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Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Lots sightings and haul

When reader Anne left her comment on the You Tell Me page yesterday morning about how she spotted Puristics skincare products at her local Big Lots for $2 each, I knew I had to get over to mine and see if I could find them. I've had my eye on this new-ish skincare line for a few months since I first spotted the line at Rite Aid (I think they're also at CVS and Walgreens). These products can retail for up to $20 at the drugstore (they're $15.99 each on the Puristics website) so for $2 at Big Lots? Heck yes!

Bingo! I spotted them at my Big Lots and they had three products:

Keep reading for more sightings and pics of my haul...

Since, like Anne, I like daytime moisturizers with a higher SPF than 15, I only purchased the Night Recovery Cream and Intensive Eye Treatment (more on that in a bit).

Remember the other day when I posted about the Holiday 2012 limited edition Yardley soaps landing at Walgreens? Well I totally didn't expect to find these at Big Lots (the LE Holiday soaps usually surface after the holidays at my local Big Lots) but I found them:

I actually wasn't too impressed with Honey Vanilla Creme (bummer!) but I LOVED Sugar Plum Blossom. In fact, as I was carrying it around in the store with me, I kept getting whiffs of it and it was so delightful that I ended up buying three of them (two to keep in my sock drawers and one to use). I love putting yummy-smelling soaps in my dresser's such a nice surprise every time I open a drawer.

Another surprise was that my Big Lots also had LAST year's LE soaps from Yardley (Holiday 2011):

Holiday 2011 Yardley Limited Edition Soaps in Vanilla Sugar and Winter Spice

Over in the makeup aisle I was surprised to see some Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polishes (these retail for $11.99 each at my local Rite Aid):

And in addition to the usual Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon, etc. cosmetics I'm used to seeing at my Big Lots, I also spotted some CoverGirl liquid foundations and True Blend loose powders:

My haul:

I love that these products come in sealed boxes and pump bottles. I can't wait to give them a try.

This soap--I just can't explain how yummy it smells:

Thanks for reading! Have you scored some great beauty deals at your local Big Lots lately? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!

And thanks again, Anne, for the fantastic heads-up about the Purisitics products popping up at Big Lots!


  1. Stay away from the nutra nail! Horrible! It crack off my nails and even made cracks into my real nails and chipped the very next day.

    1. Totally agree, my mom had bought Nutra Nail a while back and of course I sat down to do a manicure with her, we were both upset the next day when there was substantial chipping! Plus those things are not cheap at the drugstore where I bought it.

    2. Yes! I was so annoyed!!!! Thankfully I got it for just a few bucks but I would NEVER recommend it to anyone!

    3. Agreed. Every nail was chipped by the following day. Not a chip here and there..every nail had multiple chips from tip to cuticle. I thought I may have applied it wrong. By the 3rd try I was convinced it was a terrible product. Don't waste your money.

  2. Ohh G you've got me itching to get my butt over to Big Lots :)! xx

  3. I am going to try to get to Big Lots soon! I picked up the Sugar Plum Blossom at Walgreens on the weekend. It is so so yummy! I love to put scented soaps in my drawers too especially in the closet with my bed linens!

  4. Hey G, Glad you found the Puristics at your Big Lots! I really like the ones I purchased (Advanced Skin Regenerating Lotion, Night Renewal Cream and Intensive Eye Treatment). The night cream and the eye treatment are really thick but not greasy. They feel great on my dry skin. All of the products are packaged in an airless pump which is sanitary and great for dispensing the right amount. However, it does take FOREVER to get them started. The eye cream in particular took close to 80 pumps before any product came out. I'm going back to Big Lots for some backups. Oh and I also picked up the new holiday Yardley soaps as well. Love the Sugar Plum Blossom scent!

    1. I took a look at your pic, G and it appears your Big Lots had the same four Puristics products as mine. The Advanced Skin Rejuvenating lotion (for some reason I keep calling it Regenerating Lotion) was between the SPF cream and the night cream.

  5. Oooh this all looks so great! I haven't been to Big Lots in a while!

  6. Thanks for posting about this! I had to go to 2 big lots just to find the skin rejuvenating lotion and the night cream. Sadly neither store had the eye cream. I really want to try that one because I need it lol. But I don't have any more stores close to me. (I am in Riverside, Cali btw in case anyone else was searching) I wish I knew someone else who could check their store and get them for me. Hopefully I can get it before they are completely gone :(

    1. Hey Kelli!
      I'm in the south pasadena area, and the big lots here has a lot! if you have a day trip to this area you should stop by! :D
      I just saw some today when I stopped by!

  7. I was just at my local Big Lots and found the Puristics night cream for $2, so I had to get that. Didn't see the other Puristics products you mentioned, though. (I spotted the same night cream on clearance at Rite Aid later on, and it was $11.99 there, so woo-hoo!). But I also found some of your holy grail Physicians Formula powder foundation for $4 so I picked one up to try. They also had a lot of Revlon nail polishes and I found a two-pack of the sheer tinted ones from 2011, at $2, so for that price, definitely worth trying.

  8. Thanks for the comments about Nutra Nail. I was in Rite Aid earlier today and seen this gel polish, was very excited but stopped myself to think about it due to the price.

  9. I really need to start going to BL more often! I always pass it up.


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