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Friday, August 26, 2011

Complete list of all Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2011 products

One of the best things about being a Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassdor is that I have access to comprehensive information straight from the source, and I love being able to share that info directly with you. Every Halloween, I always wonder if I'm missing out on certain items in the Fantasy Makers collection, because some stores carry enormous displays, while others carry just a few counter displays. Well I no longer have to wonder about that, and neither do you, because I have the complete list of EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT in the Fantasy Makers 2011 collection, including shade names and prices.

NOTE: I cannot tell you exactly where you'll be able to find these products, but I know for a fact that Rite Aid and Walgreens usually carry a very good variety. Also, since CVS is starting to carry Wet n Wild in more locations, you might want to check there as well.

For a closer look at some of the items in this collection, please see my post here. Also, stay tuned because I'll be reviewing another batch of Fantasy Makers 2011 products later today!

Please click the images for a closer look:

NOTE: I spotted the above kits at my local Rite Aid the other day, and I can confirm the nail polish shades: there's a black creme, a red, a (new?) navy blue glitter and a (new?) pink glitter. AND YES, everyone's favorite red and black eyeshadow duo is BACK again this year!

 Note: Night Glow is a glow-in-the-dark polish. For a closer look at Black Magic, click here.

And here are the two giant floor displays to be on the lookout for at your local drugstores:

I hope this helps those of you who love Fantasy Makers as much as I do!

Have you spotted any Fantasy Makers displays at your drugstores yet? Any must-haves?


  1. It would be nice if this display hits my area, though all of my drugstores have seriously disappointed me by not carrying the last past few displays. I won't get my hopes up...

  2. Wow, this stuff looks like it could be a lot of fun... I gotta say now I'm excited! x3
    Is CVS really carrying more WnW now? That would be awesome, I'll have to check mine out soon! Thanks so much fr sharing this info! :)

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait to get my hands on these!!!!

  4. Does it seem they have more this year or is it because I'm seeing them all at the same time? Definitely, NOT a complaint! LOL

    The duo shadows are gotta haves for me. But then, I see many others that are just too cool not to pick up. And WnW makes it easy to get plenty because of their insanely low prices.

    G, can you do a tutorial on how to wear black lipstick? I love the look, just not sure how to pull it off.

  5. I know I will see this display in mines, every year they have them, but I'm just pissed at them for not even having dream weavers yet.

  6. I don't know if anyone has a Kmart still in their town but if you have one in driving distance, I have seen these displays at our Kmart every Halloween. Just an idea if you don't see them at the drugstores.

  7. I think K-Mart usually gets a lot of these products in, I've seen them there in previous years...

  8. i already saw some of these at my rite aid on 8/24. but no dream weavers or on the prowl collections T_T. is that a glow in the dark polish??

  9. Love your blog! I also love the interactive maps you have for the WNW LE collections! Are you going to have one for the Fantasy Makers Collection?

  10. Wow! I hope I can get my hands on some of these products- they looks so neat! The problem is I looked all over CVS and Walgreens today and no luck. Anyway, maybe they will come in closer to halloween?

  11. I looked at Rite Aid that usually has alot of LE collections but they didnt have this yet. I didnt think about looking at Kmart but i probably wouldnt anyway because my daughter was with me. Plus i dont think they have the Halloween section setup yet. If they do i usaully try to avoid it if i have my daughter with me because she wants every halloween costume. SHe loves Halloween. Im sure she will enjoy the black nail polish when I get it. Oh well ill have to keep checking at Rite Aid and I might check Wags when i go SUnday since that deal for Wetn wild starts on the 28th where all the 1.99 stuff is 99 cents and maybe they will have it. Oh plus the Carmex vanilla and lime twist sticks are 1.50 with 1.50 register rewards starting sunday.Hopefully one of the places will get some stuff in soon im excited!!!!

  12. I love my Walgreens because they always have the Halloween stuff, and since they started setting out their candy already, I will deffinitly be checking there soon. I'm dying to get my hands on the glitter liners and lashes.

  13. I found this entire collection in my local Harmon Drugs...and picked up the Fantasy Makers polishes :)

  14. Walmart always has the fantasy makers around here. Definitely going to pick up the polishes, and that awesome holo glitter you swatched yesterday!

  15. So the only really new stuff are the shadow palettes? The cream ones are the same from last year. The only thing I don't see from last year are the Split Personality Duos (singles). They brought the kits back but not the individual shadows. Too bad, I LOVED those.

  16. Spotted this collection yesterday at my local Ulta.

  17. As soon as I see them in my area I sure will be making a point to post, I found that those Halloween shops that spring up once a year like those traveling toy stores at XMas time, well when they pop up they carry all of this stuff pretty much it goes fast but at least if you cant find everything check those stores in October when they open their doors and you'll have lots of luck .HUGZ

  18. I bought the glitter liquid eyeliner in silver and its soooo pretty!

  19. I got the black magic, and purple potion R.I.P Nail polishes today for $1.79 each from Zellers in Canada- AMAZING! I wanted the black magic one ever since you did a review on it, but I may love purple potion even more!

  20. Has anyone spotted the duo square shadows. My Walgreens, Rite Aid, and SoH has everything EXCEPT that. GRR. Why does what I am looking for always have to be a hunt.

  21. Anyone near a Spirit Halloween store listen!!! while searching for the one the prowl collection today, I decided to try the Spirit Halloween store, and I found out that they (at least the one by me in Cedar Hill Texas) were carrying LAST years limited edition fantasy makers nail polish. They were charging 2.99 for them instead of 1.99 though. But still! If you missed out last year and don't want to purchase on ebay, I would try them out!


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