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Monday, August 31, 2015

New You Tell Me Page (Update Your Subscriptions!)

It's that time again! I created a new You Tell Me page today so, if you subscribe to this page, please update your subscriptions to this URL:

For new readers: the You Tell Me page link is located on the top menu bar of this blog for your convenience. This is a page where you can submit tips, sightings and deal info in real time, and I encourage you to do so because you don't have to go through me--you can share your tips instantly with others in the community! I can only publish so many blog posts every day (I'm chronically behind as it is, sadly!) so there's always great info on the You Tell Me page that may never make it into a blog post, purely due to a lack of time on my part.

When the comments reach 200+, sometimes the comments stop loading for some readers, so that's why I create a new page every time we hit 200+ comments. For more info about how to subscribe to the You Tell Me page, click here.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has contributed comments to the You Tell Me page. I LOVE that it's getting more active these days--it goes in spurts and sometimes it's not so active, but other times it's ON FIRE, so be sure you visit it every time you visit my blog (or subscribe to new comments as mentioned above, so you don't miss anything!).


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