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Monday, May 19, 2014

UPDATE: Lots of new info and photos of the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Liquid Mani-a Collections!

I've got lots of NEW information and photos (and swatches!) to share with you today regarding all of the Liquid Mani-a Collection polishes now surfacing in stores.

First up, thanks to reader Ivy for the great pic of this Liquid Mani-a Collection mega-display she spotted at CVS recently:

image credit: Ivy for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Limited Edition Liquid Mani-a Collection mega-display at CVS

As you can see, this display includes the following collections all in one large display:

(click the links below for additional photos and info)

I'm SO happy that those Big Top Coats are in this display! These first surfaced back in December of 2013 but I never did see them in my area and I thought I never would.

Also, there are little "I Heart Nail-Art" bags in this display too (cute!). 

Thanks SO much, Ivy, @constantlypolished and Chrissy for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. It's nice that SH put these polishes all in one big display. Makes it much more easier to find than the smaller, single collection displays. Thanks for the great pic, G!

  2. G, I found the foils at my local Target and swatched them.

    I found the green shade dried almost matte. Pretty and soft but not shiny.

    The gold has more oomph, bright but not shiny.
    The purples are pretty as are the blues.

    The pinks in this collection totally sucked. They were streaky and no amount of shaking the bottle would mix the colors. The bottles I tested, you get a somewhat silver color with pinky stripes.

    IMO the star of the collection is the silver. I swatched this next to OPI's Push and Shove (without the special topcoat) and if you missed the OPI version, you will be very happy with this one. I think the Sally Hansen wears better and not as delicate as the OPI version.

    I also compared them with the Essie Foil collection from a few years ago. The Essie's are not as shiny as the Sally Hansen ones. Essie Beach Bum Blu is a very close dupe for the SH lighter blue.

    Hope this helps gang.

  3. I haven't seen this display yet, or the standalone matte Insta Dri one, either. Soon, I hope.

    Meijer did have a standalone "Big Finish, Big Effects" display with all the "big" topcoats: Big Shiny, Big Matte, Big Crackle, Big Shimmer, Big Glitter (all three shades), and Big Smoky.

  4. I picked up the Cobalt Chrome Color Foils recently at Target and color me unimpressed. While I loved the color and chrome/foil effect, the label states to not use a top or base coat, so I didn't. Ran errands, went to the gym and had lunch with friends....6 hours after application and 8 of my nails are already chipped!!! I will ignore the instructions and use a base and top coat next time, hopefully I will get better results.

  5. Just picked up titanium flush from the foil collection. Has anyone compared them to the China Glaze Romantique collection ? I just ordered the whole set, but they are still on their way. Just wondering if it is worth getting the whole SH foil collection or if they are very similar.


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