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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swatches: Revlon Limited Edition Vintage Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection (all five shades)

NOTE: If you're looking for this collection, be sure to check out the interactive sightings map here to see if the display has been spotted n your area!

When I think of the 80+ year history of Revlon lipsticks, it gives me goosebumps. Movie starlets, mothers, teachers, executives, waitresses, daughters, granddaughters...decades and decades of women from all walks of life have passed this iconic tube over their lips. One can't help but feel a certain connection to past generations simply by opening the lid of a Revlon lipstick tube. Many things have changed since the 1930s, but the physical act of applying lipstick remains pretty much the same. We may each have our own quirks when it comes to lipstick application, but many of us start by pressing the lipstick to the middle of our top lip and carefully working the color out from there.

So when Revlon announced that they were re-releasing five previously-discontinued iconic shades from their Super Lustrous Lipstick line, I was absolutely giddy. That connection to women of past generations is even stronger today, because we get to experience these iconic shades again (or for the first time) in this limited edition collection. How could I NOT buy all five shades when I spotted the display? Some of these are old favorites from my teens and 20s, and some are new-to-me. Let's take a look.

Revlon Limited Edition Vintage Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection
(retail: around $7.99 each, 0.15 oz)

 photo 016-5.jpg

 photo 010-3.jpg
Fifth Avenue Red (created in 1958)
Icy Violet (created in 1946)
Snow Peach (created in 1956)
Jungle Peach (created in 1963)
Sandstorm (created in 1999)

 photo 013-5.jpg
Fifth Avenue Red, Icy Violet

 photo 014-6.jpg
Snow Peach, Jungle Peach, Sandstorm

 photo 017-5.jpg
Fifth Avenue Red (creme), Icy Violet (shimmer/frost), Snow Peach (creme), Jungle Peach (creme), Sandstorm (shimmer)

Excuse my lips (they're chapped as always..ugh) but here are what these shades look like on me:

 photo revlonlipsticks1.jpg
Fifth Avenue Red, Icy Violet, Snow Peach, Jungle Peach, Sandstorm

 Fifth Avenue Red: A neutral red creme (on me it veers a little more blue-red than tomato red). Very nice coverage--not sheer at all.

Icy Violet: This is the exact shade I remember from the late 90s. It's a sheer, frosty mauvey-lavender. It can be worn sheer for a more subtle look (it's way less frosty that way), or built up for more intensity (I applied two layers for the pic above).

Snow Peach: A pinky-peach creme. Obviously this shade leans a LOT more pink on my lips, but it's more peach when swatched on my arm. This is one of those shades that you probably have to try on before you know exactly how it will look on you. The coverage is surprisingly great for such a light color. Not chalky or terribly sheer.

Jungle Peach: A pale, warm, peach creme. This veers into "nude" territory on my lips, and it has a very "mod" feel to it. It's a tad bit too light for my skintone (NC20) but I'm happy it's not at all chalky.

Sandstorm: This shade is exactly as I remember it from the late early 2000s, when brown lipsticks were all the rage. Since browns are "back", I'm thrilled to have this shade in my stash once again. This is a warm chestnut brown with golden shimmer, but it's actually much more than that. This one is a total chameleon depending on your natural lip pigmentation and how much you apply. What's cool about Sandstorm is that there's a pinkish-red undertone to it, and it can look like a brownish-mauve on certain people, while on others it can look like a dark golden chestnut. If you get this one, try wearing it lightly first--it could end up being a great "my lips but better" shade for you, but with pretty golden shimmer.


 image credit: @linsview for Nouveau Cheap
Top to bottom: Icy Violet, Sandstorm, Jungle Peach, Snow Peach, Fifth Avenue Red

I received some great swatches from two readers this week and I thought it might help to see these shades on different skintones (especially since a few of these shades are chameleons and can vary wildly depending on your skintone).

Above are all five shades as swatched by @linsview on Instagram. Notice how Snow Peach looks a lot less pink on her skin? And Icy Violet looks more mauve than violet on her.

image credit: Holly for Nouveau Cheap
Snow Peach, Jungle Peach, Fifth Avenue Red, Icy Violet

The above swatches are from reader Holly. Notice how the two peaches pull a lot more pink on Holly? And the red looks warmer as well.

I hope this post helps you determine which shades you might like to purchase from this collection (or re-purchase if you remember owning them the first time around!). The two shades I remember owning the first time around (Icy Violet and Sandstrom) are EXACTLY as I remember them, which makes me so very happy!

If you're looking for the Revlon Vintage Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection display in your area, remember that I have an interactive sightings map for this collection HERE. And if you've found this collection in your area, I would be grateful if you'd take a moment to leave a marker on the map to help others in your area!

 Thanks so much, @linsview and Holly, for the great swatches!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I remember Christy Turlington in the ad for Fifth Avenue Red, it was probably in the late 80's. I'm glad companies like Revlon keep shade formulas on file for years. I haven't spotted it yet, but I will update the map when I do.

    1. Oh I totally remember that too (Christy was and still is my favorite supermodel from that era!). And thanks in advance for leaving a marker on the map. I so appreciate that!

  2. I bought snow peach yesterday and I love it! Oh, and in your description of each shade I think you accidentally put down snow peach again instead of jungle peach.

    1. So glad you're loving Snow Peach! Oh and thank you for pointing that out--I just fixed it. :)

  3. 5th Ave Red and Icy Violet, for sure!!!!!

  4. Thanks for being awesome Nouveau!!

  5. oh wow. that red! I want it for sure. and my mom would love sandstorm.

  6. i would love to pick up 5th ave. red (even though i do not need more reds!) and snow peach. That one i don't have a similar color.

  7. Great post. thanks so much for the swatches. I am a long-time reader, but first time commenter...I loved your story about the connection to the past. It means so much to me, as my favorite aunt who passed away ~1 yr ago worked for Revlon for 30+ years. Our house was always filled with goodies from the company store. Icons, indeed.

  8. I picked up Jungle Peach and Icy Violet yesterday at Walgreens ( put up a marker) and your are right G. the Icy Violet is just as I remember it too! I am wearing it today. I went to a different Wags this morning planning on Snow Peach and Sandstorm if I was lucky enough to find it. I didn't plan on getting the red. Sandstorm was gone and only got the Snow Peach. I bet Sandstorm is going to be the one to get now and not hesitate on!

  9. Cant wait till my HEB gets these. I want that 5th Ave Red!

  10. Thank you for the swatches! I bought 5th Ave Red and loooove it, undecided on the others.

  11. I wasn't impressed with any of these shades when I originally saw the press release, but after seeing your swatches I want all of them! I also remember when Sandstorm came out. Browns were definitely all the rage in the late '90's/early 2000's. I hadn't heard that they're back in style now until I read your review! Thanks so much for the great swatches/info. :-)

  12. Pretty colors! Snow Peach looks like more of a pink to me though now- pity it isn't the bright melon I thought it would be in your first post!- so I will probably be skipping over these. Plus, I already spent all my $$ at Walgreens for this week's Sinful Colors sale (I finally managed to get to Walgreens! Yay!) =)

  13. Thanks for swatches!! I have never used Revlon, but looking at Snow peach, I can't stop myself to have it one for me :)

  14. I love Revlon products too! I want to start wearing more lipsticks and this actually might help me find good ones to try out! Thanks

  15. I wore icy violet in high school! (2001)

  16. I was convinced I didn't need any of these until I saw these swatches. Now I know I need the two peach shades and the red.

  17. I really like the red and the pink/peach/red hybrid!

  18. I didn't think I was going to care much about these, to be honest, but I was in CVS today and saw the display and I just had to buy Jungle Peach. Thank you for the swatches :)

  19. Please tell me where you got these! I've searched every store, pharmacy, anything with a lipstick aisle and no luck. I have even drove to a different county. I live in Maryland so I should be able to get it? Right? They are absolutely gorgeous. All the colors look great on you. Your swatches are more than perfect!

    1. Scroll to the top of this blog to the menu bar and click where it says "INTERACTIVE SIGHTING MAPS" (in red). Then scroll down until you see the Revlon Vintage lipstick sighting map. Many, many readers have placed markers on the map where they have found these and hopefully there have been some sightings in your area. Hope that helps! :)

  20. None of the CVS in my area has it. I even checked the interactive map and called the stores. I guess I'm too late :(


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