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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pics and details about the L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection

This has got to be one of the most confusing collections I've come across in quite a while, but it's also one of the prettiest (in my opinion). Apparently L'Oreal L'Or Electric has been out in the UK since June, but parts of the collection seem to be just now hitting Canada (I had to consult with my go-to source for all things beauty-related in Canada to help sort this one out!). 

In addition to LE polishes (with a different bottle shape than the L'Oreal Colour Riche polishes here in the US) and LE lipsticks, there are also two (or three) Limited Edition Infallible Eyeshadow shades in this collection, which are not featured in the following Canadian display (much more on those shadows in a bit).

I'm hoping that, since this has recently surfaced in Canada, that means it will hit the US very soon (please please please, L'Oreal, bring this one to the US!). I never did see the L'Oreal L'Or collection here in the US (not to be confused with this new L'Or ELECTRIC colllection), but I'm not going to give up hope that L'Or Electric will his US drugstores!

Before I give you more details, let's take a look at some great pics, which reader LMC1971was nice enough to share (she spotted this display at her local Shoppers Drug Mart, in case you're in Canada):


image credit: LMC1971 for Nouveau Cheap
 L'Oreal Limited Edition L'Or Electric Collection
(spotted in Canada)

Keep reading for lots (and lots) of details about this collection...

 image credit: LMC1971 for Nouveau Cheap

I'm kind of freaking out about Prismatic Pink, which reminds me of a light pinky-purple-violet shade that L'Oreal made back in the 80s (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of that color--if you remember it, please leave a comment before I drive myself crazy over here!).

Check out LMC1971's swatches of L'Or Electric, Metallic Coral and Prismatic Pink:

image credit: LMC1971 for Nouveau Cheap

In Canada, there are also three Limited Edition Infallible eyeshadows in the L'Or Electric collection: Metallic Lilac, Magnetic Coral and Cosmic Black. These seem to have surfaced in Canada back in May 2012. Click here to see swatches of them.

In the UK, this collection launched in June 2012, but I believe the UK only received two of the LE Infallible Eyeshadows (Metallic Lilac and Magnetic Coral). And it appears that the UK only received three of the lipsticks that you see above in the Canadian display, and three of the nail polishes (there are four in the above display). To see pics and swatches of the LE Infallible Eyeshadows, lipsticks and polishes that were part of the UK display, click here and here.

In France, the L'Or Electric display only contained the Infallible shades Cosmic Black and Metallic Lilac (not Magnetic Coral). Check out the French display here.

Bottom line: I hope that at least SOME of the products featured in the L'Or Electric Collection make their way to the US. Specifically, I hope we see the two three LE Infallible eyeshadows and those pretty, pretty lipsticks.

Thanks so much, LMC1971 for the great photos! I'm going to stay hopeful that this display, in some form, shows up in the US someday...soon.


  1. that promo image girl is also from the project runway promo images, she was the temptress.

  2. I am officially confused! L'oreal has been coming out with so much limited edition collections lately, I am lost.

  3. I thought I was the only one that went crazy when certain colors/shades went to certain countries! I agree let us cross our fingers it will arrive, however I do think it will come to the US eventually. I like to look at international sites for these big brands as well and it seemed like the maybelline "colossal cat eyes" mascara would never hit the US! but alas you see commercials now! lol...I do notice things get conveniently repackaged and re named as soon as a "new big technology" long time reader...first time what youre doing g! love me! aka mia lol

  4. Is it a color fail on the display because Electric Fuchsia looks quite orange...

  5. I hate limited anything. It reminds me of what Mac does and it drives me crazy.

  6. This whole collection says summer to me.

  7. Oh man, I hope Cosmic Black comes to the US!

  8. Oh wow, Australia also had this collection earlier this year. Amazing that we actually got something before the USA. I think we got more than 2 eyeshadows, I'm wanting to say there may have been four, but cannot say with certainty - I remember wanting all the collection though.

  9. I am going to die if I don't get Prismatic Pink.

  10. Were the 80's L'Oreal lipsticks Sea Lily or Sea Anemone?

    1. I think you're right. I lived in Sea Lily nail polish which was sheer pale pink with the blue iridescence. There was also Sea Anenome and Sea Fleur. At one point, all of them had both nail and lips colors available. Sea Fleur is the magenta one that's still available as a lipstick. Was Anemone the midtone hot pink? Or was there a fourth?

  11. here in canada you can find the magnetic coral, pepsy coral, marshmallow, turquois...something i forget, metallic lilac in the regular display at walmart, not even in a special cardboard display. there is also a GORGEOUS silvery taupe called tender caramel that i don't think hit the US yet

  12. so glad i live in canada but close enough to the border that i never have to pay this much for my make up

  13. Oh G, I know excactly the L' shade you're talking about. Some of your awesome readers who are super memoried ladies have said Sealily and that sound right to me. I totally rocked that color all the time. I now know that it wasn't the most flattering for me but I loved it.
    I want to say my tube was square and dark plum colored? Amiright? did l'oreals lipstick every look like that?

  14. The L'Or Electric Collection was originally released in France during Cannes Film Festival back in _May. But, if it is just hitting stores in Canada that means maybe it will reach my region soon...hehehehehe...*insert lunatic smiles and giggles here*
    Metallic Lilac has got to be one of the best shades launched so far in the Infallible range or so I've read in Asian blogs. Also, as far as I know, Cosmic black is a weaker version of Bronze Goddess, and Magnetic Coral is the almost identical twin of Pepsy Coral released in the Miss Candy Collection, which I already own. God, please let Metallic Lilac come to a store near me


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