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Monday, February 17, 2014

Huge Sinful Colors Update (comparisons and changes to the core display at Walgreens)

Since all Sinful Colors and Sinful Shine polishes are on sale this week at Walgreens for $0.99 each (now through 2/22, no coupon required), I thought it was the perfect time for a huge Sinful Colors update. I've received some incredibly helpful info from some of you over the past few weeks, so I'm sharing it all here in one giant post. If you're a Sinful Colors fan, grab a drink, get comfy and take a moment to read through this one!

First up: Here are some great comparisons from reader Inna. Inna compared several of the shades from the new Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom and Oh My Mod! Collections to other existing shades (both permanent and limited edition). I know that several of us have suspected and confirmed that many of these new shades are similar, if not identical, to previous shades so here's some visual proof:

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
TOP:  Violets Are Blue (Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
TOP: Tempest (permanent shade)
BOTTOM: Mad About Hue (Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
 BOTTOM: Amethyst (permanent shade)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap

NOTE: A few weeks ago, reader Lacey (@ljchrystal on Instagram) shaded this comparison swatch of Orange Cream and Cream Soda with me. As you can see, the shades are not identical but they are very similar and both have that same subtle shimmer to them.

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
TOP: Pull Over (permanent shade)
 BOTTOM: Chick Chick (Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
 BOTTOM: Be Happy
(I'm not sure if this is a permanent shade but it is definitely an older shade)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
 TOP: Candy Coated (Spring 2013 Sugar Rush Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap 
TOP: Sugar Rush  (Spring 2013 Sugar Rush Collection)
BOTTOM: Bright Lucite (Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap 
 TOP: Sugar N Spice (Spring 2013 Sugar Rush Collection)
BOTTOM: Pink Poppys (Spring 2014 Mod In Bloom Collection)

image credit: Inna for Nouveau Cheap
Left to Right:
Alfresco (permanent Sinful Shine shade)

Next up: Reader Rachelly left a very helpful comment on the You Tell Me page last week about some changes to the permanent Sinful Colors display at Walgreens

Rachelly writes:

Today when I went into Walgreens I had a look at Sinful Colors' permanent display. I noticed small stickers within the display that corresponded to the locations of the polishes they had, which seemed to be incorrect based on those sticker strips that go on the displays that tell you the names of the polishes.

I think we are about to see a change to the core collection!

I made notes on what the new core collection will include, as well as what the old core had, but I have to admit that I think I must have missed something--my total number for the old core is 72, but for the new one I got 71. Darn! So, there could be an accidental omission below.

No longer included in the new core display:



Secret Admirer

Miss You

Anti-bite and growth treatment


Let's Meet

Included in the new core display:

Feel the Vibe


Energetic Red

Pride (Yes! This was originally part of the Winter 2013 Boldacious collection and is a wonderful confetti glitter; click here for swatches/comparisons. --G.)

Starry Night (GREAT NEWS considering this was previously only available in a limited edition display at Walmart from Winter 2013. Click here for some swatches. --G.)

Also not in the new core Walgreens display (I thought that these shades were all in the permanent display at Walgreens at some point, but they may have never been.  I know that they've been in the permanent display at Rite Aid and elsewhere. -- G.)


Exotic Green

San Francisco

HD Nails


Feeling Great

NOTE: Calypso *will* be included in the new core collection, but it appears that the polish, despite having the same name and number (1181), is now an entirely different color! Here's a picture I took, comparing the two shades in the bottle. And here's a picture of the new Calypso, on its own.

Sinful Shine news:

Rachelly also spotted 3 of the 8 new Sinful Shine shades (Shine Divine, Slick and Sleek) that were introduced in THIS DISPLAY back in Summer of 2013 in the permanent Sinful Shine display last week. But she said that there were no designated slots in the display for them. Have any of you seen a new permanent display with slots for all eight of those shades yet? Maybe only these 3 shades are made the cut?

Whew! I think that about covers it (for now). I hope this post helps those of you who planning a haul during this week's sale at Walgreens!

Thanks so VERY much to Inna and Rachelly for the awesome pics and detailed information. I am so grateful!


  1. If you're a Texas gal, it looks like HEB might be starting to carry Sinful Colors. They were changing the nail polish displays at my local HEB and we now have a limited selection of Sinful Colors. It was a varying selection of new and old shades.

  2. Hey, G! I'm glad you found my comment helpful! I was actually in Walgreens last night for the Sinful Colors sale and they had finished resetting the permanent display. Fortunately, I found my error--Hottie is in fact in the new core =]

    As for those three Sinful Shine bottles I found, I think they might have just been old ones left over from that display (which I hadn't known about). I think this might be the case because I also found some shades from the regular line that are quite old (Fly Away, from who knows how long ago; Black Magic, from Halloween 2013; Leather Loose, from Fall 2013). It's always kind of fun and a nice surprise to find random older shades like that!

    Major kudos to Inna for the great pics! I wish these had been around before I brought like 8 bottles of nail polish to Rite Aid with me last week to make comparisons, lol. Fortunately for us, she has more older shades to compare than I do.

    As always, thanks for all your hard work, G!

    1. What area are you located?? I've been looking everywhere for leather loose!

  3. So it appears that they are basically just recycling and then renaming the same shades? That kinda sucks in my book...

  4. If Calypso changed that much I might have to cry, it's one of my favorites and I haven't found a polish like it for that cheap. :(

  5. How sad that SC is only tweeking the colors a tad and calling it a new color. But, with some hard work done by you and other readers, we are still on top of our game. :) Thanks to you and your loyal readers!

  6. I noticed the new polishes today when I popped into Walgreen's spontaneously. Mine also has a new NYX section! I had no idea Walgreen's was getting NYX products! Unfortunately, my CVS wasn't one of the lucky ones, but I prefer Walgreen's anyway!

  7. I had to rub my eyes a minute, thank you for linking my swatches G, I am absolutely star-struck! :)

    I find it interesting that SC discontinued Gorgeous and changed Calypso to something that is looking a lot like hte now discontinued Gorgeus to me. Hmmm...

    1. Hey, Night Swatcher! I see you around /r/redditlaqueristas, haha!

      I, too, thought that the new Calypso looked very similar to Gorgeous! I would have compared them next to each other but I couldn't find a bottle of Gorgeous, unfortunately!

  8. FYI, it appears that Dream On has also been changed. The new batch at my local Walgreen's isn't neon anymore. It looks a bit like a creme version of Fig.

  9. This is great! Now I don't have to worry about getting the new stuff since I know about the dupes. Thanks for putting it together.

  10. Also Daredevil seems much brighter and lighter to me than I remember, though I don't own it to compare. But I remember it being closer to Folly, Forget Now, etc. Now it's a barbie pink with strong blue flash. Pretty, but I think very different?

  11. I was just at both of my Walgreens today, and the new display slots for Calypso had the original color fully stocked. I think the bottle that was posted about must have been mislabeled.

  12. Going back for starry night tomorrow... I don't think I have it. And not sure if I saw it there today when I bought 4 other polishes.

    Thanks for telling me about the sale.

  13. I was able to pick up Starry Night last night at Walgreen's.

  14. Somebody mentioned H-E-B above, and my local store does now have Sinful Colors, which is new.

  15. Did anyone else notice that the Walgreens Sinful color displays are finally out for the Spring collections, but are titled Posh Pastels, not Mod in Bloom? AND to reinforce what you mentioned, a few colors are named differently than the Rite Aid displays. I'll have to go snap a pic...but here's what I know:
    In the Walgreens display - there is no Daisy Daze. Unicorn is there instead, BUT it's markedly paler than the Unicorn in the core display. Also, there is no Mad About Hue, instead Tempest is there. Otherwise, Posh Pastels has Pink Poppys, Nice Stems, Cream Soda, Baby Blues and the other 2 MIB shades.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I noticed the renaming of old colors last year when i bought a new shade and was so disappointed at home to see it was a duplicate of another. They try to confuse you with a new name but they really are the ssme shade. Disappointing


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