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Monday, November 21, 2011

My Big Lots Haul

Happy Monday, lovelies! Over the weekend, Mr. G and I were running some errands when I asked him to pull over at Big Lots so that I could run in and pick up "just one thing". Big Lots is where I stock up on my beloved Epielle makeup remover towelettes and I honestly thought we were just going to run in, I'd pick some up, and we'd be out of there in less than 10 minutes.

Two hours later and a shopping cart full of stuff, this Big Lots trip ended just how all of our hundreds of other Big Lots trips have ended: with tons of great, discounted products somehow finding their way into our shopping cart. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you what I purchased in case you haven't been to Big Lots in a while: check out what you've been missing!

Soap & Glory Shower Sponge Sudsy Puffs

Big Lots price: $1.50 each. Regular retail price: I believe these were around $6 when they were available at Target?

If you have never tried these Soap & Glory Shower Sponges, for me they are the Cadillac of bath poufs. they're big and fluffy and SO soft. Plus they have that double-layer of netting which creates even more suds in the shower. I LOVE these things and I grabbed the last two my Big Lots had. I couldn't believe I found them since they were long-ago discontinued!

Next up:

 Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pens

Big Lots price: $1.50 each. Regular retail price: around $4 each.

I am NOT a nail polish pen person, but thanks to many of you for leaving such amazingly helpful comments on my Salon Express Home Nail Art Stamping Kit post, I remembered that you said these chrome polish pens from Sally Hansen are great for nail stamping. I would have never known that if it hadn't been for you, so thanks again to everyone who shared that tip with us!

So when I saw these for just $1.50 each, I couldn't resist picking up a green one and a purple one:

Next up:

Dove Beauty Bar 2-pack

Big Lots price: $2, regular retail price: around $3.50. 

Not a huge cost savings, but I always think it's a good deal when Dove Beauty Bars break down to $1 or less a piece.

Next up:

e.l.f. concealer brush

Big Lots price: $1, regular retail price: $1.

Back in 2009 I wrote a blog post about how I purchased this e.l.f. concealer brush at Target while looking for a small brush with firm bristles to use for cleaning up my manicures (for a video of how I clean up my manicures using this brush, click here).

Ever since that post, I've been using the same e.l.f. concealer brush for my mani clean-ups. It's still in decent condition, but I thought I'd buy a back-up just to be safe. This brush seems to always be out of stock at my Target so that's why I bought it when I spotted it at Big Lots. LOVE this brush!

And now for the original purpose of my Big Lots trip:

Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues

Big Lots price: $1 for 30-count package, $2 for 60-count package. Retail price: unknown! I always buy these at Big Lots and/or dollar stores, so I don't know what they would charge at a "regular" store.

I want to give credit where credit is due and once again thank my pal Alyson of  The Gloss Menagerie for turning me on to these cleansing tissues almost two years ago. I have loved them ever since she recommended them to me and they quickly became my Holy Grail cleansing cloth.

If you have missed my past reviews and raves about these makeup towelettes, I can tell you in a nutshell why I adore them: they're silky soft, not too wet and not too dry, they're a great size (not super small but not huge), and they leave my face feeling clean with no sticky or greasy residue. They remove all of my makeup easily, and if I have stubborn eye makeup I just pour a tiny bit of makeup remover directly on the cloth for an extra boost. Oh, and how can you compete with THE PRICE??

I thought I had tried all of the varieties they make, which include Green Tea, Cucumber and Citrus. But when I was at Big Lots this weekend I spotted two new (to me) varieties so I had to pick those up too:


Aloe Vera!

If any of you have tried these varieties, I would love to know what you think!

Have you been to your local Big Lots lately? If so, have you scored any great beauty-related deals?


  1. I have the ale vera ones and I like them! I also have cucumber and green Tea.

  2. I normally use the Pond's facial towels but I'm looking for something cheaper. I've tried other brands before and all of them always burn my eyes a little when I take off my eye makeup. Have you had that problem with epielle at all? I guess I could try them since they are only $1 lol. Thanks for posting about them, Otherwise I would have never thought to try them.

  3. I do the same thing at Big lots! Even if I only have a few things to buy, I have to go down each and every aisle! You found some great things! Thanks for mentioning the makeup wipes. I've never picked those up because I assumed they wouldn't be that good. I will have to try them!
    I've been following your blog for a while now, but this is the first comment I've left. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and find it so helpful.
    xo, Jaimee :)

  4. I love the elf concealer brush! I have 4 or so - one for concealer, and 3 to use as lip brushes :)

  5. i LOVE the epielle green tea cleansing cloths! i just discovered them this summer & am glad that the stock is always replenished each time i visit big lots. i've tried many other m.u. wipes, and these are my favorite. my 2nd favorite is walmart's equate brand--those really work great, but i'm not a fan of walmart & avoid it if possible.
    all the rest (olay, garnier, neutrogena, pond's) are all the same to me; i can't tell the difference between them.

  6. I do like the cucumber wipes... nice smell, mild, but I do wish the cloths themselves were a little more dense. Can't beat two bucks, though.

  7. Now, missy, you DID score! I went to BL last week just in case they had something. I didn't find anything I wanted. However, I did see these makeup towelettes. I like them for when I travel. Now you have me very curious. I think I'd like the cucumber ones.

  8. I recently tired these cleansing clothes & they are so amazing! i have already stocked up! lol But yeah i cant thank you enough for this review for it has become one of my holy grail products as well! Just as you mentioned my local big lots carried the same variety of scents and are priced the same too.

    Also you mentioned that you had no knowledge of what the regular price of epielle is... so i believe i can answer that. I have no doubt that this is an asian brand because whenever i go grocery shopping (at my local asian store)i always run into these! They run for about $2-$3 but for only the 30ct. Which was kinda disappointing yet still affordable but on the other hand i'm happy to know that conveniently i have big lots that provides this product. So in the end you cant beat big lots!

    Anyways hope this helps. Thanks again for the review & for sharing your goodies (:

  9. That is why I stay out of the big box stores as much as possible! Nice find though. Sandra

  10. i love the unscented and aloe vera versions (aloe is my absolute favorite) i don't think i've tried green tea or citrus yet though =/ i will continue stalking my big lots...although I really shouldn't, stocked up on ~15 of the 30 packs. i went over a year without these bc i gave them away thinking i could easily find again...and the gaithersburg, md BL never got them back in, so i checked the greenbelt, md location recently and bam! there were hundreds! how i adore these cloths! i leave a pack in my car for any makeup mishaps or random spills!

  11. Amazing find with those SH pens! They're usually $8 at my drugstores!!

  12. G, did you know that Soap & Glory is now at Sephora? Doesn't look like they carry the pouf separately, but there's a kit of bath goodies that includes it. Ya know, for whenever your Big Lots poufs die on you! :D

    I really need to pick up a pack of those Epielles. I've been using the Boots 4-in-1 wipes but Target keeps running out of them when I go. Boo!

  13. I just went to BL and They had all the scents except the citrus.. so excited. I bought a 60ct pack of the aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea, cant wait to try them :)

    Thanks again for the post.

  14. I picked up these Epielle wipes one time I was at Big Lots because I remembered your post saying you loved them. And for $1, how could I go worng?! Well this was a Godsend! I love these wipes. I was using the ponds ones (the Neutrogena ones were my favorite, but too expensive) and didn't feel like they were that great for the price. I love these wipes! I'm so glad they come with the plastic cover now and for $2?! Still totally worth it!

  15. I love the Epielle face wipes. My favorite is Green Tea.

  16. I love Big Lots! It's amazing what you can find there. My Big Lots always has high end hair products for VERY cheap. I got the Epielle cleansing cloths in green tea. I have a couple backups. They are very gentle, with a mild scent and clean pretty good, too.

  17. Raven, if you can't find these, try the CVS Ponds version cleansing cloths. I really like them, and they have a snap "door" type closure. Sometimes you can buy the BOGO Half Off.

    Every time I go to my Big Lots, I can never find these.. but I am on the hunt and can't wait to finally be able to try them.

  18. Because of you, I loooooove using that elf concealer brush for all my mani clean-ups :) Thanks!

  19. Hmm any other Soap& Glory products? I don't use puffs, I use the glove scrubbers. Also, those nail pens look awesome. I could do my toes much faster and neater with those I think.

  20. just stopped by my local bl today. saw the sh pens. good deal! i also saw that they had revlon perplex as part of a lot of 2 pack nail polishes!

  21. The only beauty products my Big Lots had were all gouged up and dried out, including the polishes.

    Also, that concealer brush is my go to lip brush. It really works well.

  22. Amazon has those wipes priced at $8.44 for 2 packs of 30. Whew!

  23. What do you think of those Chrome pens? I liked the color, but even 25 minutes later when I tried to put a top coat on, it smeared and left a bald spot.

  24. So of course, I hopped on here to find this Big Lots post and see what you got and then head over to Big Lots, right? Naturally, I got way more than I bargained for, that nail clean up video was awesome and just what I needed to see today. Glad you linked to it since it was long before I discovered your blog and just want to say I love reading your posts so much, each and every one gives me such great information and helpful ideas. :)

  25. Do the Epielle wipes cause any breakouts/clogged pores? Those could be handy...

    1. I've been using them since I saw this post and I love them.


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