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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Swatches: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels in Ginger Melon and Lime Basil

For those new to the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel collection, let me catch you up to speed:

  • This collection is permanent (not limited edition). This was confirmed to me directly by Revlon.
  • Since my initial review, Revlon has rolled out three additional shades: Chocolate Truffle, Ginger Melon and Lime Basil (with possibly more to come). You can currently find Chocolate Truffle, Ginger Melon and Lime Basil at CVS in a floor display that looks like this. I asked Revlon if these three additional shades were CVS-exclusives and they said they are NOT. So these three shades should be hitting more retailers when this line moves to the permanent Revlon wall display.

I picked up Ginger Melon and Lime Basil when Revlon was on sale at CVS a few weeks ago, so let's take a look!

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels in Ginger Melon and Lime Basil
(retail: around $4.99 each, 0.4 oz)

Two coats of Lime Basil
(no top coat)

I was having a hard time thinking of the right shade of green to use to describe this one, so I actually posted a quick pic on my Instagram asking for help. Several of you suggested "jade" and "spearmint" (thanks to all of you who helped me out with responses!) and I think Lime Basil can be best described as a spearminty-jade. It dries a bit darker and a touch more yellow-toned than what you see in the bottle. Either way, it's a beautiful shade.

The consistency of this polish is like all the other Parfumeries I've reviewed--thin, but totally workable. No applications issues at all with this one. The first coat was a bit sheer but the opacity was great at two coats. Dry time was, like with all of the other polishes I own in this collection, fabulous. And just like with the others, this one dries to a very nice, shiny finish.

Fragrance: The main reason I wanted to buy Lime Basil was due to the description that reader Ghoulina gave to this scent. She left a comment saying that this is a "candy lime" and reminds her of "Sprite soda." Well that's all she needed to say! I love anything lemon-lime-soda-scented and Ghoulina totally NAILED IT with her description. This, to me, smells like exactly like Sprite. It's sweet, it's citrusy and it's effervescent. You know my favorite scent in this line was Bordeaux, but sorry Bordeaux, this one's my new favorite. Love it, love it, love it.

 photo 014.jpg
Three coats of Ginger Melon
(no top coat)

Ginger Melon is a pinkish-coralish-red that isn't too bright or neon-like in person. It has a little bit of a muted quality to it and I like it very much, even though it's certainly not unique. The only issue I have with this shade is that, even after three coats, I could still see a few minor streaks. So it's not the best in terms of opacity, but it's also not difficult to work with. It's very easy to apply, it dries quickly and dries to a nice, shiny finish.

Fragrance: I get some melon here (mostly honeydew), and maybe just a tiny bit of ginger (although it's not a super spicy ginger). But what I also get here is peach. I actually get lots of peach with this one, and it almost smells like a Jamba Juice smoothie to me. Very tropical-fruity and fresh! Again, I absolutely love it. 

I actually wore Lime Basil the other day with Ginger Melon on my accent nail, and when I smelled all of my fingers together (not a pretty visual, I know) I kept thinking of fruit punch spiked with 7-Up. Fun!

Again, for a more in-depth review of some of the other polishes in this line, please click here for my original review.

Do you own any Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels? If so, what shades do you own and how do you like them?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Pretty. I've seen these in my neighborhood CVS. The green is especially appealing. It definitely looks different from most greens in the nail polish world (at least to me).

  2. I have to go find these now! I love scented polishes.

  3. I bought 2 of them- Autumn Spice and Moonlit Woods (I think)... I was so excited about Autumn Spice because the color is soooo beautiful and I had read great things about the scent... Unfortunately I had to remove this polish within half an hour of application. It smelled (to me) like straight up bug spray. It was making both me and my husband sick. I am so sad! My hubs and I are both very sensitive to fragrance so I knew going in it might not work for me... but I really really wanted to love these! I haven't tried the other one yet... I just can't stomach another bug spray incident. But I am saving both to try on my toes... maybe it won't be so intense if it is farther away from my face. Waaaaahhhhh....

    1. If you don't like them even for pedicures, you can return them. I've brought back a few things I've hated the scent of, and gotten refunds with no problem.

  4. I wanted the Apricot scent, but it was sold out. I picked up Wintermint instead today. It looks interesting.

  5. I saw both of these at Walmart today, but I had already bought them Lime Basil at CVS and wasn't a huge fan of the Ginger Melon color.

  6. I saw both of these shades at Walmart today. I picked up Lime Basil at CVS last week and love it!

  7. Revlon is discontinuing their ... pop art nailpolish for this. I think its the pop art or neon, I forget offhand.

  8. My Walmart in Missouri has this FULL line in a huge display along with the new Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms. I feel a weekend haul coming on!

  9. I kind of wanted the Lime Basil because I love the smell of lime. I'm not really a green n/p girl but these pics make me want to pick it up.

  10. I just couldn't pick another single color other than Autumn Spice which i just put on and it's giving me a bit of headache! That is really unusual since I adore scent! Anyway I couldn't pick just one other color so I didn't get more, but seeing this Basil Lime has me convinced that this will be my next Parfumerie purchase. I really try to only buy 2 of collections like these as an attempt to keep my stash under control (hah! SO not working)!!

  11. I picked up Lime Basil and loved it! I totally get a Fruitstripe gum scent when I smell my hands. Beautiful color too

  12. Love both colors and the packaging is AMAZING! LOVE!

  13. I haven't seen these. These 2 colors look like colors I already have though. I'll have to check out the other colors.

  14. These look great! I definitely need to pick some of these up.

  15. I picked up the shade Bordeaux and it is amazing! The color is exactly what I wanted Revlon's Vixen to be, and the scent remains present even after I put a top coat (Seche Vite) over it! I'm really impressed. Might have to go back for more of these adorable polishes.

  16. I got Lime Basil. It goes on well. But it smells awful.


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