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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spotted: new products from Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen

Before I get into this drugstore sightings post, I want to thank my pal Jess for sending me the link to the Canadian Maybelline website, which contains some of the new products that are apparently starting to surface in US drugstores. Check out Maybelline's Canadian website here to see the new Color Explosion eyeshadows and here to see the new Falsies Flared Mascara. Also, there's apparently a new Eye Studio liquid liner PEN, but I can't seem to find any mention of it online. If anyone has spotted this product, please leave a comment and let us know! Thanks again, Jess, for the link!

Now, on to what I've spotted at Rite Aid recently:

First, I spotted the new Demeter roll-on fragrances that Sephiria showed us here, and now I can confirm that the scents in the display are Pure Soap, Baby Powder and Cake Batter (not Honeysuckle, as indicated previously).

Next up, I spotted the new Sinful Colors collection (yay!):


Since I first posted about this new collection a few days ago, I've heard from several people that many of the shades in this collection are very close dupes of the OPI Pirates collection. I actually haven't seen the OPI collection in person so I can't confirm that, but I want to say that T-Rex hit the nail right on the head when she said these were "dirty pastels". Many of these colors have a unique (well, for the drugstore they're unique) dirtiness to them that I find quite appealing. I purchased Seaweed and Adventure Island, which I will swatch for you this week, because they just don't resemble anything else I own.

Also, just so we're clear on this: NOT ALL OF THESE SHADES ARE NEW. Some of the shades in this collection are repromotes (existing core collection shades) such as: Verbena, Easy Going and Rise and Shine.

Next, I spotted the Limited Edition Designer Collection Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips--I realize these have been out for a little while, but have been looking and looking for them and was so happy to finally spot them:

These limited edition designs are so fun!

I'm loving the old-school Vans checkerboard design.

And finally, I was able to get a better picture of the Limited Edition Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure display, so I thought I'd share it here. The colors in my photo are pretty accurate so I thought it might help some of you to see this:

That's it for this sightings post--have you spotted any of these goodies in your area yet? Do you already own any of these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. The new Maybelline liners AND gorgeous eyeshadows (little 5/6 palettes...wait till you see the neutral and purple shades...SWOON!) are at my Wags! I didn't pay attention to the Falsies display with it but did notice that there was a "wing" theme for the models.

  2. I spotted both of the Sally Hansen displays when I was out this morning...but I didn't know they were LE!! I might have to go back for the Complete Salon Manicure one!

    And I still haven't spotted the Adventure Island display yet =( I mainly went out today for that LOL

    Also! The Essie French Affairs Spring 2011 Collection is on sale at Wags. $4.19 are the prices around me. I went to 2 stores and it looks like only 3 are on sale. Both stores had Sand Tropez and Coat Azure on sale. But one had Nice is Nice, the other had French Affair. So different stores, different clearances?

  3. Ooh, I've been on the lookout for Verbena ever seen you mentioned it in a previous post!

    Just FYI, Easy Going is your typical streaky pastel color and Rise and Shine comes off kind of matte (I usually put a top coat over it).

  4. I saw a display of Sally Hansen colors for $1.99, not on sale but the price point. I bought a gorgeous glitter called Ice Queen. it's clear with silver micro-shimmer and chunky pink and blue round glitter. It is so pretty and the price is awesome. There were some other lovely colors on the display. At Walgreens.

  5. Hi All, Just to let you know I have SC 's Verbena and it is an exact dupe for OPI's Planks A Lot and SC's Open Seas is an exact dupe for OPI's Mermaid's Tears.

  6. Ooooo I cannot wait to get my hands on some of those new Sinful colors!

  7. I have seen the new Sally Hansen's LE. But I really didn't see any that called out to me.

    I'm still looking for the SC's Adventure Island collection. Thanks for sharing the remakes. Now I won't have to worry about doubling up. But then, that's how giveaways are made. ;D

  8. I saw those Maybelline eyeliner pencils in CVS tonight but not the Falsies Flared and thats what i really wanted. I think the maybelline pencil is a creme liner not a liquid unless their is another new product.

  9. Wow I can't believe how much like Pirates this Sinful collection is... oh well! It kinda bugs me that the colors aren't all new :/

  10. I have the new Complete Salon Manicure color in Coral Fever and I LOVE it. It's a perfect bright summer shade and good application, even with the brush design which I do not like at all.

  11. I think I want Beautiful Girl and Rise and Shine.

  12. has all the new Maybelline products on their website too. I am pretty sure the there is no liquid liner pen just the eyeliner pencils.

  13. Still looking for the Sinful display here - I didn't pick up any of the OPI so this will suit me nicely as a substitute!

  14. I got almost all of the Sinful PotC dupe polishes (& saved how much $ by not buying the OPI ones) last week & I'm so glad, because Open Seas is a perfect shade of greyish patina green. Now I just need a good & coppery copper crackle.

    I have a couple of other polishes that will work too, but I have a feeling if I'll Frankening a special patina green or sponging more than one color on my nails as a base coat, once I get ready to use the copper crackle.

  15. Man, I love SC so much. I might just scoop that whole collection if it shows up at my Rite Aid...why not when they are only $1.99? They have a fail here and there, but most of the SCs I have are perfection, including the Mint Apple I just put on this morning.
    I also have a weakness for Demeters so I'll keep an eye out for those!

  16. I actually have SC Rise and Shine. To my surprise it dries as a satin (not creme - not quite a matte). It's one of my favorites for that.

  17. Hey thanks for this !! I just got all the SC polishes ! I love them I even did a swatch post on my site =]

    Thanks !! xoxo

  18. I'd really like to get my hands on Open Seas. Haven't seen any of these yet.

  19. I just purchased the Verbena at Meijer. I am in luv with this purple lilac color. I am so excited to be able to go to my local Rite Aid and take a look at these new colors. They look gorgeous on camera, can't imagine what they look like in person... thanks so much!

  20. I saw the LE Sally Hansen polishes at Target for $5, which is actually a really good price for them (especially if you still have your $1 off target coupon from that beauty sample bag and/or the $1 tear-off manufacturer's coupon I've seen on another SH display).

  21. I have Sinful colors -beautiful girl, easy going and rise and shine. But I would love to get the others.

  22. I've been checking a couple walgreens for 2 weeks now, looking for these sinfuls. I must get them!

  23. Wow. First off, your an amazingg bloposter!! To keep up with new collections!

    I can't wait for the Maybelline eye studio products and the nail polishes tohit my drugstore!!

    Thanks for the post!


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