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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Official Pure Ice Runway Nail Trends Collection press release (with complete shade name list)

I just received this press release from Pure Ice regarding the limited edition Runway Nail Trends Collection (click here for pics of all 55 shades and click here and here for some bottle shots and swatches).

Some of you have asked if there was a complete list of all of the shades in this limited edition collection, so I hope this helps those of you looking for a definitive list (including which shades are in which sub-categories).

Runway-Ready Nails, Right at Your Fingertips!
Pure Ice Launches Runway Nail Trends Collection Exclusively at Walmart

Keep reading for the full press release...

Pure Ice is proud to announce the launch of Runway Nail Trends, a new, limited-edition collection that will have your nails runway-ready this fall! Launching exclusively at Walmart stores in November, this collection contains the high-quality, innovative formulas that Pure Ice is known for, featuring everything from textured suede effects to metallic chromes to full-coverage glitters and more!

The Runway Nail Trends collection features five unique and innovative nail looks that are sure to release your inner fashionista:

Velour Finish — These shades dry to feel like suede, so now your nails can have the same textured look and feel as your favorite pair of fall boots! Available in the following shades:
Over the Top (copper)
Stunning (pink with silver)
Grunge (purple)
Touch Me Softly (mauve with silver)
Crushed (gold)
Black Velour (black)
Draped (raspberry)
Femme Fatale (forest green)
Blue Midnight (blue)
Ruffled Sheets (silver)
Temptress (dark purple with gold)

Diamond Couture — These full coverage, single-coat glitters are sure to make your hands stand out and sparkle. No diamond ring necessary! Available in the following shades:
Sea-quin (moss green glitter)
Hot-Rocks (black base silver glitter)
Purple Rain (purple)
Girl’s Best Friend (maroon)
Party of Five (green glitter with green shards)
The Family Jewels (gold shard glitter)
Treasure Hunt (clear base with green and purple shards)
Tinsel Town (blue glitter with blue shards)
Silver Lining (clear base silver glitter)
Material Girl (rose pink with pink shard glitter)
Peep Show (blue)

French Trend — These deep, rich, bold colors are the perfect combination of edgy glamour mixed with sophisticated shine. Available in the following shades:
Meet Me in Monaco (copper glitter)
En Vogue (fox brown)
Vintage Glam (mustard)
French Love Affair (cream purple)
Pardon My French (sparkle rose gold)
Nude Beach (nude)
Glass of Bordeaux (burgundy glitter)
Moulin Rouge (maroon)
French Twist (blue glitter)
Internationally Known (cream turquoise)
Monte Carlo (magenta pink)

Metro Chic — These urban, chrome shades have a reflective, mirrored metallic finish that is sure to turn heads! Available in the following shades:
Lost in Vegas (raspberry)
Getting Gorgeous (colbalt blue)
Champagne (green)
Affair to Remember (pink)
Taxi  (purple)
Cha-ching (bubblegum pink)
Poker Face (orange)
Vegas Strip (lime green)
Royal Flush (dark purple with gold)
Alter Ego (coffee)
Viva Las Vegas (light gold chrome)

Party Girl — Get the party started with a snap of your fingers in these glamorous glitters! Available in the following shades:
After Hours (navy blue with silver glitter)
Get Low (gold)
Turn It Up (evergreen with silver glitter)
Seduce Me (clear with silver glitter)
Get on Top (purple with silver glitter)
Sexy Mama (multi-colored glitter)
Stop Flirting (sky blue silver glitter)
Face Time (turquoise pearl)
Call Me! (orange with silver glitter)
Booty Call (raspberry purple)
Stop & Stare (black with silver glitter)

As with all Pure Ice Nail Enamels, all polishes in the Runway Nail Trends collection are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.  (SRP $1.97)  Pure Ice is available at Walmart stores nationwide.


  1. I love that we now have names, thank you!! Now if I could only find it at my local Walmart!

  2. HI I love reading you blog! Pure Ice is one of my favorite cheap nail polishes. My walmart is caring all these shades above. I purchased sexy mama, Nude Beach, Viva Las Vegas, and Pardon My French. They are all great colors!

  3. Still can't find any of these at my local walmart, guess I'm going to have to start driving around to look for them. I'm desperate to get my hands on Stop and Stare and Femme Fatale.

    1. Try looking on the end caps that are in the outer edges of the beauty dept. Good luck!

  4. I've been Lucky enough to find the end cap display at one far. I bought Meet Me In Monaco, Temptress & Vegas Strip. So far I've been very pleased with these polishes. Monaco was awesome over black for a Halloween mani...I received lots of compliments on it. That Walmart didn't have Sexy Mama...but after seeing a pic of it.....I NEED this!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for this! But now my WM is out of them. I hope they re-stock because I didn't get all the ones I wanted. When will I learn??? ;-)

    1. I'll try to find out if there will be restocking, or if it's a ” when they're gone they're gone” type of thing. :)

  6. P.S. I bought some that must have been mislabeled. Your list, and Pure Ice's Facebook page said:

    Stunning (pink with silver)
    Grunge (purple)
    Touch Me Softly (mauve with silver)

    But I bought all three and my Grunge is a very light pink with silver, Stunning is a darker pink, and Touch Me Softly is purple. ?????

    1. Sue, I don't remember what Stunning looks like, but Grunge is definitely a light pink to me. Touch Me Softly might be considered a wasn't as purple to me as Temptress.

    2. Sue, I just took another look at the pics of all 55 shades that G linked to above. I would call Touch Me Softly either Violet or Purple, not Mauve. I think it's the one on the top shelf, 4th from the right. Grunge is top shelf, 3rd from the left. I'm not sure, but I think Stunning is the darker pink next to it. So yeah, I think your color descriptions are more accurate than what the company came up with.

      Perhaps the color list was created before the colors themselves were finalized, but no one thought to go back and update the list. I found pics of Pardon My French in a couple of places, and while it may have rose gold glitter in it, the polish itself looks brown to me. Seems like that should be part of the description.

    3. It doesn't help that the names and pictures are not in the same order... I'm looking at their swatches at and now I want to take my list and look more carefully if there are any left next time I'm at WM. (To make it even *more* interesting, all the bottles were jumbled up knocked over on the top shelf when I was there, as though someone had knocked the whole cardboard display over and then just kind of scooped things back up onto the top shelf.)

    4. Oh, man, I was so annoyed when I was shopping this display the other day. Someone had unscrewed the cap on one of the purpleish cremes, but not enough for it to be noticeable. So I picked it up by the cap to check the name, and of course the bottle dropped and spilled into the basket I was using. I *hate* when people do that!!! Sure, I can understand the urge to quickly swatch a nail when looking at polish, but leaving the cap off or loose afterward is a crime in my book. I'll keep the details of my fantasy punishment to myself, but it would involve a whole lot of sticky nail polish in the offender's hair.

  7. I've never tried this brand before I'll have to take a peek.

    1. Hope you like them if you try them. I've generally had really good luck with Pure Ice over the years. :)

  8. Some Walmarts put them in a really stupid spot. One that I've been in had the case facing away from the beauty and towards the pharmacy, next to the sinful colors display.

    1. Yep, I've heard the same thing....

    2. At my Walmart it was on the endcap towards the accessories and front end of pharmacy.--maybe it replaced the SH endcap back there, can't remember now--while Sinful Colors was on a power panel at the other end of the aisle, across from the grocery dept. And of course the old Pure Ice is up in front w/ the other nail-specific brands. Um, that may not be clear. Sorta like this, with the %'s being random changing/seasonal sale displays:

      - - - FRONT OF STORE - - - --> to customer service
      frozen [%] LE %]specialized nail - - watches
      frozen - - new CG]cosmetics lines - - jewelry
      frozen [%] [new L'O] cosmetics lines - - bags & accessories
      frozen - - %%] cosmetics lines [PureIce LE - - bags & accessories
      -food- - - SC] cases, hair pretties - - bags & accessories
      -food- [%] %%] hair care and bath stuff - - bags & accessories
      -food- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --> to ladies' apparel and baby stuff
      -food- - - %%] first aid and travel - - [side wall of pharmacy ]

      Also, I wish I had this list five hours earlier! Maybe I need to print an extra and leave it in the display... but at least I have cute little chalkboards on my fingers now...

  9. Replies
    1. Btw, can you email me when you have a sec? :)

  10. At both of the Walmarts near me I've found new-ish Pure Ice endcap displays, but they've been partially stocked with the regular line of Pure Ice colors (and other random things thrown in). Has anyone else experienced this? Would you suppose it means I somehow missed them or that they just didn't come in with the display?

  11. i thought i was lucky because i just happened to be there right when the wal-mart employee finished stocking the that i see this pic and the list i know that my store NEVER had several of the colors and now the display is almost empty!!

  12. I haven't seen these at Walgreens yet but I have seen them for some time at Walmart. The velour texture polishes...LOVE!!! In fact, I have several of these new ones and I love them all.

  13. Yes, I've found some core colors in the endcap display. My guess is that some colors were missing and the sales staff filled the holes, or some colors sold out quickly and the holes were filled. I actually took a couple of colors from the endcap over to the core area to see if they were core or not. If they are core, they can wait. :-)

    As for the velours, I was kind of "meh" about Femme Fatale. I love greens, but this one was kind of flat. My eye kept getting drawn to Blue Midnight, however, so I tried that next, and it was lovely. Unless something in the velour line really surprises me, and I believe Temptress is the only contender, I think that will be my fave from that group.

    I have my Mom looking out for the two colors that I really want that I couldn't find at my two local walmarts, Pardon My French and Champagne. Fingers crossed!

  14. Oh My GAWD!!!! I'm gonna have to run to WalMart right now to look for these!

  15. I went a little crazy and completly fell in love with very many of these LE colors. So I did my best to get the whole collection, it was difficult, I wasn't finding them in 7 of the 8 Walmarts. Yesterday I stopped by a Walmart that never has anything and I didn't really want to go check, but low and behold they has them and lots of them. I took out my list and finsihed it off, so I have all 55. Guess it's my Christmas present to myself.


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