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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Color Club Snow Flakes comparison

 image credit: YG for Nouveau Cheap
Color Club A Winter Affair Collection

A few days ago I posted pics of the new A Winter Affair collection from Color Club and I want to thank all of you for leaving such helpful comments on that post. It appears that some of the colors in the original release of A Winter Affair are not the same colors in the Sally Beauty display but they have the same names (check the comments for more details about that). Also, thanks to many of you for the heads-up that this collection is also surfacing at TJ Maxx.

I had mentioned in my post that the flakie in this collection, Snow Flakes, looks like a dupe of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original Hidden Treasure of course, not the sheer pearly-duchrome one) and Essie Shine of the Times. Well my pal Jess of Polish Insomniac posted a wonderful comparison post today, and if you're interested in seeing just how similar Snow Flakes is to those other polishes, click right here.

Hope that helps!


  1. e.l.f. also has a flakie called Fairy Dust. It's really pretty, though it smells kind of bad (like their Golden Goddess). It's $2 though! Unfortunately out of stock at the moment, but worth waiting for them to restock it.

  2. I did see Jess' comparison of the flakies. Interesting that CC would have same names/different colors in the same collection and varies on where you buy the shades from - that just is really bad company policy in so many dept levels - you wonder how they managed to let that one go by...someone (many someones) had to know.

  3. I love that you are blogging so much about nail polishes G!


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