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Friday, March 7, 2014

The new OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat is now available at Ulta

I've been hearing so much chatter about this new Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat from OPI both from you and from nail bloggers across the interwebs! So when I saw that it was finally available on the Ulta website today, I had to share it with you.

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, all will be revealed...just keep reading!

Now at Ulta: NEW OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat
(retail: $9, 0.5 oz)

If you've ever worn a glitter nail polish, you know that they're difficult to remove if you're using traditional polish remover and a cotton pad. Many of us use the Foil Method for glitter removal (100% effective, but also time-consuming) and some of us prefer products like the Target Dip-It (also effective, but a bit time-consuming).

I know that several of you prefer to use a thin coat of Elmer's Glue (applied to the nail with a brush) prior to applying your glitter polishes, which acts as an easily-removable, peel-off base coat. I have yet to try the Elmer's-Glue-as-peel-off-base myself, but one of the most common complaints that people seem to have about Elmer's is that your polish can randomly come off in sheets, just a day or two after application. 

This brings me to the new OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat. Could this possibly revolutionize glitter nail polish removal? Will it keep glitter polish intact longer than Elmer's can? How long will a glitter mani last when using this product? A day? A week? So many questions!

I know you probably have a few questions yourself, so allow me to direct your attention to this video:

I'm going to stop by my local indie beauty supply this weekend to see if they have this in yet (I'm not sure if it's actually in-store at Ulta products tend to show up on their website earlier than they show up in-store). As soon as I can get my hands on a bottle, I'll start testing it for review!

In the meantime, what do you think of peel-off base coats? Are you new to this whole concept? Are you excited to try this new OPI product? 


  1. If this product works, it'll be a godsend. My only worry is, like you said with the glue, that the polish with chip off in sheets. Looking forward to your review! :D

  2. My nails always have glitter on them... and they always have Elmer's Glue All as a base coat. A thin layer of the glue is best. Don't soak your hands. Use top coat daily.

    I have so much polish I like to paint them every 2day dys or even daily. But if I wanted I could keep my glitter polish on for 4 or 5 days.

    The price difference between the basecoat and the glue is huge. But I'll try it if you say it helps glitter polish last a long time and peel off easily.

    Can't wait read your review. Will you also try Elmer's Glue All too?

  3. I agree I would love to see not only a review but also a comparison with the elmers.

  4. I just received this and I can't wait to try it out and review it.

  5. I've quit wearing glitter out of laziness, so if this works it's a purchase! I change polish every 3 days anyway so if it comes off it's not a problem. Looking forward to your review!

  6. omg, i would wear glitter a lot more often if it wasnt such a pain to remove. this may change my the meantime, i think i'll try the elmer method

  7. Ok, now I have to try this. My fear was that a day after painting my nails the polish would just peel off. If this makes removal easier without decreasing the wear time this will be revolutionary.

  8. I have not had luck using glue, so I will wait for reviews on this product to see if it improves upon glue. I don't like my polish snapping off in sheets like popcorn popping when I use glue.

  9. So excited to try this since I use glitter polishes all the time!

  10. I love the Elmer's glue method. I just had a glitter manicure last about 5 days with glue as the base coat. And it would have gone longer I think except a small piece chipped off and of course that meant I had to peel it all off. I think a lot depends on how thin/thick the glue is and how many coats of polish and top coat you have on top. I've yet to actually keep a record of what works and doesn't.

  11. If this works I will be so into this! I always forget about Elmer's glue! Got to try it soon. But I agree a comparison post would be awesome

  12. I need this product ASAP because removing glitter nail polish is a pain.I never heard about using Elmer's glue before so might give a try.

  13. My main questions is what is the main ingredient? The promo vid looks like it's either PVA or similar to that and if that's the case I'd save my money and just continue with the glue method which is my fav. one for glitter.

  14. I have 3 diff Avon basecoats and they all peel off perfectly with color and glitter. Usually in 1 or 2 pieces. They can last at least up to 2 days that I know of.... but I change my nails every 1 to 2 days so never tested past that. I bought them all over the past 6 months. The best one is their Smooth Beginnings basecoat, though they all peel off equally well. Forget 9 bucks! The tech already exists OPI.

    1. Interesting, are those base coats supposed to peel off or is that just something they do for you (perhaps due to your body chemistry)?

    2. They just do it, but now you make me wonder if it's just me, lol. Other base coats I have to seriously chip at to remove polish, so it's awesome to be able to peel off while or in 2 pieces. (I don't like using remover)

  15. Ok I just watched the video, that was awful! They pushed it off with a stick and still had to use remover??? I assumed it would PEEL off like the name.... I never use remover, and maybe use wipes once every week or 2. I'm sticking to the peel-able base coats I use already.... funny thing is in the current 30 day nail challenge I'm doing, I was gonna use OPI for least fave brand. :/

  16. I am eagerly waiting for this product to come to my local Ulta.

  17. I want to know if it works on acrylic nails.

  18. I picked this up today. Haven't used it yet, but it smells and looks exactly like Elmer's glue. I'm thinking this product might be kind of a rip-off, just like "nail cleaners" (such as OPI Chip Skip) that are actually nail polish remover.

  19. I finally got to see the new OPI glitter base coat up close and personal.
    I looked at the ingredients. The first ingredient is water and the second? PVA. There is other stuff in there to prevent staining but basically the main ingredient is PVA which means it's essentially a glue base coat. Maybe with the added ingredients it will work somewhat differently, but I already use glue when I put glitter on my nails and that method works great for me so I can save myself 10 bucks!

  20. I wish there was a peel-off for gel polish...I've quit wearing it because it's just too darn hard to get off.


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