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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swatches of the two Blue Cross Holiday Light Nail Colors I thought I'd never find

If you caught my post earlier this week about the Blue Cross Beauty Holiday Lights Nail Colors that have been popping up at Rite Aid recently, you know I went a little crazy for them (click here to see swatches of the shades I purchased and also bottle shots of the entire collection).

Well in that post, I mentioned that there were two other polishes in the display that I was kicking myself for not grabbing (there's only one shade each in the display so you don't have many chances to get these). I ran back to Rite Aid the day after my initial post and I managed to get BOTH of them, so yay!

NOTE: thanks to several readers for pointing out that the polishes in this collection also seem to be surfacing in the Blue Cross Beauty Snowman nail polishes for Holiday 2012. The annual "invasion of the snowmen" hasn't hit my local Rite Aids yet, but if you see the snowmen in your area (click here to see last year's if you don't know what they look like) look for the colors in this post as they might be coming to you in snowman form instead of Holiday Lights form.

As I mentioned in my previous post, these polishes are 3-Free and made in the USA.

Blue Cross Beauty Holiday Lights Nail Color
(retail: $4.99 each, 0.05 oz)

I love the lights in the handles because they really light up the nail during application (only one of the five polishes I've purchased contains a light that blinks--the other four have static lights).

Keep reading for swatches...

 (These polishes don't have shade names.)

Let's start with the neon pink jelly:

This is a true neon pink jelly with large and small iridescent hexagonal glitter.

(I used three coats + one layer of clear top coat in all of the following pics)

As with most jellies, you can still see my nail line after three coats. I freaking LOVE this polish. It's bright and fun and the iridescent glitter makes it look dreamy on the nail. This one does dry to a semi-matte finish though, so you definitely need top coat. Also, it tends to eat top coat, so I suggest applying a layer of clear base coat first, and then applying your regular top coat. That combo makes this (and any glitter polish, actually) much smoother to the touch. 

I know that you can achieve a very similar look by using a plain neon pink jelly and topping it with something like Jordana Lunar Lights (which contains the exact same large and small iridescent hex glitter) but since I don't already own a neon pink jelly, I'm really glad I have this one.

And now for the flakie top coat shade:

 This polish contains jagged iridescent flakes and small, iridescent hex glitter.

Over a black creme polish, I applied two coats to my first finger, and one coat to my second and third fingers, followed by one coat of clear top coat (again, this one dries to a semi-matte finish without top coat):

I'm really disappointed with this polish. First of all, you can see that this polish destroyed my base color (which I allowed to fully dry before topping with this polish). If you look closely at these pictures, you can see big bald patches where the polish has eaten away at my black creme base color. Not good.

Also, the iridescent flakes (shards, really) are similar in color to the Revlon Moon Candy Polish in Orbit. But of course the Revlon Moon Candy polishes do not contain anything but flakes, whereas this polish contains flakes and also small hex glitter. Also, the flakes in the Holiday Lights polish are a bit smaller and they lay on the nail more evenly. 

I'm sad because I was hoping that the flakes in this polish were going to be more like the flakes in the original Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and less like the shards in the Moon Candy polishes. 

All in all, I highly recommend the milky lavender glitter in this collection, and if you don't already have a Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop dupe (or the real thing) and you want one, I'd consider picking up the milky pink shade in this collection. Also, I love the neon pink jelly with the iridescent glitter that I swatched above, but as for the rest of the polishes I purchased, I don't think they're worthy of the hunt.

Do you already own any Blue Cross Beauty Holiday 2012 polishes? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of them!


  1. I work at Rite Aid and today we got in 4 packs of glitter polishes with the same colors from the light up bottles and snowmen and little rhinestones. Also in the same display are 5 packs of the sprinkles looking polishes and they are scented. They're $5.99.

    1. I found and bought one of those sets tonight. Four of the five were milky glitters. It's a good deal pricewise. The minis are half the size of the lighted ones, but the set is only $1 more. Plus, I get to try all four of them.

  2. Going bonkers looking for the dl candy shop dupe, and/or the milky lavender shade. Shame, since my local rite aid usually gets the promo displays in good time. Waiting... *le sigh*

    1. *update- I found them, yipeeeee!!! I purchased both I mentioned above, as well as the snowman w/ the multi-coloured flakies (not the holo-esque one featured in this post). I had to venture 1/2 hr. Away from home but it was worth the hunt. They even had 2 full displays!

  3. I got the flakie in the snowman version instead since it was cheaper and it did not do anything to my base colors like yours did. Whoa! That's crazy.

  4. I think I've got a dear friend who lives where there are Rite Aids picking these up for me. I'm very excited!!!!

  5. Aww, we don't have Rite Aid where I live ... and the CVS stores are pretty lame. My town is pretty much owned by Walgreens.

  6. Kind of cute. Might have to invest in these. However I am on the prowl for SH Happy Manicure minis in Gem Crush. That is what I plan on spending my money on.

  7. Thanks again for all the great info you bring our way. Thanks to your post from the other day, I started stalking Rite Aids immediately!!!! I'm glad to report that I found the flakie this morning!!!!!!!

  8. Try using the neon pink jelly over a black base color - it's pure magic!

  9. The neon pink jelly is so cute and pretty!

  10. Wow, those are really brilliant. How pretty!

  11. So hard candy came out with some palettes can you review them especially the neutral one looks like a few of them are UD Naked palette not sure

  12. I got some of these at my local Rite Aid. I was pretty stoked to see them. I ended up buying the white flakies and dark flakies in the snowmen bottles because they were cheaper, but I got the cream glitter ones in the lavendar, lighter pink, hot pink, and blue colors. Not sure why there were so many pinks... I may give the lighter pink to a friend or something.


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