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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Details about the new Wet n Wild Best in Show display at Walgreens

I know that this display has been popping at many of your local Walgreens lately (thanks for all details you've shared on the LE 8-pan sightings map!). But in case you haven't seen this display yet or haven't taken a close look at it, I've got pics and helpful info from readers to share with you today (there's some surprises in this one!):

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap
 Wet n Wild Best in Show end cap at Walgreens

Keep reading for all the details...

Reader Brie of Simply Thrifty Nails shared these pics of the display with us, and reader Tara provided some great details about the products in this display. NOTE: there are core collection items in this display and Limited Edition items in this display.

Tara writes:

Here's what limited edition items I found in the display:
All three of the limited edition 8 pan eyeshadow palettes from the Where's The Party Collection:
- Shimmer The Night Away
- Sparkle 'Til Morning
- Drinking a Glass of Shine

(Two of each palette.)

All six limited edition Fast Dry nail polishes from the Party Rocks Collection:
- Can-Can You Hang the Mistletoe
- Dancer is the Best Reindeer
- Happy Holidaze!
- Teasy Peasy
- Bling It On!
- The Star of the Show

(Two of each color.)

And...  *drum roll*  I also found a four piece holiday themed collection of Glassy Gloss Lip Gels! 

I can't find any information about the holiday Glassy Gloss Lip Gels online so I'll give as much information as I can about them.  I don't know if the holiday Glassy Gloss Lip Gels will have their own display like the Where's The Party? Collection and Party Rocks Collection.  They might just be available in the Walgreens display that I found.  I'm not sure.

Here are the color names, color numbers, and descriptions of the holiday Glassy Gloss Lip Gels (they were so super pretty I bought all four colors!):

- Best in Snow 34006 has a clear base with fine twinkling white sparkles that look like the ice that forms atop fresh snow.  Sometimes the twinkling particles take on icy blue-ish and pink-ish iridescence.  Looks lovely alone or layered over another color!

- I'm Luster Over You 34007 has a clear base with small sparkly pink particles accented by a sprinkle of gold and fuchsia sparkles.  So pretty!

- Frost Bitten 34008 looks like solid gold in a tube!  A blend of small gold sparkles accented by a sprinkle of bronze sparkles in a clear base.  This definitely looks gold though - it's not a bronze-y shade at all.  It's pure gold all the way!  Frost Bitten has more sparkles in it's clear base than Best in Snow and I'm Luster Over You.  When applied the sparkles are more dense.  Looks beautiful by itself or layered!

- A Glass of Shine 34009 is the only gloss that has a colored base in this collection...and what a colored base it is!  An intensely pigmented rich burgundy base with fiery red sparkles!  I was astonished at the pigmentation of this gloss.  When worn at full blast it is vampy awesomeness!  The coverage is 100% and has serious intensity like one of the Milani Haute Flash glosses (though the formulation is totally different, just wanted to give an example that illustrated major pigmentation and sparkle).  A Glass of Shine can also be easily worn more sheered out because the gloss spreads so easily over the lips - just smooth a tiny dab over each lip for a more translucent look.  Very versatile and crazy gorgeous!  I think this one is my favorite.  It blew my mind!  <3

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap 
Holiday Glassy Glosses and permanent, core collection eye and lip products
 Tara continues:

A few more things about the holiday Glassy Gloss Lip Gels:

- The formula is slippery and smooth.  No stickiness whatsoever.  A little while after application the glosses feel nice and light.  Lips feel moisturized throughout wear.  Overall, super comfortable glosses to wear. 
- They don't feel like glosses with sparkles in them even though they are glosses with sparkles in them.  :D  I wore A Glass of Shine for about 3 hours and as it wore off it left a pretty stain along with some delicate red sparkles on my lips.  My lips still felt extremely comfortable and moist even when the gloss had almost completely worn off.
- All of the glosses have a light, faux-fruity scent.  The scent is obvious right after application but does fade.  There is no taste/flavor.
- The packaging on the holiday Glassy Gloss Lip Gels is a bit different.  They still come in the same squeeze tube with angled tip applicator and color coordinated cap.  The difference lies in the shiny silver band that tops each tube and matching silver lettering on the front of the tube.  A nice touch!  :)

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap 
Limited Edition Where's The Party? 8-pans and permanent 8-pans
Tara continues:

- The display also had some permanent items in it:  the permanent 8 pan eyeshadow palettes, Mega Slicks glosses, permanent Fast Dry nail polish colors, and more.

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap 
Limited Edition Party Rocks Collection Fastdry Nail Colors and permanent Fastdry Nail Colors

Thanks so much, Brie and Tara, for the great pictures and detailed info. I had no idea there were LE Glassy Glosses in this display (in addition to the LE 8-pans and Fastdry nail colors) so I really appreciate both the info and pics!

Have you spotted the Wet n Wild Best in Show display at your local Walgreens yet?

PS: Don't forget that I swatched/reviewed the Shimmer The Night Away palette here, in case you'd like a closer look.


  1. Oh, thank you so much for this! I've seen this display but didn't notice the lip glosses.

    I also saw the blogger WnW display, I was so excited to see it!

  2. I've seen this brand but have never tried it before. I will have to take a look next time I'm out shopping.

  3. I hope I find this display soon! I want Sparkle 'Til Morning so bad. And those Glassy Glosses sound really nice too. I've never tried them before-- for some reason I always think glosses in that style of tube are going to be bad quality. I'd like to be proven wrong. :)

  4. haha i got to help put this up at the walgreens i work at and was soooo excited. it was so much fun to arrange everything just right.

  5. Was so excited when I finally saw it..and I bought them all!

  6. There is something about wet n wild that every time I se something new my heart kinda skips a beat and get all excited like when I see a pair of gorgeous shoes.

  7. Thank you so much for posting about this G. I've been waiting for fellow readers to post if they saw the LE 8-pans in Bellingham before I drive over from Canada. I've been dreading that it's sold out near the boarder. >,< I hope this gives me a chance to grab one of the palettes!

  8. Still not at my Wags. Or CVS...

  9. Speaking of Markwins...anyone spotted the new Color Theory palettes (they look like ELF's usual holiday palettes) and the Black Radiance baked e/s (like WnW's LE Baked e/s from last year)?

  10. Ever since your original post about the new LE pallets I've been checking Walgreens & CVS almost every weekend. Every time I checked the poor SAs were so confused as to what I was talking about. It's like this every time something comes out. I have to wait at least a month (or 3!!!!) to get the product within an hour of me! I'll have to check again this weekend and see if they finally got around to getting the pallets. I'm way too impatient lol

  11. I found the party rocks nail collection in its own display in a couple of duane reade's in NYC (owned by walgreen's). I am a die hard WnW fan but this line of polishes didn't impress me so I didn't purchase them.

  12. Wags I've been to in NYC have this display, but it's shorter and doesn't include the 8 pan palettes!! What the heck!

  13. I get so frustrated and confused when they blend LE with permanent items.


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