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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Profusion Holiday 2013 Twinkle Twinkle 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 01 (Purples)

I owe this purchase to longtime reader Kris Feral, who first alerted me to the magic that lies inside little palette. If it weren't for his email to me (part of which I shared with you in this post), I probably wouldn't have given this palette a second glance and that would have been tragic, I tell you!

First, in case you missed my original post, the Profusion Twinkle Twinkle palettes can be found in the holiday beauty gift section area at Walgreens NOW. There are three other palettes in this collection and you can see them all here. I wouldn't wait too long to get these if you want them because, at my Walgreens, they were going quickly. I just checked the Profusion website and, unfortunately, these palettes are not available for purchase online.

I purchased this palette in 01 (purples) a little while ago and I've been seriously loving it ever since I got it in my hot little hands. This is especially remarkable for me because, if you're a longtime reader, you know I usually can't do purples on my eyes (they make my skin look sickly yellow). But this palette has been working great for me...and the best part? It's A DOLLAR:

Profusion Holiday 2013 Twinkle Twinkle 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 01
(retail: $1 at Walgreens stores, 0.28 oz)

The pans in this palette are a generous size (especially for $1) and the palette comes with a dual-ended sponge applicator.


All of the shadows in this palette are shimmers:

swatched over bare skin

swatched over Milani Eyeshadow Primer

As you can see, three of the five shadows in this palette are quite pigmented even without primer, but the two on the left side do much better with primer.

 photo 021.jpg

My favorite shade in this palette, and the one that Kris raved about, is the lavender-pink shade. In this eye look, I only used that lavender-pink shade from lash line to crease (over Milani Eyeshadow Primer). I then used the dark purple shade in this palette to line my upper and lower lash line (FYI, I used the liner brush that's in the Pamper Me Pretty Collection by Total Beauty):

 photo 020.jpg

 photo 019-1.jpg

It's so hard to capture the lovely duochrome effect of this shadow but once you get it on the eye, you can DEFINITELY see that it shifts from lavender-pink to olive green. It's quite stunning in person. You do not have to strain to see the duochrome effect--it becomes quite apparent when the light catches your eyes.

As for the texture of these shadows, they're a bit crumbly if you're using the sponge applicator, but if you're using a brush, they're actually pretty creamy and there's not much fallout. I didn't have any issues with picking up color on my brush (I've been using my favorite $1 e.l.f. Essential Eyeshadow Brush with this palette and it works beautifully). Staying power is great with primer--I can get a full eight hours before I start to see serious fading.

And since I know that, when it comes to cheapie shadows, it's common to have issues with colors becoming muddy after blending, here's another pic:

 photo 022-2.jpg

In this photo, I applied the deep plum shade to my crease (on top of the existing eye look I showed you above), and you can see that the plum shade did NOT get muddy after blending. It's quite vibrant and you just cannot beat the pigmentation on this one (really, I can't stress enough how richly pigmented the three shades on the right side of this palette are--it's kind of ridiculous for a $1 palette).

FINAL VERDICT: Reader Kris was absolutely right about this one. This palette is a winner. If you're drawn to purples, I think you're going to be quite pleased with the performance of this little $1 palette. You literally cannot beat the price, and the shadows are all easy to work with, come alive over primer and I would honestly pay $1 for JUST that lavender-pink/olive green duochrome. I think I'll be getting a back-up of this one before they're gone forever after the holiday season.

Do you own any of the Profusion Twinkle Twinkle palettes? I would love to know how they're working for you! And again, see the top of this post for details about where to find these at your Walgreens.

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I was thinking that you might be mentioning these when I saw the photo on IG. Im off after work to grab a bunch!

  2. Definitely looking for this the next time I'm in Walgreens! What an awesome duochrome!

  3. That sound you hear is me rushing out the door to hit my neighborhood Walgreens!

  4. As soon as I found these, I bought them after your last post! Just finished taking photos today for my post. I was pleasantly surprised, they're great.

  5. OMG!!!! I have to laugh because I just bought this pallet the other night while at Walgreens...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. I did an eye look with the green & neutral fall one & swatches of the others are also up. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the one I did a tutorial with G! It is a stunner!

  7. Buying This IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner! Thanks for this review. It looks beautiful on you!

  8. G, I overlooked this one too but then I saw Kris' recommendation and bought it the next day...can't believe this was one dollar! I love it too! :D

  9. Got this today, saw it when I went on the hunt for the Maybelline color tattoos from the gilded collection. Swatched it and the second color was surprisingly gorgeous!

  10. brb, going to walgreens. these shadows are gorgeous!

  11. I have all four of the 5-color Profusion palettes and I've been thinking about getting some of their other palettes at Walgreens! I love the one with bright colors, they are all surprisingly well pigmented.

  12. I love mine. I have the one with the green shades and I can't stop wearing it.

  13. Wow! Not bad for a $1 palette! It reminds me a bit of the new $12 Lorac palette except for the 4th shade. Now I'll be looking for it! :)

  14. I did a quickie review on this one too. Lots and lots of mileage for a Buck! And, you need to wear purple more often! Looks hot!!!

  15. These sets were at my dollar tree last year and I got the bright colored one, OMG the color is so soft and creamy,almost too soft when you swatch it with your finger,but incredible pigmentation!n Love it!

  16. I love Profusion...I always find great Profusion palettes at Rainbows clothing store ...there like 2.99-3.99 there & they even sell city colors cosmetics there as well :)

  17. Can't beat $1! I love purples so I'll have to pick this up.

  18. Thats it!!! I am sold..every time I go to Walgreens I look at these and don't buy! Haha I am holding out why???? I will definately be making the purchase now. I probably will by a couple of these! Thanks G.

  19. I bought both this one and the cool neutrals palette (number 2). I'm tempted to get the other two as well! :-) What the heck, for a buck each, why not?

  20. I went and grabbed all four pallets they had and multiples as gifts. I also found a 12 pan for $3 that has a cute faux leather framed case and the colors were just as good. Thanks for the great intel on these.

  21. I made a special trip to grab these tonight - I got 3 of, purple, and the neutral looking one. The Walgreens I went to had SO MUCH holiday stuff and I was pressed for time so I put my blinders on and left with only these. I'll be going back for more when I have more than 2 minutes to look. Thanks for the great post - I wouldn't have even known to look for these!!

  22. I found these tonight and remembered this post, I snagged the purples. The colors themselves are my favorite but I never seem to wear them as eyeshadow... wish me luck. I usually go for matte and neutral, for a buck I figure this is where I expand out of my comfort zone!

  23. I bought the purple palette yesterday and used it today. Love it! Thanks for the heads up!

  24. I have the purple and green palettes. These shadows are amazing. I'd pay well over a buck for them. I have less fall out then some of my Urban Decay shadows. Do not pass these up!!


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