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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spotted: New Drugstore Beauty Products

Here's a collection of several new-for-2014 nail, body, skin and hair products that I have personally spotted over the past several weeks. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to alert me to any of these products via email, social media and here on the blog!

Oh! Before I forget, I just posted an update to my Sally Hansen Summer 2014 Limited Edition Salon Effects post. There are three additional designs in this collection, in addition to the four designs I originally showed you. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share info about those!

PLEASE NOTE: I understand that some of these products may not be considered brand new to you, and you may have already spotted them in your area (or even own them). But different retailers/regions receive things at different times, so please keep in mind that, for some of us, these are still quite new. Thanks for your understanding!

Dial Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

I spotted one of the new Dial hand soaps at my local Vons (grocery store chain in Southern California) this week:

 photo unnamed11-2.jpg

What do you think of the new bottle shape?

 photo unnamed2-6.jpg
The new bottles contain 8.0 oz; the old bottles contain 7.5 oz

Also at Vons, I spotted a new Nivea body wash formula.

 photo unnamed3-4.jpg
Nivea Creme Sensitive Moisturizing Body Wash with Chamomile Extract

 photo unnamed5-3.jpg

 photo unnamed4-2.jpg

The scent of this body wash is VERY mild.

Next up, some Rite Aid sightings:

 photo unnamed-3.jpg
New bottle shape for Softsoap (the scents are not new)

Just like Dial, Softsoap has also updated their hand soap bottles. What do you think of the new design?

 photo unnamed23.jpg
Renpure BB Creme Shampoo and Conditioner with Coconut Oil 
(retail: $8.99 each)

 photo unnamed6-2.jpg

 photo unnamed9-2.jpg
I'm intrigued by this mousse dispenser...

 photo unnamed15.jpg
Blue Cross Summer Brights 2014 Collection
(retail: $3.99 each)

For 2014, Blue Cross has given us a new bottle shape for the Summer Brights, and the price has increased as well (last year's were $2.99 each). I actually prefer last year's bottle shape (click here to refresh your memory) but if you prefer square bottles, you'll probably love these!

A lot of these colors look exactly like shades from the 2013 Summer Brights (click here for my swatches of three shades from the 2013--you'll see what I mean). So the good thing is, if you missed out on last year's collection, you have another chance (I really love that pastel green--it's so bright and cheery in person).

 photo unnamed13.jpg
Greens and teals

 photo unnamed14.jpg

 photo unnamed10-2.jpg
Bonita nail polish at Rite Aid
($2.49 each)

I FINALLY found this Bonita polish display at my Rite Aid last week (I know a lot of you have seen this one at your locations). This is a new-to-Rite-Aid brand and some of these shades have some very pretty, subtle shimmer running through them. I think I've seen various Bonita polish 6-packs at Ross, Marshalls, etc. but I have never tried Bonita before. Have you?

 photo unnamed17.jpg
CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream, Eye Repair Cream, Intensive Stretch Marks Cream

I've very excited to try the new CeraVe eye cream.

 photo unnamed22.jpg
ROC BB Cream SPF25

I believe this is a self-adjusting formula--the box says "for all skin tones".

 photo unnamed18.jpg
Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter

This is for very dry skin, designed for hands, feet, elbows and knees.

 photo unnamed21.jpg
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Next up, some CVS sightings:

 photo unnamed19.jpg
CVS version of L'Oreal Miracle Blur

 photo unnamed20.jpg
CVS version of Jergens BB Body Cream

Not much of a price difference, but you could save more if you waited for a CVS brand sale.

 photo unnamed16.jpg
Pantene Dry Shampoos
($6.99 each at CVS)

Many places in my area seem to only carry the Original Fresh version, but there is also a Blowout Extend formula, which I have only seen at CVS. There is also a THIRD formula called Root Reboost, which I haven't seen in person yet.

Have you spotted any of the above products in your area yet? Do you own anything featured here? I'd love to hear from you!

Thank again to everyone who has taken time to share pics and info about these new products with me. I really appreciate it!


  1. I hope this means we'll see a review of the Pantene Dry Shampoos soon!

  2. I have that Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter and I LOVE it. I had a skin sparing mastectomy with reconstruction in Feb. After the surgery, the skin on my breasts are ridiculously flaky now and after using this for only 2 days, they aren't flaking anymore. LOVE it. I wish it came in a larger size, I would pay any amount of money for it.

  3. It doesn't look like that CVS Sunless Glow moisturizer is supposed to be a version of the Jergens BB Body Cream - the bottle says it's a dupe of Jergens' Natural Glow which I think is more of a self-tanning lotion. I just bought the Pantene Blowout Extend dry shampoo and so far, I love it! It doesn't leave that white cast to my hair and smells really nice.

  4. $28.99 for the Roc BB Cream? Ouch! Too pricey for a drugstore item...I'd just buy Clinique!

  5. Cetaphil makes wipes now?!?! Oh, now I am in heven!

  6. The CVS sunless glow is actually a generic for the Jergens natural glow firming moisturizer, not the BB.. I've been using the Equate version for a while now and it's a total dupe of the Jergens. Great stuff. Gives your legs a bit of color without any streaking or mess.

  7. I have the cerave eye cream, and I think it's excellent! No bells or whistles, just a very basic, gentle moisturizer suitable for the eyes that doesn't burn or cause millia. Also, the packaging is nice and hygienic - no dipping fingers into little pots!

  8. I am hella interested in Renpure BB shampoo and condish. Where was that spotted at??

    1. I have the Renpure Advanced Moisturizing Créme shamp & condish (not the exact same formula as the BB Créme - but same bottle/dispenser + a delicious gardenia scent) and I LOVE it. It smells awesome and it makes my hair so soft and lovely (and I have frizzy, dry, heat-styled hair). I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  9. Oooh! I so want to try the cetaphil wipes. I do have the new dial hand soap and I enjoy it. Reminds me of the bbw exfoliating hand washes. I also tries the BB shampoo and conditioner in coconut, which was okay. The smell is a subtle coconut and it definitely is low lather for the shampoo, but the conditioner was not enough for my dry, color treated and frizzy thin hair. Just my two cents!

  10. I'm so excited for the Cetaphil wipes! My skin is extremely sensitive to wipes for some reason. I always break out after using them for a few days (even though I always wash my face afterwards). Hoping that the cetaphil ones will actually work on me.

  11. I have the CVS dupe of the L'Oreal Miracle Blur and I LOVE IT! It works well as a primer under makeup and sometimes I just use it alone. It keeps my combo-oily skin matte and nice all day!

  12. Dial's hand soap sounds good! I love finding new beauty products!!!

  13. Not a fan of the cetaphil wipes... They are so gentle I feel like I have to scrub my skin to take off the most simple makeup. Let alone the waterproof mascara I always wear, that stays completely intact!

  14. I used a sample of Miracle Blur that I had sitting around for a while for the first time yesterday since I noticed I am starting to get expression lines around my right eye (boo! and yes just the right one, haha). It works AMAZINGLY for filling in lines! I am a bit wary to try it all over my face and have yet to try it with makeup but it did wonders even on bare skin. Glad to see there is a cheaper alternative and I also just looked it up and found that there IS one without SPF which is great because I don't like SPF in my products other than my daily moisturizer :) Have been using Cerave's eye cream for a while and it is really nice - raved about on Beautypedia and it doesn't give me milia on my eyelids like many products do!


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