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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swatchfest: Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Colors - the glitters

I recently received several of the new Wet n Wild Spoiled nail colors for review, so today I thought I'd show you the glitters in this collection. For those new to this line, the Spoiled collection is available exclusively at CVS (in-store and online). There are 72 shades in this collection (click here for pics of all the shades) and they retail for $1.99 each. You can see some reader-submitted swatches of some of the other shades in this range here.

All four of the polishes I'm going to show you today contain varying sizes of glitter in a clear base:

I really like the bottle shape of these polishes. They're narrow and compact and although they appear round, they actually have a square base:

These polishes are made in the USA and are Big Three Free.

For all of the following swatches, I did two coats of polish on the first nail, one coat of polish over a black creme on the second nail, and one coat of polish over a white creme on the third nail. These photos were deliberately taken in  low-lighting so that you could better see the glitter detail. In person, these glitters are much more sparkly than what you see here.

This is my favorite polish of the four, so it makes me very sad that I couldn't quite capture its beauty in photos. Jewelry Heist contains chunky hex glitter in what I would describe as rose-gold in color. However, in certain lights, the chunky glitter looks lavender, and in other lights it looks like copper. It's truly quite lovely in person, but the BEST part about this polish is that it contains small SQUARE-shaped glitter that is iridescent! I circled the square iridescent glitter in the following pic:

See how, when swatched over black, the iridescent square glitter turns into green, blue, etc? So pretty.

You've really just got to see this one in person to fully appreciate it (I'll show you some swatches on my actually nails a little later in this post).

Pet my Peacock contains nothing but chunky hexagonal glitter in, of course, a peacock-themed color palette. Blue, green, purple, gold and silver. 

Shuffle the Deck contains glitter in a playing-card-themed color palette of silver, black and red. There is chunky hex glitter here, as well as some medium-sized glitter pieces.

If you missed on Wet n Wild Correction Tape (from the Limited Edition On The Prowl collection from Summer 2011), it's your lucky day! Trust Fund Baby is, to my eyes, and almost exact dupe (I say "almost" because I haven't compared them side-by-side yet). It's got that same beautiful square glitter as well as the same hex glitter, and the color combo is identical to Correction Tape as well (click here to see my swatches of Correction Tape). If anyone wants a side-by-side comparison, leave a comment and I'd be happy to do one in a future post.

And now, as promised, some swatches of Jewelry Heist over Wet n Wild Private Viewing:

I just love how the color combo of the glitter in Jewelry Heist is so subtle, yet it still manages to really catch the eye. If there is such a thing as "elegant glitter", this is it!

Some final thoughts:

The brushes in the Spoiled collection are probably identical, if not very similar to, the brushes in the new Wet n Wild Megalast polishes. Some have called them "fluffy", which I can understand. They're very wide, and the trim on some of the brushes I received was less than perfect (ragged edges). This doesn't really hurt anything when you're applying glitters, but if this were a delicate polish with a shimmery finish, I could see how a jagged, uneven trim could lead to some problems during application. I obviously can't speak for all of the brushes in the Spoiled collection, but I will let you know if I encounter jagged brushes in the other colors when I post those reviews.

As for the these glitters, I think the color combo of Jewelry Heist is amazing and unlike any other drugstore glitter I've seen before. And if you missed out on Correction Tape, you'll definitely want to pick up Trust Fund Baby. I'm really happy that Wet n Wild included square glitter particles in TWO of these polishes--square glitter is so hard to come by at the drugstore so that's a nice, affordable treat for all of my fellow glitter lovers out there. However, these glitters are not without fault. I find the clear base to be thick and abundant in all four polishes, which makes glitter placement a challenge (as well as dry-time). If you're used to applying chunky glitters, you know that 99% of the time, they need some "coaxing" with your brush to get the glitter exactly where you want it. So the thick base of these polishes only adds to that challenge, meaning you'll need to be patience with these. Speaking of patience, dry-time was not great, so I'd suggest using a very-quick-drying top coat to cut down on that and really lock these polishes into place.

Do you own any polishes from the Spoiled collection? In my opinion, the must-haves of the glitters are Jewelry Heist and Trust Fund Baby (especially if you never got Correction Tape last summer). I'd love to hear your thoughts!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I especially like your swatch of Pet My Peacock.

  2. I love Jewelry Heist over Pumping Gas! That's my fave combo, and I used that on my blog.

  3. I have Trust Fund Baby and recently wore it over WNW Megalast On a Trip. It looked really nice! I also have Shuffle the Deck-- thinking of trying it over a yellow polish. I think I'm gonna have to pick up Jewelry Heist. I really like the color palette of that one; it kinda reminds me of that Gem Crush polish called Big Money. Pet My Peacock is the only one I don't really like the look of.

  4. I believe Ants in my pants by spoiled is a perfect dupe of Behind closed doors in the On the Prowl collection Personally

  5. Love the look of jewelry heist!

  6. I have 34 of the Spoiled polishes, and that brush has been an issue with each one. I think I've swatched 6 or 7 of them and on the last one I couldnt handle it anymore and used a different brush. Jewelry Heist is such an awesome glitter! I'm planning on pairing that with another Spoiled soon!

  7. These are so pretty, G! I am loving Jewelry Heist :)

  8. Jewelry Heist is gorgeous - it's the only glitter that really caught my attention. I'm planning to combine it with Spoiled "I'm so Ba-roque!", the shimmery beige/taupe color. So pretty.
    I have a few other Spoiled polishes - Black Mamba, The Parking Meteor Expired, Checkin' Into Rehab, Did I go Too Blonde? and a neon orange whose name escapes me. The brush on Parking Meteor was definitely a challenge for a nice pedicure.

  9. Oh boy as soon as I see these I will decide then which one to get, b/c I will probably only limit myself to one! So far I love Pet My Peacock

  10. I have Trust Fund Baby and already broke out Pet My Peacock. I really like both of them because of the beautiful colors of the glitters, but I totally agree that the clear base is super thick and makes the glitter harder to manipulate.

    Regarding Ants in My Pants, it is a *near*dupe of limited edition WnW release Behind Closed Doors. The I Am Definitely Addicted blog did a comparison between BCC and AiMP.

    Also, if you want to check out a comparison of Trust Fund Baby and WnW Correction Tape, the Polish Fixation blog has one. They look like exact dupes to me.

  11. Btw, the only difference between Correction Tape and Trust Fund Baby is that the black glitter in CT is square while it's hex in TFB :o)

  12. Can I just say that I LOVE your nails?! I don't mean to sound ugly by saying this, but when I come across other nail blogs and they have gross nails, or even weird shaped nails... or the polish is all over their cuticle?! Yuck! That grosses me out, and I just can't keeading their blog! Yours always looks impeccable! (and you apologies for your cuticles just makes me laugh because there is NEVER anything wrong with them! LOL

  13. I just picked up Trust Fund Baby and a purple creme called 2 Weeks Sober from this collection last night. They go together really well!

  14. If you put a base coat of a mint green, top it with Pet My Peacock, then put a light coat of either Confetti White Knights or Essie Marshmallow (or something like that, a sheer white) over it, you will be in love with it. It takes the shine off the glitter but intensifies the color of the glitter. It looks awesome and perfect for spring. :D

  15. Pet My Peacock is the prettiest one to my eyes! I picked that one up as well as Ants in my Pants and I really like them. Thanks for the review!

  16. I love Pet My Peacock and went out to buy it today! It is the perfect glitter colors for Scentsy Convention next week!


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