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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spotted: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers, new products by L'Oreal and more (pic heavy)

I spotted lots of new things at Rite Aid recently and I've still got TONS of reader-submitted products to share with you in the coming days, so please check back soon if you like these types of posts.

First up, as promised, here are the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers goodies I spotted, in case you'd like a closer look at some of the things from the 2011 Fantasy Makers collection:

There were three different shades of polish in these duos (glow-in-the-dark, black and red), and two shades of lipstick (black and red).

THEY'RE BAAAACK! My Rite Aid had the following Wicked Look kits:

Wicked Vixen, everyone's favorite red and black eyeshadow duo, is back again this year. Yay!

Twilight Witch

Vampire's Mistress

Here's a closer look at Vampire's Mistress:

And last but not least: 

Mysterious Maven

In the sunlight, this navy blue shimmer appeared to have a bit of duochrome-iness to it.

It's hard to see, but the lipstick is a dark navy blue shimmer.

A closer look at the blue in the shadow duo.

Next up, I spotted the new Demeter display:

Every season, Rite Aid offers a new Demeter display with season-appropriate fragrances. In this display we've got:

 Amber and Pumpkin Pie

Chrysanthemum and Cranberry

I tried the testers for all of them and they each smell very authentic (and delicious).

Here's the new L'Oreal Revitalift Clinical Repair 10 collection:

 L'Oreal Revitalift Clinical Repair Collection
(retail: $24.99 each)

And here's the new L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm collection:

L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm collection
(retail: $19.99 each)

I also spotted the new Heidi Klum Shine fragrance display (for more info about this fragrance, click here):

Next to the floor display above, there's a counter display with samples:

And finally, I spotted ANOTHER new St. Ives body lotion:

I absolutely love body lotions that contain AHA, and this looks like a great one (according to the bottle, it contains natural ingredients, no parabens, phlalates, synthetic dyes or animal products and no animal testing). The packaging is also made with recycled plastic.

That's it for this drugstore sighting. Have you spotted or purchased anything mentioned in this post?


  1. Holy cow I want the pumpkin pie Demeter! I love Demeter, but I don't have any. :(

  2. I'm really excited to check out the Demeter fragrances. I spotted some of those Halloween sets today but didn't take a good enough look. I picked up some of the Julie G polishes tho and am in love with Stiletto and Mermaid's Lagoon! Perfection. What a great post! Thanks so much!

  3. GAH! I want one of the wet n wild kits for halloween, but I don't know if my rite aid will get them. :(

  4. I always wait every year for these once a year items buy WetNWild totally love them I know in my area when they come out you better grab them cause they will be gone..

  5. hoping to see fantasy makers in my town.......i have the slowest drugstores ever!

  6. I so hope that my local Rite Aid carries the Demeter! I totally want to smell like pumpkin pie! Isn't that the scent men like best?

  7. O.O OMG OMG OMG!!! I am *dying*!!! I need to find these so bad! I have been hunting almost daily for a long list of Wet 'n Wild displays and I'm adding this one to the list for sure! (I have even enlisted my other half in the hunt, lol!) WOW! I need like, every single thing from that W'nW display! :D Ohhh I love the Fantasy Makers displays so much! <3 <3 <3

  8. I saw these last week at... Rite Aid, I think? And I still have the same question: Why is the Mysterious Maven set blue-and-black themed when the promo image on the packaging is blue-and-white, LOLOL? I was so excited by the picture, and then I realized I wouldn't actually be able to achieve the look with the products... ):

  9. Do you know where Demeter fragrances are carried (other than online, of course)? Are they only at Rite Aid? I only have CVS and Walgreens around me (well, and Target and Walmart) and none of them carry Demeter.

  10. I have the cranberry Demeter, and I love it! The scent is a bit fleeting, but it's a nice purse spray to carry for a quick pick-me-up. It's hard to overspray.

  11. Also noticed Demeter was selling Hello Kitty fragrance( smelled like apple) for $14.99 at Walgreens

  12. I found those Demeter perfumes at my Rite Aid for 1/2 a couple weeks back o.o I had to pick up pumpkin pie and amber. So yummy. Can't wait for fantasy makers, i'm obsessed!!

  13. Fred Meyer has their Fantasy Makers in but at mine there were no duo nailpolish/lipstick sets or individual Split Personality Duos (which I need to get my hands on). :(

    The glitter eyeliners have four colors this year - the three from last year (YAY!) plus a gold one called Hypnotic. When I saw G's original post I only saw two and was very worried the third wasn't making a return.

    I LOVE these eyeliners and have told WnW they need to make these part of their permanent line. These are BETTER than the Sephora brand as they do not burn the eyes when applying. Plus at $2.99 each it's far less expensive than Sephora's or any of the other department store brands.

    I'm kind of torked that the lipsticks (Kiss of Death) went up from 99 cents last year to $1.99 this year. If these are minis like last year (and I didn't look to see if they are minis) then $1.99 is WAY overpriced.

  14. I have been using the Golden Balm for about a month now and I am really impressed. I hate wearing liquid foundation and concealer since I can't get it to look natural or last the day. I also have a few capillaries showing in my fair facial skin. I was hoping something that would "redensify' the skin would help hide them. It actually does! After a month of using this my face looks more like I'm wearing a tinted moisturizer 24-7. I also started using this on my hands so they would match;)This balm has become a new holy grail product for me!

  15. The polish in Mysterious Maven doesn't show up as duochrome when I applied it but the color is a really pretty dark blue/green with shimmer.


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