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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spotted: Wet n Wild ColorIcon Ice Baby Nail Color Collection

As if today's sighting of the all-matte 8-pan and baked shadows wasn't enough, my pal Mimi of Makeup Withdrawal spotted the Ice Baby collection at her local Walgreens and was kind enough to send a pic! This was the only holiday collection from Wet n Wild that I had yet to post pics of, so now you can find info and pics of ALL the Wet n Wild LE 2011 collections on my upper menu bar under "Wet n Wild Info".

image credit: Mimi for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Limited Edition ColorIcon Ice Baby Nail Color Collection
(retail: $2.99 each, sold exclusively at Walgreens)

If you read my original post announcing this collection, then you know that my contact at Wet n Wild described these as "near-holographic glitter polishes". I believe that's a way of saying they're not full-on holo polishes, but rather scattered holo polishes. I appreciate that they made this distinction so that no one's assuming they're going to be like the infamous China Glaze OMG collection or something like that.

According to Mimi, the colors are as follows:

Rockin' Rubies (red micro glitter and pink opalescent round glitter)
24 Carats (gold micro glitter, gold and copper thin bar glitter)
Give Me A Price Quote (yellow-green micro glitter and thin bar glitter)
Cost Is No Issue (teal micro glitter with round blue glitter)
It's All In The Cut (lavender micro glitter with pink round glitter)
Back Alley Deals (purple micro glitter with magenta round glitter)
Believe Me, It's Real (bold blue micro glitter with purple round glitter)
Diamond In The Rough (silver and black micro glitter with round holographic glitter)

Mimi also noted that ALL of these polishes have a clear base and are priced at $2.99 each. Each display contains two bottles each of every shade.

IMPORTANT: Mimi found these polishes at Walgreens, not on the floor but above the shelves as seasonal merchandise that wasn't put out yet. So get out your detective glasses and search high and low for these babies!

Thanks so much, Mimi, for all of the incredibly helpful info and the fantastic pic!

Have you spotted Ice Baby at your local Walgreens yet?


  1. *adds to my long list of Wet 'n Wild polish displays I have yet to find* (list includes: Bloom, Mermaid's Cove, Inked, On the Prowl, Fantasy Makers R.I.P. polishes...and now Ice Baby.

    I'm coming up on one year of not finding a single L.E. Wet 'n Wild nail polish display. I live in a major city and hunt vigorously... I never had this problem before this past year. I read what they said is going on (store's fault not their's) but a whole year of hunting with not a single find? I'm finding it hard to get excited about these polishes because I feel like, great another awesome Wet 'n Wild display I'll never find. Sorry to go on and on...but I really love glitter and bar glitter and I would buy this whole collection in a heartbeat but...well, all I can think about anymore is my frustration when I see these displays posted online.

  2. no i havent' seen this. I went to walgreens yesterday..for a long needed haul.. only say halloween stuff. i want this now!

  3. Wow, these polishes are BEAUTIFUL! I hope I'll be able to find them, but I don't think so since I'm from Canada... We barely have anything from Wet N Wild here.

  4. I've stopped hunting.... the employees at the Walgreens I go to are starting to give me weird looks when I go in looking for a particular thing, and leave empty handed when I can't find it. I'm sure they think I have sticky fingers or something, but I don't! I'm just trying to find LE wet N wild like everyone else!

  5. TiffanyB I do that in lots and lots of Walgreens. Doesn't seem to make them act upon it. So it's no biggie.

    Good job, Mimi, on knowing to look up on the top shelves!! I'm off on the hunt today along with getting the matte and baked shadows too.

  6. I love these colors! :D I'm going to try to squeeze these into my budget because they are all amazing! :D

  7. Obsessed! I love Wet n Wild nail polishes. I only have 4, but they're actually really high quality for the price in my opinion.

    Loving the blog so far too. :) Just started reading today! Hope you have the time to possibly check mine out too <3

    xoxo, Kiera

  8. I spotted this display today in my local Wag's. I had popped in to return a mascara and pick up my scripts and there it was. The gal had just that minute finished putting it out.

    I don't know how it happened but all eight colours came home with me. :D

  9. I spotted this today but only picked up 2 for now. I didn't want to get hyped up for this collection like I did for "On The Prowl" but I was happy when I saw it.

  10. YES!!! I had each color in my cart but I started having buyer's remorse even before I bought them, so I put them back!! :(

  11. Hi,G!I am a little late commenting,mostly because when I saw this post,I immediately went to Mimi's blog to see her swatches.I have a question for you.Will you put up a sightings map for this collection along with the Sparkle City eyeshadows too? I did go to my Walgreens on Monday,checked the top shelf up and down the makeup aisles.Nothing WetnWild to speak of there.Funny thing,on Saturday morning,I saw the Wags truck pull up,and new there was something being dropped off,but all they had was some off brand eyeshadow and makeup pallettes on the top shelves,along with cologne sets and stuff,but I AM going to check out other Walgreens in my area.The Ice Baby glitters are just too pretty to miss out on! Thanks for reading my lengthy comment.

  12. Saw it today at 1 of the 3 WAGS that I haunt here in Jacksonville FL.

  13. Can't breathe...need...desperately... *passes out*

  14. bought 6 of the 8 today (i don't like the red or the greenish gold). I went to 3 walgreens yesterday and one more today. I had to ask an associate in cosmetics to check the back. She was really nice and helpful, so ladies, don't hesitate to ask (might even help to be a little bit of a butt-kisser haha)

  15. Hey guys, I saw these polishes yesterday at my Walgreens here in Melbourne Beach, FL... they were in the front of the beauty section- like where they have the seasonal displays. Then back in the makeup area, on one of the sides of the end shelves they had the baked shadows and some of the color icon trios and palettes. None of the LE new trios though.

  16. I'm going to add a marker on the map, but I agree there were TWO of these displays at the Walgreens I went to in Inglewood, CA.

  17. Does any one know if these are part of the buy one get one 50% wet n wild?
    Thanks in advance.


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