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Monday, June 27, 2011

More Wet n Wild news! Six new LE eyeshadow trios and new lip balms

UPDATE: to see swatches of all of the shadows in the Dream Weavers collection, please click here.

As if this news wasn't big enough, I've got more to share with you today from Wet n Wild, and it's pretty fabulous!

This just in:

On Shelf Mid-July

Dream Weavers
Limited Edition Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio
Price Point: $2.99

Fly away to the colorful side! Celestially stunning shades you’ve always dreamt about!

Dynamic new Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio collection with 30% more pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Playful and beautiful, these shades are influenced by the shades of the cosmos – ones you’ve only dreamt about!

33645 Bright Idea
33646 We’re Blasting Off
33647 Dancing in the Clouds
33648 Fly Me to the Moon
33649 Earth Looks Small from Here
33650 Enter a New Realm

Do you see what I see? ANOTHER RED SHADOW like the one we all loved in the Holiday 2010 Night Elf palette!

And that's not all:

On Shelf Mid-July

Price Point: $2.99

Delectably juicy SPF 15 lip balms keep lips moisturized all day. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and condition. Contains SPF 15 to protect lips from harmful UVB rays. Available in 4 delicious flavors.

280C Cherry

281C Raspberry

282C Watermelon

283C Strawberry

I actually spotted these the other day at CVS but if you missed my post, here's a pic of all four flavors:

To summarize:

The Dream Weavers eyeshadow collection is limited edition and will hit stores mid-July (as with most limited edition collections, it's up to your individual drugstores as to whether or not they want to carry this collection. I cannot tell you exactly which stores in your area will have them).

The Juicy Lip Balms are core collection, but they're CVS-exclusives. They will hit CVS mid-July but, as you can see, they may already be at your local CVS now!

What do you think of these new shadows and lip balms? I'm SO excited to if there are any fab dupes in these new trios!


  1. Whoa whoa whoa, that purple in that trio is just calling my name! I hope I can get a hold of this, I wasn't able to find the Summer Collection :(

  2. I must have ALLLLL of the trios!

  3. Ahhh!!! They must all be mine!!! ...Just when I thought I was done going to every CVS within a 20 mile radius... -.-

  4. +faints+ I think I'm going to have to go out and buy all these LE trios and maybe some backups! I still haven't gotten the 8 pan palettes, augh. I have to get those soon, too!

  5. Also, (I hate to double comment) but when there are Wet 'n Wild sales going on (50% off, BOGO, etc.) in stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. do they also count LE products? Once when I bought some of the LE polishes they didn't count it.

  6. Omg. I must have these! Especially the red one!

  7. I need that purple trio in my life!!!

  8. I'm clearing out a drawer right now for all the WnW's I want and need to find.

    I think I need to go work for WnW; I love their stuff so much. They don't make me go broke. hee hee!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad you all seem as excited as I am about these new trios. Heck, I'm not even a purple person that that purple looks amazing! haha.

    Steffany: You know, the only place where I've ever run into trouble with buying an LE WnW product during a sale is Walgreens. For some reason, they don't always include the LE stuff in their weekly sales. But I have never had that problem at CVS or Rite Aid. I hope that helps.

  10. I have to say, seeing as how I STILL haven't seen the LE collection that had the Gilded Age shadow trio at any drugstore nearby, I have little hope of finding this LE collection! But it does look awesome. :) Le sigh.

  11. It's like they know I love red and black eyeshadow looks :D I'm super excited ahah

  12. D: I'm so Torn...
    ~For some reason I love red shadows, even though I already have Night elf and Nyx's Red head, but I hardly use them...I think I've decided that I will only get it if that gray/silver shade isn't like the one in Night Elf.
    ~That purple is also calling me too since I don't have a standard purple color. Plus I hope that eyelid shade is a copper, since I don't have a copper shade either.
    ~And that Sage Green *drowls*
    ~Plus that Yellow... I Really Wanted a pigmented yellow, they never are pigmented unless it's HE,but I'm never going to shell out cash for that.

    Argh... WnW Just needs to make a rainbow palette and I'd be in heaven. XD

  13. I SO need the gold and purple palette! May pick up the palette with the red, as well.

    Though, I do have a mini rant: I'm so sick of LE items only being available at exclusive retailers. One thing, I'm STILL searching for the The Golden Ages palette! Not a single Walgreens, CVS, or Meijer in my area has it. :( (And I live in a fairly large city. It's no Chicago, but it's not a small town either. :P) I was almost certain that at least one Meijer would get it, as they normally get all of the LE WnW items (my local store got Mermaid's Cove, Inked, the Vanite palettes, and Bloom...all within two months). It really is a wild goose egg hunt! I absolutely love seeing new items like this, but it disheartens me when I never find them. :(

  14. very pretty. but I am giving up. Lately I can't find any of them.

  15. I saw those lip balms today!

  16. Well, now I know where next months makeup allowance is going!

  17. Id like to have the on ewith the pink, green and yellow. I love bright eyeshadow. that one with the brown and pink and beige looks like the existing Walking on Eggshells trio.

  18. I NEED that red shadow palette! NEED IT!

  19. Seriously, why can't they produce a higher volume of these and have them available for sale for a few months at least. Especially considering the high demand and how little they charge retail for them. They would make so much more money and we the customers would be able to get our hands on them with having to resort to paying crazy prices on ebay. I live in tiny old Rhode Island, aka the black hole of death, and I never even see half the stuff I see on this blog. And if I do manage to find a LE display it's usually mostly empty and sold out. Sigh.

  20. I want them all! I need them all! Great job wet n wild yeah! Let the hunt begin yeah!

  21. wishing that SOMEWHERE in New England they would carry the LE Palettes... the summer ones completely passed us by.

  22. Wow... I've now got that song "Dreaaaaaaaaam Weaaaaver" stuck in my head. LOL It's all good! I'm good with the colors and glosses- bring 'em on!

    @Dani: Are you serious?! I live wayyyy up in the mountains of NH, and we've had ALL the LE stuff at Walgreens! Each time! Heck, I even have 3 bottles of Sinful Colors Green Ocean left over... I was able to snag 12 of 'em wayyy after St. Patty's Day when nobody could find 'em.


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