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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wet n Wild dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palette (and a bonus CoverGirl dupe!)

Once or twice a year, I allow myself to splurge and pick up a higher-end product that I've reeeeaaally been wanting and can't seem to push out of my mind. This year, I caved and purchased the Urban Decay Naked palette which, arguably, has been the most talked-about palette of 2011. As many of you know, I live in earthtones, so I knew I'd get a ton of mileage out of it.

But if you can't afford the Urban Decay Naked palette (retail price: $48), I want to let you know that there are some pretty impressive dupes in many of the Wet n Wild palettes which, as you know, retail for just a few dollars a piece. In this post, I'd like to show you some of the closest matches I've found.

NOTE: when referring to a shade in a Wet n Wild palette, I always count the colors from top to bottom like this:

(enlarge the following photos to get a better look)

First up, Urban Decay Half Baked:

UD Half Baked is lighter than both the 3rd shade in The Gilded Age trio and the 3rd shade in the I'm Getting Sunburned trio, but I think both of the WnW shades are in the same general ballpark as Half Baked (super shimmery bronzes).


Next, Urban Decay Gunmetal:

In person, the 6th shade in the WnW Lust 6-pan is actually VERY close to UD Gunmetal, though my pics seem to bring out their differences. They've both got that charcoal-black shimmer thing going on and, on the lid, it's hard to tell them apart (especially if you're using them as crease shades).

Next we have Urban Decay Toasted:

Neither the 1st shade in The Gilded Age trio nor the 2nd shade in the Comfort Zone 8-pan is a full-on dupe of UD Toasted, but both seem to have the same kind of warmth and shimmer, so I included them both so that you could be the judge as to which one is closest. 

Since I am absolutely in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the 1st shade in the Gilded Age trio, I thought it might be helpful to see it swatched next to some other shades in the UD Naked palette:

Here it is next to UD Sin. Swatching it next to Sin makes it look lighter--it's really a little chameleon and I find that this shadow seems to kind of take on the shades it's worn with.

Here it is next to UD Sidecar:

Swatched next to UD Sidecar, it looks browner than it does when next to Sin, and less peachy than it does when swatched next to Toasted, don't you agree?

Next, we have Urban Decay Smog:

I think that the 3rd shade in the WnW Comfort Zone 8-pan can be considered a True Dupe of Urban Decay Smog. In person, it's nearly impossible for me to tell these two shades apart. They have such similar undertones, and the level of shimmer is identical. At this point, I'm probably not the first person to have come to this conclusion, so I apologize if this is old news to some of you, but it makes me very happy to share it with those who may not already know!

Next we have Urban Decay Virgin:

Now obviously the textures of these shades are worlds apart from each other. UD Virgin is a satin, while the 4th shade in the WnW Lust 6-pan is a matte with fine silver sparkle. However, the colors are so close that I thought I'd include them, just to give you an idea.

Next we have Urban Decay Creep:

I deliberately made these photos blurry because I wanted you to see the sparkle running through both shades (enlarge the photo to see). Both of these shades are VERY matte, and they both have sparkle running through them. But as you can see, the biggest difference is that the shade from the WnW Petal Pusher palette has more blue in it, while UD Creep has more of a charcoal feel to it.


And finally, when I was playing around with my CoverGirl Shimmering Sands eyeshadow trio for an unrelated future CoverGirl post, I discovered this little gem:

Even though the first shade in the CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio is satin in texture, I find that when I apply it without primer, it looks quite matte. I think this shade closely resembles the matte shade, Naked, in the UD palette!

I hope my swatches are helpful to those of you who might be looking for more affordable alternatives to the Urban Decay Naked palette!

Do you own any of the Wet n Wild palettes that I've mentioned in this post? How do you think they compare to higher-end shadows?

The Wet n Wild palettes mentioned in this post were given to by the brand for previous reviews. The Urban Decay Naked palette and the CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio were purchased with personal funds.


  1. As a lover of the UD palette as well as WnW shadows, I loved this post! Although the WnW are a good deal less money, I find that they don't last long in the palette...theyre often too soft so I pick up more on my brush than I intend too. They break kind of easily too...still my favorite (and only) drugstore eyeshadow I use though!

  2. I did the same thing! Never before have I spent nearly $50 on a makeup item! I just love the eye shadows, worth every penny. They are just so creamy and pigmented. I saw the icon palettes at my Walgreens and I was waiting for a sale to pick them up. I'm afraid to travel the UD for fear that I will drop it or it will get bounced around and the shadows will crumble. It's good to know that there are dupes of my faves! Thanks!

  3. I love WnW shadows! Great dupes! Though I couldn't and still can't find those 8 pan WnW for the life of me lol

  4. This is an amazing post. I've had my Naked palette for a while now and still love it, but I recently purchased and got to try a couple of the WnW palettes myself. This would save someone a great deal of money and the dupes look pretty spot on too!

    My only qualm is that I agree with Margaret--my Sweet As Candy WnW trio cracked somehow when I put it in my organizer because I dropped it (but it was only a 1-2 inch drop). :( Other than that though, great post!

  5. aww i'm so glad u splurged on the UD naked palette! I love it and I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you!

  6. This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing these dupes! I've entered so many contests to try and score a Naked Palette and have failed. lol So this really makes me happy to see some good dupes. :)

  7. Amazing post G!!! Thanks for all the swatches and photos, they are fantastic!!! I am still desperately seeking Giled Age. *dramatic sigh* :-)


  8. I'm looking for Gilded Age, too, with no luck so far. Which chain stores have you seen this one in?

  9. The UD is one palette I would splurge on too, I just love earth tones so much! But these are some awesome dupe comparisons, thanks G!

  10. Thanks for sharing im always happy to have dupes or go buy dupes instead paying so much for the name although I know some products can not be dupe but isnt it great to find something for a lesser amount that makes more money to buy other makeup lol.. Thanks this post helped so much and im enjoying your blog.


  11. I absolutely love this post, great dupes. I look forword to your posts everyday, they are always so informative.
    Keep up the good work.


  12. ahh, I love this! Thanks for all of the swatches and comparisons :) *I'm still lemming UD Naked though o.O that's such a tempting splurge item*

  13. Margaret: Glad you enjoyed this post! I know what you mean about the WnW shadows--some of them can be softer than average, but the way I think of it is, I'd rather have them softer than average then harder than average (super hard shadows are my biggest pet peeve). lol! :)

    Lilybeans: Yay! Glad you like the UD palette too! I'd love to know what you think of the WnW palettes if/when you try them. :)

    BlushingNoir: Really? You can't find them Walgreens OR Walmart? I'm so sorry, hun! :(

    JC: Thanks so much! And hey, have you tried to press your cracked shadow back into the palette? I know that works for some! If you don't know how to press shadows, there are lots of tutorials online. Hopefully that will work for you and you'll still be able to use the trio! :)

    Dinorah: Aw shucks. Thanks, sweets!

    Y: I don't know about gorgeous, but you know I LOVE those colors! lol! It was my first splurge in a looooong time and so worth it. xo

    Autumn: You are so welcome! I'm so happy to be able to help you get similar colors (for much less)! :)

    Charlotte: You are so welcome, hun! If your CVS carries WnW, I've been hearing from a LOT of people who have found the Go for the Gold display there in the past few weeks. Hope you can find it SOON! xo

    T-Rex: I've heard from several people that this display is surfacing at CVS now (if your CVS carries WnW--mine doesn't, and I haven't see the display at Wags or RA in my city either). Boo!

    Nicole: Thanks so much, honey! xoxo

  14. I cannot find the gilded age trio anywhere yet :( I really love it just from the pics and want at least 2 of them!! I hope it comes to my area soon :(

  15. Joyce: Thank you SO much, honey! I really, really appreciate that. xo

    Makeup Morsels: Haha! I completely understand. ;)

    ditzyxxdoll: Try CVS! I have heard from several people that they're spotting it there (if your CVS carries WnW). :)

  16. My CVS just now put out the Bloom collection so hopefully maybe in a month or so Ill get Gilded Age and the bronzer. I want them so bad!!! But the weird thing is they put out the Mermaid collection with the bloom collection. I wonder what took them so long to put out the Bloom collection? Oh well i just hope i get that eyshadow and bronzer.

  17. G, you always know how to make not only my day-- but my whole freaking week! Seriously honey, you are the BEST!!! I just need to find Comfort Zone palette. I've discovered that UD Half Baked is not my color. Supposedly, I do not look well when I wear it.

  18. This is an AMAZING post! :D I really really really really really wanted the UD Naked but it's totally not in my budget. You are the best! Lolll

  19. CocoagirlD: You are so sweet! Thanks so much for that, hun! :D

    ashwillis: Keep checking, because I'm hearing reports of people finding both the LE polishes and the Go for the Gold display at CVS lately. I bet you they'll put it out any day now. :)

    Lacey: You are an absolute doll. YOU made MY day with your comment. xo

    Krista: Thanks sweetie!

    Tiffo: Awww, you are too sweet! I'm so glad I could help, honey. xo

  20. I have those WnW palettes and am really happy that I have them. I looked at the UD Nakeds when it first came out. Oh, I did want it but my wallet frowned...hard. So, your comparisons make me feel like I haven't truly missed out. So many are 'just' that close.

  21. Kimberly: Oh girl, it hurt my wallet too, believe me! But since I literally only buy higher end products once or twice a year (if that!) I could justify it! lol. And I'm so glad this post made you feel like you weren't missing out. Yay!

  22. Im like you and only splurge once or twice a year on a high end product-and I broke down and bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I do like it but half baked made my eyes swell up so bad I looked terrible! Im thankful for these back ups because WnW has never done that to me, and I can fill in that one with a dupe.

  23. You are amazing G. The wnw shadows are so identical to ud naked palette like wow!!!

  24. Great comparisons!

    I love my Naked and my Wet n Wilds, but I never took the time to realize how comparable the shades were. Still waiting on the 8 pans here in Canada though. Boo WnW!

  25. Great dupes!! I really hope that we get to see the Gilded age here in New England, last WnW LE didn't even say hello :(

  26. I have the UD Naked palette as well as the WnW Lust, I'm Getting Sunburned, and Comfort Zone palettes! I love all 4 of them because they all have amazing color payoff and are versitile. I think each is worth the money. Although the Naked palette was very expensive, I use it more than any of my other eye shadow palettes so it is proving to be well worth the money. I purchased mine last August when it was $44 and came with the double ended liner.

  27. I love WnW but the 8-pan mentioned does not come close to being a dupe for NAKED. Some shades are pretty similar but not as good of a dupe as the ELF Neutral Spring/Summer palette. Now that is a 95% match to NAKED and costs the exact same as the 8-pan. I did a side-by-side comparison and ELF's Neutral is practically a dead ringer for NAKED with a few slight differences.

  28. Thanks! I found these this morning at CVS (3rd store, but still!) I picked up 3 eye shadow palettes and a bronzer. They also had the paint bucket and in bloom collection :D I am loving CVS!

  29. aww i still can't get my hands on the guilded age trio :( anyone have any luck.. i want it so bad :(

  30. XoTopazoX: Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that! Well, at least you have an alternative now, right? :)

    Becky: You are such a sweetie for saying that! Thank you! And I'm so glad I could help. xo

    Bailey: Oh man, I really hope you lovely CA gals get the 8-pans soon!

    lebasigp23: I would check CVS--that seems to be where people are spotting this display now. :)

    meroekhalia: So glad you like both the UD palette AND the WnW shadows! :D

    Zadidoll: I never claimed that the Comfort Zone palette was a dupe for the UD Naked palette. In this post, I compare shades from a *variety* of different WnW palettes(Comfort Zone, The Gilded Age, Lust, Petal Pusher) to the shades found in the UD palette. Hope that clears up any confusion.

    ditzyxxdoll: Yay!I'm SO glad you found this at CVS (and the Nail Pail too)!

    Makeup-a-holic: Try CVS! :D

  31. Ahhh, well with the title "Wet n Wild dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palette) one would think that you were making that claim. Thanks for the clarification.

  32. Zadidoll: Well SURE it would, IF the title of the post was: "Wet n Wild Comfort Zone 8-pan dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palette". But I never said the Comfort Zone palette was a dupe of the Naked palette in either the title or the post. I'm not sure what you're insinuating here (false advertising?) but I'm very sorry if you misunderstood my objective. I tried to be as clear as possible by both listing each WnW palette and then providing a pic of each palette next to the UD shade. I'm sorry if that led you to believe this post was only about the Comfort Zone palette.

  33. Not insinuating anything. I'm a fan of yours but I'm taken aback by the hostility in that comment you made. I'm seriously like O_O' here.

    Sorry if I offended you by posting my opinion. I own all the palettes, NAKED and ELF so while some shades from the WnW palettes are close many are no where near NAKED's shades. ELF's Neutral palette from the Spring/Summer series on the other hand is a 95% match.

  34. Zadidoll: See, this is why it's so hard to communicate via comments--I read hostility in YOUR comment:

    "Ahhh, well with the title "Wet n Wild dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palette) one would think that you were making that claim."

    That seemed very harsh to me. All I did was reply in defense of MY post. I never claimed that the comfort zone palette was a side-by-side dupe of the Naked palette, and I'm not sure why you're stuck on that? I'm happy that you own all of the palettes talked about, and I respect your opinions of them! I'm just totally confused because it seems like you're saying I'm making claims that I'm simply not making. I hope this clears things up a bit, because I honestly never meant to argue or offend you. I'm just trying to clear up any issues you may have with my post and that's it! :)

  35. Well... I think you're fabulous and while the frugal part of me is chanting to go out and buy the Wet and Wild pallettes (assuming I can find them...) the naughty part of me that has wanted the Naked pallette since it came out is screaming to go buy IT. hahaha! :)

  36. Mrs. Litz: You are such a doll! And um, I hear ya! I'm super glad I have both, and I'd never try to talk you out of purchasing any of them. lol! xo

  37. Revlon has a satin eyeshadow called Nude Slip, and it's kind of a cross between Sin and Sidecar :)

  38. i dont buy a lot of cosmetics, (im really big into skincare tho' ive tried everything.) so i wish i wouldve found your page before i spent a ton of cash on the tarte true blood palette after seeing how easy it is to dupe shades!

  39. VERY helpful!! thank you so much!! I have a notebook and took notes

  40. Does anyone know where I can find the WnW Gilded Age trio?? I've looked EVERYWHERE...maybe I'm too late to buy it but I just found this link on Pintrest so I hope it's still out there somewhere! I travel a lot and leave my UD Naked at home and would love to have Gilded Ago to throw in my makeup bag. Any help would be great!

  41. Thank you so much, I love makeup dupes videos & blogs.

  42. I've just bought not only two dupes for UD Naked palettes today, but another three on Monday that are waiting to be picked up. I would have had the other three today, only they are stuck in an elevator in two large crates! Thankfully, there wasn't anyone in there with the stock delivery :D

    Anyhow, today's purchases are the W7 In The Nude and In The Buff, while my other purchases are the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1, 2, and 3. Plus the Makeup Revolution Brights and Acid palettes! For £4 for the MR Iconic palettes, how could I not splurge? And the W7 ones cost me a mere £4.99.

    While I would dearly love to have the UD Naked line, as a disabled person hardly able to leave the house let alone work, I have to pick and choose upon which products need more money. For me, my spare cash goes straight on Clinique and Elemis skin care, plus my beloved Smashbox Studio 15 Hour Wear foundation, Bdellium brushes, and the UD Primer Potion! I do own some high flying goodies, of course. I may not be able to use my 17 year cosmetology education on others, but I can sure as hell use it on myself ;)

    Anyway, I'll save this page so I can come back, and share with you all my findings with regards to the MR Iconic palettes plus the others, as well as my W7 ones.

    Happy Liner, people :D

    Jude xxx


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