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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Important info about the beauty sales this week at Walgreens and CVS

There's a few important bits of info that I want to go over today for my fellow Walgreens and CVS shoppers. Please note that I have also added this info to the Black Friday Drugstore Beauty Round-Up. Let's get started!


PLEASE NOTE: The following coupons are in THIS WEEK'S ad (which you can get in-store) but they are ONLY VALID THURSDAY, 11/28:

image source:

As you know, the Fergie Jet Set Palette retails for $30. This coupon will allow you to get it for $15. CLICK HERE for my full review of this palette.

Other coupons in this week's Walgreens ad (available in-store) that you can only use on Thursday (11/28):

image source:

image source:

image source:

  • Essence of Beauty bath and body products are B2G1FREE this week (I mistakenly said this was B2G3FREE in my roundup. Apologies for the error!)
  • The 40% off NYC cosmetics sale this week also applies to Wet n Wild, depending on your region. Your store may have just NYC 40% off, just Wet n Wild 40% off  or both NYC and Wet n Wild for 40% off this week.

Thanks to readers Lauren S., ktuna and Jocelyn A. for these tips! I really appreciate it!


  1. I give a big fat UGH to Thursday-only sales :/ These are certainly great deals (I really want that Profusion Multi Tier Kit!), but nothing short of free is gonna pull me away from my food-induced coma! Hopefully they will go on sale again~

    1. I don't know if free would even get me off the couch Thursday evening, let alone all the way to a store lol. I'd hate to fall asleep at the wheel during my epic sugar crash

  2. Wow, great deal on the Fergie Jet Set Palette. It's just a lot of STUFF... Such a huge palette, Idk if I'd use it often enough. I like the blushes, but not the lip products in it.

  3. I couldn't believe that none of the wags in NYC that I went to had any info about this sale!! Luckily, I had the pic of the coupon from your blog and the nice sales associate gave me the fergie palette for $15! And eventhough I am supposed to be on a no eyeshadow buying bit, (unless its super cheap, ie $1 profusion ) this palette is pretty darn good for 15$! The colors are nice and varied.. Pigmentation is nice, they aren't glitter chunky, not powdery and eventhough the packaging is big.. It makes excellent use of space and packed alot of makeup in that extra packaging for looks. The blushes are nice- and not too dark and the glosses are ok but ill probably use them on vacation instead of carrying extra lipstick/ gloss. Thx again for posting the coupons!! You saved me $15!
    I also picked up the 3 for $3 caramex


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