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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Fantasy Makers Tombstone Polishes for Halloween 2012 have landed (and more)

When I posted the first Halloween 2012 sightings the other day, I told you that we were just getting started. So hold on because the flood of products is making its way to you (with even more on the way soon).

Reader Ann spotted a Fantasy Makers (Wet n Wild) display at her local Kmart the other day and was nice enough to share some pics. Some of these products were also spotted in my Halloween post from the other day, but not all of these products were featured in that post, most notably the Tombstone Polishes, which are back again this year!

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2012

As you can see, there's an assortment of body glitters, polishes, lipsticks, liners, glosses, glitter liners, temporary hair color, cream shadow palettes, face paints, lashes and shadow duos.

Here are the two Tombstone Polishes for Halloween 2012:

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap
Left:  Luminescent (Glow In The Dark top coat)
Right: Once Upon A Time (red glitter in a gray jelly base)

Ann writes:
Even though the polish Once Upon a Time just looks like a redo of Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors from last year it's not.  The glitter is MUCH more dense in the OUaT tombstone polish.
Exciting! Here's another pic of Once Upon A Time, along with the gloss that Ann purchased:

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap
Fantasy Makers Tombstone Polish in Once Upon A Time
Fantasy Makers Lip Gloss in Queen of Hearts

That gloss looks gorgeous, doesn't it? And here are some more pics of the other products in the display:

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap

The six-pan palettes are cream eyeshadows, not powders. You can see my review of the shades from last year here.

image credit: Ann for Nouveau Cheap

Very excited to see those nail strips in person!

Thanks so much, Ann, for the great sighting and pics. I can't wait to pick up Once Upon A Time, thanks to your pics and info.

Have you spotted these products in your area yet? Thoughts?

PS: I've got even more Halloween 2012 to show you a bit later...


  1. Let the Awesomeness begin! Mua ha ha ha!

    Thanks to G., and everyone who helped make this post possible. I just love it all!

  2. Oooh the red polish and gloss look very pretty!

  3. I soooo wish they would make those shadows powder! I always love the colors but can't get the creams to work for nothing!

    Oh, and I'm so with you on getting that Queen gloss! Is that a silver glitter one and something black also sitting next to it in the display?

    As much as I'm so about Halloween, I think they are about 2 weeks/half a month too early to be getting these out. But, saying that makes me sound like an old fart too. LOL

    1. Once again you are reading my mind! I want powder shadows! WnW makes such great powder shadows, why can't they give us a few new colors for Halloween??? The cream products are awful, but okay for trick or treating, I suppose. But c'mon WnW!

  4. I squealed upon seeing this! Can't wait for more Halloween posts! I'm heading down to my local Kmart to see if we're lucky enough to get that display.

  5. I'm so excited to hunt for these! That gloss Ann purchased is gorgeous, I'll definitely get that if I find it, as well as the polishes. Thanks to the contributors for this post!

  6. On the 4th picture down, bottom shelf in the middle what is the product with the red, white, and gray? If it's an eyeshadow palette I will be so excited! :D

  7. Those palettes with the oval shaped pans look like cremes/face paint as well. Are those a new addition to the line? I wonder how those would hold up as eyeshadow bases.

  8. Grrrrr! I was at my Rite Aid on Friday and all they had were the body glitters and what not display...grrrrrr. O.M.G. annoying. Going to have to go searching this week.

  9. I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled for this! I would love to keep Halloween going year round, so I have a feeling I'm going to want to stock up. ;)

  10. Ooohhh! I can't wait to see when we will be getting these near me! I love Halloween! That Queen of Hearts gloss sounds goregeous (can't see due to blindness!_) Any news on crackle polishes? Because I remembered years ago in the Delia's magazines (not sure if ayone has any in their area) advertised crackles as Halloween related one year. By the way, a heads up, any Lushies? Look out for their Halloween items if they will be bringing them back. The Pumpkin soap was a best seller last year. Anyways, will keep a look out for Halloween stuff!

  11. I want to see THAT display in my area!!! Four stores and though I found a few things, not anywhere near that realm. I want the lippies and schtuff.

  12. Why do they always take so long to put up the displays? Out my whole are in South Texas there was only one store that finally put up the display this past week. And it was just the small displays. So anyways they had a coupon buy any 2 WnW items get $1.00 off. So I picked up all the Nail colors and glow in the dark paints.

  13. I absolutely love the black glittered liquid eyeliner. I bought one, used it and this weekend I cleaned out the store! Not only does it go on easy, it lasts all day & night. Now I need to find more stores to clean out!


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