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Monday, April 6, 2015

Spotted: Target Spring 2015 Sinful Colors Display (with a Mysterious New Glitter Topper)

Well this is very interesting! I've shown you several new Sinful Colors displays/collections in the past few weeks, but did you know that there's a new Target side-cap display popping up that contains a brand new glitter topper that is NOT in any of the other new Sinful Colors displays that we've seen at the drugstores recently?

Many thanks to reader Sara for this one. Sara spotted this new display at Target last week and was nice enough to share lots of pics with us. Take a look!

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Spring 2015 Spring Fever display at Target
(retail: $1.99 each)

Keep reading for more pics and info...

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap

1196 Sail la Vie - limited edition shade originally from the Summer 2013 Sail la Vie collection. This shade has been repromoted in other collections a few times since its original debut. 

1519 Flower Power - new limited edition shade for Spring 2015 that you can also find in the Spring 2015 About Bloomin' Time display

920 24/7 - permanent shade.

1521 Petal Be the Day - new limited edition shade for Spring 2015 that you can also find in the Spring 2015 About Bloomin' Time display

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap

1354 Navy I Do - limited edition shade previously only available in Europe. This shade is also in the Spring 2015 Flight Patterns collection.

1148 Super Nova - limited edition from the Fall 2012 Hot Flash Metallics collection. This can also currently be found in the Walgreens Spring 2015 end cap display.

1518 Flight to See - new limited edition shade for Spring 2015 that is also in the Spring 2015 Flight Patterns collection.

101 Snow Me White - permanent shade.

944 Innocent - permanent shade.

1514 Zest of Times - new limited edition shade for Spring 2015 that is also in the Spring 2015 Citrus Twist collection. You can check out my swatches/review of this shade HERE

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap

951 Why Not - permanent shade.

369 Ruby Ruby - permanent shade.

1007 Lavender - this is a harder-to-find shade that first debuted here in the US in an end-cap display at Walgreens back in the Summer of 2012. I think we've only seen it a few times since then, but I would consider it pretty rare. It is listed on the Target website, but it is not available for purchase online.

108 Thimbleberry - permanent shade.

1540 Fierce Fiesta - NEW limited edition "PiƱata Blast" glitter topper. This shade is new to this Target display and it has not been spotted in any other collections this spring (to my knowledge). I do not know if this is a Target-exclusive topper or part of an upcoming larger, perhaps Mexico-themed, collection. But since we've very recently seen an India-themed collection and a Japan-themed collection, I wouldn't be surprised if a Mexico-themed collection was on the way.

Sara was nice enough to share additional pics of both Fierce Fiesta and Lavender:

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Sara for Nouveau Cheap
Swatch by Sara

Sara was nice enough to share this quick swatch she did of Fierce Fiesta over Thimbleberry.

Sara writes:
I didn't have to fish much for glitter in general, but I did need to fish for specific pieces, and only got one bar glitter (I wasn't trying TOO hard, though, since I was just playing around). Given all the variety of glitters, it didn't seem like any more work than should reasonably be expected.

I enlarged Sara's pic above for a closer look at the glitter in this topper:

As you can see, this is an all-matte glitter topper in a clear base. It contains white bar glitter, teeny-tiny white hex glitter, small blue hex glitter, medium yellow and red hex glitter and jumbo pink hex glitter.

Have you spotted this side-cap display at your local Target stores yet? Thoughts about this new, mysterious glitter topper?

Thanks so much, Sara, for the great sighting, pics and swatches. I really appreciate it!


  1. Ooh, I think I need to find that new topper!

    I bought Lavender at K-Mart last week. It is really gorgeous. I topped it with Petal Be The Day for a spotted Easter egg look this past weekend. I really, really liked them together.

    Target has been calling my name, so maybe I'll "accidentally" find myself there very soon.

  2. That's exciting to hear that Lavender is hard-to-find, since I snatched one up last month from Lot-Less (discount chain in NYC like Big Lots) for a dollar. Possibly because mine is misprinted as Lavander with an a instead of an e. Lavander Holyfield. Great job Sara! Thanks G.

    1. Hmmm, I bought mine a while ago too (don't recall where) and I thought that it was spelled "Lavendar" but figured I check before commenting, mine is also spelled "Lavander" with the number 1007. I see up above in the pics its the same # regardless. I was at Target tonight and didn't see this display, but they did have a whole row of Lavender in the normal Sinful area. I love this shade, thinking I may have to buy a back-up. :)

  3. Arggg! Just as they closed my local Target! That's ok. I'll travel for a good polish!

  4. I have been steering clear of toppers lately since I have been buying little pots of glitter from Born Pretty Store, but this one I think needs to be mine if I find it! I love the color combo!

  5. Oooohhh... I'm not normally a bar glitter fan, but that one is calling my name! Thanks (as always!) for the heads up!!! I'm definitely going to have to pick up Fierce Fiesta... it would look so fab over Wet n Wild A Latte Love which I'm currently obsessed with!!!

  6. I like the look of that topper. I usually shy away from bar glitters because I tend to want to pick at anything that doesn't apply smoothly, but this looks fun.

  7. I bought several of the spring shades in previous displays.. the Bloom blast are quite nice.. but the Shamrockin drives me nuts, it's almost impossible to get the flower pieces out of the bottle and when you do they wont adhere flat to the nail. Hopefully the large hexes are better. The "Flight" shades are all transparent toppers which was a bit disappointing.. they are such gorgeous colors in the bottle and are not clearly labelled as toppers. I would be so appreciative if they would adopt a system that tells you what you are going to get.. creme, jelly, topper, etc. I used one of the WnW glitter rocks toppers last night after several weeks of Sinful Colors manis.. and it was sooo nice to just dip your brush and get tons of glitter. WnW isn't immune to "pulling a fast one" though, I've worn three of the LE Silver lake polishes.. they all look the same in the bottle but two were opaque creams (blue and green) while the pink was extremely transparent, similar to a french manicure polish.

    1. Uhhhg, can't stand when that happens...I avoided Shamrockin' bc I had a hunch it would be difficult, I had the same issues w the heart topper from them....just would not lay flat! Good to know about the WNW Rocks being good, haven't tried them yet. The pink from the Silver Lake collection was in my hand at Walmart (it was in a Spoiled bottle though) and I thought it would too sheer. I sooo wanted the blue and the green and had them in hand too, but I thought I remember that it was you who commented here about the brushes being problematic....I looked it up after I was home and it was the wnw not Spoiled bottles you refered too (sorry if it wasn't you, thought it was.) Whoever it was said they were wearing the blue (periwinkle-ish) shade as they were typing. Now I gotta go back and try the Spoiled blue and green! :)

  8. If anyone is looking for a good combo for Flower Power, I really like it over Revlon Girly. Girly has a darker pink milky base, so Flower Power lightens that up a bit while bringing some extra bling with the metallic and white hexes. The result is really pretty.


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