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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Even more Walgreens clearance sightings...

We clearance-sale-junkies have got more and more things to be on the lookout for over at Walgreens this week! I've got a whole new batch of reader-submitted clearance sightings to share with you today.
But before we start, a few important tips: 
  • Please click here, here and here to see all of the previous Walgreens clearance sightings spotted recently--I'm not going to repeat them in this post.
  • If you don't see clearance signs on these products at your Walgreens, take a few items to the cashier and ask them to scan them--they might come up on clearance in the system.
  • Certain products, when on clearance, can qualify for current BOGO1/2OFF promotions. Click here to see what's BOGO1/2OFF this week, and if you'd like to know whether a clearance items qualifies for a BOGO1/2OFF before you buy it, take it to the cashier and ask them to scan it to verify.
  • Be sure to ask your Beauty Advisor if they have coupons behind the counter before you make a clearance purchase--you might be able to shave even more off your final total.

NEW sightings as of this week (11/12):

Reader @tn_twistgirl83 spotted all of the Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect polishes for 50% off ($3) and was nice enough to share a pic:

 image credit: @tn_twistgirl83 for Nouveau Cheap

 Keep reading more pics and info...

I'm not surprised by this one, as other retailers have been phasing these out for a while now. Click here for my review with swatches if you don't already own any and you'd like to pick some up before they're gone.

Next up, reader Brie of Simply Thrifty Nails spotted just about all of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polishes on clearance at her local Walgreens (and it looks like this might qualify for the Sally Hansen BOGO1/2OFF sale too--check with a cashier to be sure):

  image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap 

Reader @tn_twistgirl83 also spotted the Hard as Nails polishes on clearance at her local Walgreens but as you'll see, prices vary from region to region. The clearance price for these polishes at Brie's Walgreens is $1.29 while the clearance price at  @tn_twistgirl83's Walgreens is $0.99:

 image credit: @tn_twistgirl83 for Nouveau Cheap

And last but not least, reader Annette (welcome back, Annette!) shared some great info on the You Tell Me page recently about things she spotted on clearance at her Walgreens.
Annette writes:

Walgreens - lots of new orange tags down the makeup aisle. I was in a hurry and glanced around, so I'm posting what I remember. Most are 50% off, but the ones that offered a greater savings were these:

*Demert Nail Products, reg. $5.99 for $1.99 (cucticle oil, polish thinner, cuticle remover)

*Revlon loose powder reg. $14.XX for $3.XX (BOGOG 50% off this week)

*Sally Hansen strips - these aren't the colored strips and are located apart from those. I know that one was a treatment type strip; don't know about the other. Both were reg $7.99, but the one on the left is $1.99 while the one on the right is higher (like $3.99 or $4.99).

*Revlon Crazy Shine mini 2 pc set reg. $3.XX for $1.XX

*WNN blue polish - this is from the Wild Shine line and is $0.49 or $0.50 - I forgot.

Sally Hansen nail care products - like a foot cream and something else.

Sally Hansen lip product (maybe a plumper).

And much, much more.

More from Annette:

More Walgreens clearance that I just remembered:

Sally Hansen nail strengthening product (bottle inside a box) - don't remember the name

Ardell lashes - a couple of different ones

Studio35 makeup brush set

Hoof Hands Hard as Hoof Miracle Foot Cream Peppermint Scent reg. $6.99 (forgot the clearance price)

Have you spotted anything on clearance at your local Walgreens that hasn't already been mentioned in my recent clearance posts? If so, please do share in the comments (and thanks in advance!).

Thanks again, @tn_twistgirl83, Brie and Annette for the pics and very helpful info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I think my nail polish collection is about to grow...

    1. Mine too! Been wanting a few more of those HaN shades...

      And who can pass up thinner for $1.99? :)

  2. Yippee! Guess who is going to Walgreens tomorrow?!?!? Thanks ladies for all this!

    1. I'll be right there with ya, R!!

  3. Thanks for the info, G! I remember reading ur review on the SH Smooth and Perfect polishes before.
    I liked the pretty blue one "Air" even tho it may be streaky/sheer.
    I'll give it a shot for that sale price. ;)

    1. Air is super pretty even with its sheerness! I think a base coat of white creme polish would speed things up...hope you like it if you get it, L.!

  4. I have noticed that sometimes the clearance prices even vary from Walgreens to Walgreens within the same city. And once I saw items on clearance at one store that did not ring up on clearance at a location about a mile away from it. They were still full price in that store.

    I have also noticed that prices on things in general are higher at the 24-hour Walgreens nearest me than they are at another Walgreens just down the street that is not open 24 hours.

    My theory is that they make the prices higher at the 24-hour locations in order to cover the overhead of paying employees through the night, keeping the lights and air conditioning on for more hours of the day, etc.

    1. That is a really good theory, Cheryl! I've noticed a lot of inconsistencies between stores here too, especially the bigger stores vs the smaller ones. Some of the smaller stores here have a full Milani display, while larger stores across town don't have a Milani display at all. Strange...

    2. that's funny, the 24 hour walgreens near me always gets the last chance clearance up first. They also have the newest collection before other walgreens

  5. I was wondering when the SH Smooth Perfect nail polishes would go one clearance. The Kmart in my town had them on sale for $1.50 back in August, but since hardly anyone bought them they just took them off display.

  6. I just went to Walgreens and spotted some Milani, mostly lipsticks, on clearance. Didn't get a picture, though.

  7. "WNN blue polish - this is from the Wild Shine line and is $0.49 or $0.50" should have been WNW for Wet n Wild. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. I just bought a makeup brush kit by soho london for $7. I didnt notice this at other Walgreens though.


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