesting though: the bottle I have says (c)1997 Clairol, Inc., Stanford, CT and that new formula on says it is (c)2004 Idelle Labs, Ltd., El Paso, TX. Never even heard of that company.

  11. Trixie: Aaaaah, that solves it! If you look at my post again, the article that I referenced states that Sea Breeze was purchased by Idelle Labs in 2003. So seems that you're using an older product! If Idelle has owned them since 2003, the bottles you have are at least eight years old? Thanks so much for doing that detective work! If Sea Breeze wasn't about to launch the original formula in Walmart next month, I would tell you to buy all that can from your Big Lots and sell 'em on ebay and make a pretty penny! LOL! :)

  12. If these are eight years old... then they've been in some sort of airlocked pure oxygen chamber or something because they're as fresh as I would expect them to be as brand new product... odd, right?

    As for selling them, I noticed that at least on Amazon, there are already people selling these little bottles (10 oz, $2.80 BL price) for around $16.00 EACH. Ouch.

  13. Trixie: LOL!! Yeah, that IS odd!! I wonder what happened with these and how they ended up at your Big Lots? I guess the only way we'll know for sure is to look at the packaging of the relaunched bottles at Walmart next month, right? Very interesting! And btw, you should see if you can sell a bottle from Big Lots on ebay or something? I wonder how much you'd get for it! :)

  14. Wow! Totally remember the Sea Breeze! I will be buying a bottle just to sniff!!! LOL

  15. I remember using Sea Breeze as my first astringent, but it was the greenish-blue colored one. However, I think that was about 10-12 years ago, so I can't say for sure what formula I used.

  16. HI!! I have been following your blog for about 2 weeks now and I love all your reviews and posts but just haven't gotten to posting! but onward to my real point of posting any responses...

    After reading about Sea Breeze I was interested in trying some even if it was the new formula because I have always struggled with acne and have been looking for a good strong astringent. I went to my local Walmart to pick up a bottle and found they have brought back the Old Original Formula Sea Breeze Astringent. I looks exactly like the photo you posted! And it is NOT the new formula "actives". It is also dated the year of 2010 so I can only assume this is the long awaited re-release!! So be on the look out for it!!

    As for the astringent itself, I've never used it before but seen the brand before. I'm only in my early 20's so I haven't known about it very long...I tried it out tonight and I LOVE IT!! It's so great and I love love the tingle!! Thanks so much for posting about this, I think I have found my new favorite astringent!!

    also to let you know: my local Walmart is in Northern Indiana

  17. I was fortunate enough to find the Original Formula for $2.80 at Big Lots in San Antonio, TX! I did a *happy dance* in the aisle! In addition to this I found BOTH Miracle Hand AND Foot Repair lotion (retails for $9.99!) for $5.00!!! That's 50% OFF!!! If you haven't tried it (especially my fellow eczema sufferers) please do so!

  18. What they call "orginal formula" is very different from the former original formula. I have half a bottle of this precious liquid left, and on the back it shows that Clairol Inc holds the copywrite. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET SOME "ORIGINAL" ORIGINAL FORMULA SEA BREEZE?

  19. I have used Sea Breeze Original Formula as an after shave since I was in my teens and I'm now 57. It has become difficult to find the Original Formula and I hate the way the new varieties make my skin feel. They leave it feeling oily and sticky! The Original Formula tingles and feels very refreshing and leaves my skin clean and dry. It is GREAT!

  20. I just purchased 3 10oz. bottles of genuine Sea Breeze Original Formula from Wal-Mart on-line for a total price of about $12.00 including tax! Shipping was free. They supposedly have it in the store but I haven't seen it there yet. Since the shipping was free the on-line deal at was great!

  21. James: Congratulations! I'm thrilled that you were able to purchase this online and with free shipping! I know how it feels to love a product and not be able to find it in-store, so I'm very happy you were able to get it through the Walmart website--and at a great price, too. Yay!

  22. The Idelle Labs version is NOT the original version that I know and love as a 30+ year user. I have 2 bottles left of the Clairol version....liquid gold! The Idelle Labs version leaves your face feeling sticky & tacky not clean and fresh.

  23. I lived for Seabreeze!!! OMG I looooooooooooooove this stuff! So so glad it is back :)

  24. My manicurist was using a lotion on my legs after exfoliating and the citrusy fragrance was intoxicating. The fragrance was familiar and only recently did I ask what she was using, as their lotion bottles rarely have familiar labels. When she said it was Sea Breeze I couldn't wait to buy it and found it at Walmart. I'm looking for more and it is not available. Now I'll be keeping an eye out for Sea Breeze at Walmart - then I'll buy a case of it. It is not harsh ~ it is tropical and refreshing.


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