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Monday, August 31, 2015

Spotted: NEW Sinful Colors Truly Madly Sparkly Collection

Right in time for the Walgreens $0.99 sale (going on now through 9/5), we have a brand new collection that has some...ready for this? Glitter jellies! No need to make a jelly sandwich with these's all right there in one bottle!

Many thanks to Dorothy of Cool Polish Blog for sharing this pic of the display she found at her local Walgreens last week:

image credit: Cool Polish Blog for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Truly Madly Saprkly Collection
(retail: $1.99 each)

NOTE: As of the time of this post, Sinful Colors does not have the Truly Madly Sparkly collection on their website, nor do they have the other new collection called Oh Snap! (click HERE for pics/info about the Oh Snap! collection).

Back to Truly Madly Sparkly: Dorothy has swatches of six of the eight polishes in this collection on her blog HERE. As you'll see when you look at her swatches, some of the polishes in this collection are glitter jellies, while some are micro-shimmers that appear metallic on the nail. I'm of course most interested in the glitter jellies (duh).

If you're interested in these, get out there and look for them at Walgreens this week while they're on sale for $0.99 (now through 9/5).

Thanks so much, Dorothy, for the pic (and link to swatches!). 


  1. Just found these today, picked them up, then swatched them because I was so excited to see what they looked like! I love Intersteallar (purple) and Glisten Here (white).

  2. I found both of these displays today at a Walgreens in Centennial, CO. The woman working in the cosmetics dept. said she'd just put them out a couple hours earlier, and already one of the bottles of Interstellar (1571) and one of Hit The Dance Glow (1551) were gone. I bought one of each of those, leaving one in the display (it had three of each).

    I bought No Filter (1545) from the Oh Snap! display. If you need quick lousy bottle pictures, they're sitting right here :).

    All this for $3.17 (includes tax). I love sales.

  3. I saw these in Walgreen's yesterday 8/31. Although, I didn't see the .99 cent sale. Anyway, I did score one of the Orly Mermaid mini polish collections for $2.89 and one of the Frozen Duo's for $2.49. I think almost 75%+ off!! All of the Disney Orly and Elf collections polishes, make-up bags, make-up kits, and lashes) were on sale for at least 75% off. I didn't get pics. because I'd had just had mouth surgery but heads-up!

  4. Sorry if this is dupe comment, I'll be typing along on my phone and suddenly zap out of the comment window or the post; it seems like maybe I'm hitting the done button in upper right corner, but other times I am nowhere near it, grr!

    Anyway, I missed the sale, but oh well...Bought almost all these except the lighter colors, I already have the fourth from the right. Really great colors!! I am going to try layering the blue/greens and purple/pinks....


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