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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finger Paints Twisted: a flakie comparison

For my first post back I wanted to do something fun, and what's more fun for a nail polish junkie than a flakie comparison?!

Ever since I saw Jen's swatches of the new all-flakie Special Effects Collection from Finger Paints (now available at Sally Beauty), I knew I wanted the shade Twisted. Luckily my local Sally Beauty had just put out the display when I walked in and there were two bottles of Twisted still available (if you want Twisted, I would get down to your local Sally ASAP because I'm sure that's the one that's going to sell out first). These polishes retail for $5.99 or $4.99 if you're Sally Club member and, as of the time of this post, the Special Effects collection is not available on the Sally website.

As Jen so perfectly put it, Twisted is the "crown jewel of awesomeness" in this collection because the flakes aren't dominated by orange/bronze or blue/green; they are truly rainbow colored!

If you'd like to see all of the colors in this collection with awesome swatches, definitely check out Jen's post. I thought it would be fun to compare Twisted to every other flakie in my collection, and instead of just painting these polishes over black, I thought I'd include a royal blue shimmer and also a nude, just to give you an idea how these flakies look over other colors.

So I swatched all of my flakies over the following polishes:

Left to right: Wet n Wild Ink Well, OPI Mod Hatter, L.A. Colors Wired

 And here are my flakies:

Left to right: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (original), Finger Paints Twisted, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, pa AA37, Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

First, here they are over Wet n Wild Ink Well. I used one coat of each flakie and NO top coat for all of the swatches in this post:

As you can see, Hidden Treasure is dominated by orangey-bronze with golden-green on the outer edges. Twisted is truly multi-colored and less dense than Hidden Treasure. Green Ocean is strictly teal and blue.

The flakies in Green Ocean are big and chunky, while the flakes in the PA polish are more delicate (although mainly teal and blue as well). Glass slipper is straight up silver when worn over black.

Next, over OPI Mod Hatter:

Obviously wearing any of these flakies over a nude shade will product a much more subtle effect. Of the three combos above, I think my favorite is Twisted. I do love Green Ocean, but since there's a slight green tint to the base color in Green Ocean, I DON'T love how it turns Mod Hatter into an unflattering yellowish shade.

I really like the PA shade over Mod Hatter--the flakes of green look luminescent and glowy. 

And finally, over L.A. Colors Wired:

Over this blue, I think my favorite combo of the bunch is Hidden Treasure.

I'm not really feeling any of the above three combos, to be honest. I don't think the blue base does anything for the green and teal flakes in Green Ocean or the PA shade. And even Glass Slipper looks kind of dull over this particular blue.

If you're interested in any of the above flakie polishes, here's what I can tell you:
  • Finger Paints Twisted ($5.99) is part of the brand new Special Effects collection which is now available at Sally Beauty (in-store only as of the time of this post).
  • Sinful Colors Green Ocean ($1.99) can be found during St. Patrick's Day in special displays like this (last year this display hit Walgreens in February). I believe it also made a reappearance in the summertime, but I haven't seen it in the core collection display (I could be wrong though--check your local Walgreens).
  • PA AA37 ($5.99) can be found in-store at Mitsuwa Marketplace and various online Asian beauty retailers.
  • Sally Hansen Glass Slipper is a core collection polish that is part of the newly revamped Diamond Strength line. I bought mine at Rite Aid but I know it's also been spotted at CVS and Walmart.

I hope this helps my fellow flakie lovers out there. What's YOUR favorite flakie?

Some of the polishes featured in this post were given to Nouveau Cheap for previous reviews.


  1. thank you for all the love ♥♥♥

    I am loving all the flakies over blue, I think my next mani might be Twisted over Revlon Royal now!

  2. I love OPI and Finger Paints. I have been doing a french manicure for the past 3 months and I am bored. I think I may try one of sparkly sheer paints over a soft color. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Jen, that sounds like a great combo!

    I've been lemming for Twisted for a while, but Sally Beauty is out of my way, and the one day I went to find it I had missed closing time by a couple of minutes. :( I hope I can find it!

  4. Ooo I love Twisted! It looks so interesting and I like that it's less uniform than Hidden Treasure. I wish the flakies in Green Ocean weren't as huge though :(

  5. I just love Twisted - I'm wearing it right now over OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I was lucky enough to pick up the whole Finger Paints Special Effects collection, and I can't wait to try them all out over different bases - next, I'll have to do a lighter one! I also have Hidden Treasure and Glass Slipper, among others... I just can't get enough of flakies, lol.

  6. I have Nubar 2010 which is nearly a dupe of HT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I just picked up FP Flecked, from the same collection as Twisted. I love it too. I will most definitely be picking up the rest of FP's flakie collection! I like the look of the Sinful Colors one too, so I'll be watching for it nearer to St Patty's Day!

  7. Great comparison! I just went to see which color I have, it's Flecked. When I went into Sally's a few weeks ago, these weren't even out yet and they only had 2 bottles left in the back!

  8. how funny! i went into sally's today and was looking at their fingerpaint flakies and debating whether i should get one or not but i wanted twisted and asylum but those were sold out xD today was the first day i realized that flakies could be different colors!

  9. I just bought Twisted this past weekend, but I'm truly lemming for Asylum and Motley also. They have such cool names, for one, and the flakies are gorgeous. I have Nubar 2010 but never use it!

  10. i really have to get twisted. i went to sally's and they had a whole display out of flecked and asylum (which I bought). i asked one of the girls if they had the other shades and she looked at me like i had 3 heads. i don't think she knew anything about them.
    i'm going back again this weekend.

  11. I've been wanting SC's Green Ocean since I first heard about it on your site, it is definitely not available as part of the regular Sinful Colors display. Believe me, I've looked for it at a variety of drug stores. A

    Also, Enamel Girl says that Finger Paints Motley is a near dupe of Green Ocean, so you guys can skip that one if you have GO or want to wait a month to save $2.

  12. I just got Color Club "covered in diamonds" off eBay for a reasonable price. I haven't tried it yet, but the swatches online look close to "twisted." I can't wait to try it!

  13. Good to hear from you again, and I'm glad your mom is doing better :)

    Oh man, I have got to keep an eye out for Green Ocean. Gorgeous!

  14. there's a flakie @ coastal scents. called 'cosmic' from the 'universe' series. only $3.95, avail now! :D

  15. Holy crap! I bought my Hidden Treasure after it had been out for a while (I'd seen on your blog that a lot of places were sold out). I got it on clearance. There were two left but I only bought one. Just checked e-bay and they are selling for $30! I should've bought both and made some cash. I'm glad I live in BFE anyway. Nothing trendy ever sells well here.

  16. These are $6.99 in Canada ($6.29 with card) :( Don't know if you heard, Flashy = SH Hidden Treasure, Motley and Sinful Colors Green Ocean are close, Flecked is close to NYX Purple Ave, and Asylum might be dupe for DL Edge of Glory

  17. Right now I have Twisted over Chanel Coco Blue! I am getting alot of compliments on it too! I like Twisted better than Shine of Times. Great post! I feel so included right now!! LOL!

  18. I've got Twisted, Shine of the Times, Green Ocean, and Glass Slipper. I feel like I don't need anything more than those, because it's the whole color gamut. I really really like Glass Slipper over white, it shines all silvery. The other three I'll probably only use over very dark colors, mostly black or gray.

  19. @Halifax - Twisted looks similar to the DL Edge of Glory flakie too! It has that same sort of rainbow flakie-ness. Polish Police posted swatches of the GaGa duo, which I'm not really sure how anyone brings themselves to buy! It's $45 USD for a black creme and flakie... which clearly has a dupe floating around. Ouch to the wallet!

  20. You have good variety in your flakie collection. I suggest trying the green and blue flakes over a pink, orange, or red polish. That will give it some contrast.

    Also, a favorite combination of mine is orange flakes over red. It looks like lava to me, or burning coals.

  21. wahhh i'm in flakey polish heaven! i have nubar 2010, the sinful polish and glass slipper. i've been wanting to put diamond slipper over nude and you comfirmed that it's a great combo. i just put a nude on, can't wait to get home and cover it with glass slipper! fantastic post... per usual!

  22. I think flakies look the best over dark nail polishes! Really digging Twisted and Blue Ocean!

  23. I actually ran across a photo of all the finger paints flake polishes the other day on flickr:

  24. Why does Sallys have to be such a pain to get to???!!! I guess I have to make a trip and pick up a couple from this collection. It's way more reasonably priced than Essie, although I might have to get that one too with some extra bucks. lol


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