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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review & Swatches: Revlon Seychelles Sand (from the Limited Edition Haute Rocks Collection)

When I first posted about the new Revlon Limited Edition Haute Rocks Collection of "Pebbled Texture" polishes (click here for reader swatches of all eight shades), I knew that there was one shade in particular that was an absolute must-have for me personally. I found this shade, Seychelles Sand, at CVS last week and I have been in love, love, love with it ever since.

I realize that this is probably not a glitter that's for everyone, but something about it speaks to me, so I can't resist showing it to you, swatched several different ways! Take a look...

Revlon Seychelles Sand from the Limited Edition Haute Rocks Collection
(retail: $5.99 at CVS, 0.5 oz)

 photo 065-2.jpg

 photo 069-2.jpg

 photo 068-2.jpg

Seychelles Sand contains small, medium and large hexagonal glitter in a milky white base. There is holographic glitter in this polish, as well as glitter that's an intriguing shade of green--it's not quite lime, not quite avocado and not quite chartreuse. It's sort of combination of the three. Together, they form the perfected combination (well, at least to me!).

 photo 070-2.jpg

Two coats, no top coat:

 photo 002-8.jpg

 photo 003-6.jpg

 photo 007-12.jpg
It glows!

 photo 011-6.jpg

 photo 040-4.jpg
Had to do a macro shot...

Revlon includes their Matte Top Coat in the Haute Rocks display, which perhaps means that a matte top coat is a way to enhance the "pebbled" effect. So here's what Seychelles Sand looks like with one coat of matte top coat:

 photo 008-6.jpg
Two coats Seychelles Sand + matte top coat

Honestly, I see absolutely no difference with matte top coat. This polish dries to a matte finish on its own, so the matte top coat doesn't change the look at all to me. I"m thinking it's Revlon's way of perhaps smoothing this polish out, without taking away from its matte beauty? It does have a texture to it, but it's NOTHING like traditional textured polishes. Like some of you have mentioned, the "pebbled texture" really just feels like a typical, glitter-dense polish. It's not super bumpy to the touch, it's just as bumpy as any full-coverage glitter out there. I think that what gives this a "pebbled" look is the matte finish of the milky base color, but that's just my opinion!

The cool thing about this polish is that it can also be used as a glitter topper, if you use a very light hand during application. The coverage on this polish is great, but if you want to use it as a topper, you'll need to wipe down the brush and dab the glitter on in spots. Here it is over three different polishes:

 photo 045-5.jpg
One coat Seychelles Sand over:
Bonne Bell Venice Beach (bright coral creme)
OPI Pink-o de Gallo - discontinued (soft, pale pink)
Ulta Taupe on a Rope (taupe with fine gold shimmer)

I chose delicate base colors because there's such a lovely delicateness to Seychelles Sand. I think I prefer all three with a glossy top coat though:

 photo 056-1.jpg
Same combinations as above, but with two coats of clear top coat

I especially like the look of this polish over OPI Pink-o de Gallo (middle finger above). So lovely! If you don't own Pink-o de Gallo, I think any soft pink, blush or nude shade would give you the same type of look. In fact, I think this polish would be gorgeous over a few coats of Wet n Wild 2% Milk or Private Viewing. I might have to try those next!

 But you know I also had to show you this polish over a black creme:

 photo 058-3.jpg
One coat Seychelles Sand over a black creme

I love it in its natural matte state above, but I also like it glossy:

 photo 061-2.jpg
One coat Seychelles Sand over a black creme + top coats of clear top coat

Additional thoughts: This polish is fairly easy to apply. It's not a "difficult" glitter, but the glitter does tend to clump up in spots when you're trying to brush it on like a traditional polish. So be prepared to use your brush to smooth things over and fill in any gaps with extra dabs of glitter here and there. Again, this polish does not have a texture even remotely similar to traditional textured polishes. It feels like a typical glitter-dense polish and it is bumpy to the touch, but not excessively bump. It dries to a matte finish (which I love) and it dries VERY quickly. If you want a shiny finish, be prepared to apply a few coats of a thick top coat or whatever combo of base/top coats you normally use to smooth out textured polishes--this one's a top-coat-eater for sure.  

REMOVAL: I tested this polish on its own (two coats on bare nails) and after three days, I had absolutely no peeling or chipping and this polish never popped off in sheets (which I know some of you experienced with the Maybelline Sequins polishes, etc.). After three days, I even tried to peel this polish off and it WOULD NOT BUDGE. So when it's time for removal, be prepared to use the foil method or a Dip-It type remover. Otherwise, you'll be scrubbing for days (unless of course you use a peelable glitter base coat first!).

Do you own any of the Revlon Limited Edition Haute Rocks polishes? If so, which shades do you own any how do you like them?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I bought six of these (though not this one - though this post is making me want to go back for it!). I looove them, especially dabbed over another polish and made smooth w/ topcoat. So, so pretty.

  2. I couldn't help myself and bought 6 of them! I just swatched them today on a wheel and I'm in love! I love how you showed over the different base colors!

  3. G! I just bought this very shade this morning! Too weird!! I only bought one of these, which is shocking for me, and this was the shade. These were on the expensive side at Walgreens ($6.19) so I thought I'd better just try one and see if I like it. Thanks for the great pics, it sounds like I picked a winner!

  4. I need these in my life G! I'll have to check my other CVS to see if they have them. I didn't see them at my walgreens, riteaid, or the other cvs I went to. It always takes so long for my stores to get limited edition stuff. I hope they come soon.

  5. i LOVE this! never would have even looked at the bottle but it's so pretty on your nails. it looks like fish scales but like, glamorous fish scales.

  6. It looks so pretty especially over the black color.

  7. I love this color so much I can't wait to find these. It's driving me crazy that they haven't cropped up yet, I've always been lucky that new collections tend to pop up early here but these are still eluding me!

  8. Really pretty!! I do love them with a shiny top coat!

  9. Beautiful. I want this one and the Moroccan Oasis one. Though the Brazilian Beach and Mayan Riviera shades look gorgeous, too. Hope I can find these soon.

  10. Thanks so much for showing us a pic with glossy top coat. I have been dying to see it with top coat

  11. Thanks so much for this swatch, I love how this looks!

  12. I didn't know if I liked it or not until someone commented that it looked like glamourous fish I need to try one!!

  13. I was trying for an April no-buy but when I saw these at Bed Bath & Beyond, I broke down and bought Seychelles Sand and Moroccan Oasis. I put MO on because I'm in the mood for a bit of purple, and wow is it beautiful. Dries super-fast, too. (Though I tested Seychelles Sand before making up my mind, and that's so gorgeous, too.)

  14. This looks like the volcanic green sand we have here on the Big Island! I love it, I hope I see it over here too :3


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