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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spotted: New Sinful Colors Beverly Hills display

In addition to the Get Swirling display and Adventure Island display, Sinful Colors has another new display hitting drugstores and it's called Beverly Hills. A HUGE thanks to my longtime reader graziaplena, who spotted this display at Walgreens:

image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap
 Sinful Colors Beverly Hills
(retail: $1.99 each)

As you can see, there are little beaded flower rings attached to each bottle of polish. Also, in addition to some repromotes, there seem to be a few NEW shades in this display. Yay for MORE new Sinful Colors!

According to graziaplena, the yellow polish is Unicorn (not new, but new-ish) and the green is Envy. The coral on the far right is Oh La La. The darker lilac on the left is Verbena, which is not new but new-ish, and I believe this is its first appearance at Walgreens (before this, I believe it was only spotted at Meijer and Rite Aid?).

The lighter lilac (on the right) is Beverly Hills, and I believe this is brand new (graziaplena agrees with me, and we both believe that Oh La La is new as well).

If any of you have spotted this display and can confirm the other shades (Pink Forever? Savage? Fly Away? Paradise?) it would be much appreciated!

To summarize, we believe that there are two new shades in this display: Oh La La (coral), and Beverly Hills (light lilac). But it's great that Verbena is now more widely available since I know many of you have been wanting that one.

Now if we could just work on getting Stella at Walgreens or Rite Aid, all would be right with the world!

Thanks again, graziaplena, for the great scoop!


  1. Very excited! I've been getting bummed out at all the stuff that seems to be at RA and not at Walgreens. Looking forward to the purples in this collection.

  2. Sinful Colors is just crankin' out the collections! I'll be on the lookout for any of them.

  3. i spotted them fri @ walgreens..while looking for the Treasure Island collection~~i picked up beverly hills.

  4. Ive been hoping theyd come out with a pastel type lavendar color (there my all time favorite nail polish brand)
    And envy is a great name for that green(:

    Thanks for showing new displays of SC<3333

  5. I got Oh La La and the color is really beautiful!

  6. Oh I hope my Walgreens gets these! I don't think I have ANY of these colors! SO PRETTY!

  7. I'm glad these will be at Walgreens.

    Pink Forever is a repromote, Savage is new-ish, Fly Away and and Paradise are new to me.

  8. Oh, excited to check this out! They are really popping these new collections this summer.

  9. Have you seen the displays they have for the 4th of July? They are red and blue (and possibly white - I can't remember) polishes with smaller nail-art-like products in the same colors.

    Do you know if the Beverly Hills polishes are all creams? I can't tell from the image.

  10. Oh my gosh, they really are putting out a lot of these collections. I still cannot find Adventure Island!

  11. im not too big on the "ring" part of it but i really like the colors, specially that lilac kind of color next to the yellow one

  12. Ooooohhh! Thanks for another great post! I'm definitely hitting up Walgreens tomorrow to see if they have these in stock :)

  13. Holy cow!!! I simply have to find time to do a multiple drugstore run! I am totally missing out!

  14. Yep, I saw this at Walgreens this past weekend. Savage is one of the blues, and I think the other blue is Why Not. I didn't check the pink color. None of the colors seemed new to me so I didn't pick up any. I'm still waiting for the Pirates display to show up!

  15. NeutraKris-- they're all creams!

  16. I saw this display at Albertson (grocery store). I have not seen them at any of our Walgreens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but some of the newer polishes have different labels then the older polises. IDK, I could be wrong. :)

  17. the colors for this collection are paradise, savage, pink forever, unicorn, envy, verbena, oh lala, and beverly hills.

  18. Pink Forever isn't new, I've had the same bottle of mine for almost 2 years, lol :)

  19. I acutally saw that at my walgreens and picked up two colors: Beverly Hills and SoulMate.

    Their both, veryyy, pretty colorS!

  20. Sinful Colors Beverly Hills are also at Walgreens. :D Just picked mine up tonight. You're right Beverly Hills and Oh La La are the only two new ones.

    313 Pink Forever (dark pink ring)
    950 Savage (white ring)
    951 Why Not (blue ring)
    953 Unicorn (yellow ring)
    954 Verbena (purple ring)
    956 Oh La La (yellow/orange ring)
    960 Envy (green ring)
    983 Beverly Hills (light pink ring)

  21. Oh La La was also in some of the Lone Star collections...@ some stores...don't know why it varies, but I did see it more than once in the Lone Star several months ago, and also saw a upc/store tag sticker just yesterday on a LS one that said Oh La La on the display (although that actual polish was sold out), but some stores had something different instead of Oh La La...??

  22. I was just at Walgreens yesterday and they had this collection, but instead of Verbena, they had a color called Amethyst, #978. I snatched it up. It's darker than Verbena; a murky/dirty purple creme and it's absolutely gorgeous. I cannot find any information on this color online, so I was hoping someone could help me out. Perhaps they sent the wrong color (a VERY NEW color!) with this collection?

    I'm still looking for Verbena; I'll just have to try the other Walgreens in my area.

  23. This is a continuation of my previous comment. Amethyst is from Sinful Colors' new Go Plaid collection! It was just in the wrong display for some reason.

    Out of the four main colors (there are stripers also!), I believe this is the only brand new color. The other polishes are Courtney Orange, Envy and Ruby Ruby. The stripers are silver glitter, black, white, and red. I hope this was useful to someone! :)

  24. beavisfreak: Thank you SO much for all the wonderful info! I'm doing a post on the Plaid display right now and I'm going to mention this, with full credit to you. Thanks a MILLION!! G. xoxo


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