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Sunday, May 22, 2011

CVS haul and new info

I told myself that I was going to keep the CVS beauty clearance info contained to one post, but I have some additional info that I really wanted to share with you, so, well, I'm breaking my own rules!

First of all, I want to once again thank each and person who has left a comment on the official post. It's because of you that I am able to post such a comprehensive list, and you have no idea how grateful I am for you taking the time to leave such detailed and thoughtful info on that post. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Second, I know I've mentioned this before, but my favorite eye makeup remover of all time is the CVS version of Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover. I LOVE this stuff, and I usually buy the travel-size bottles for around $2.50 each (which last me a very long time). Well, thanks to my lovely reader flagrl561 for alerting us to the fact that the travel size version is on clearance right now for 75% off! Flagrl561 was able to score a bottle for just $0.24!!!! I've  been to three different CVS locations in search of this deal, but at every one, the makeup remover is already SOLD OUT! Argh! If you spot this stuff and can get it for $0.24, consider yourself a very lucky gal!

Next, I want to share with you my haul (I swear this is the only haul I'm making during this sale--mark my words!):

Let's start with how I got that bottle of Rimmel polish for $0.12: as you all know, select shades are on clearance for around $1.12 right now. Well, at Rite Aid, there are lots of counter displays for Rimmel products right now, and they have $1 tear-pad coupons on the displays! I took a few (with the plan of waiting for a good sale in the future) and BOY did they come in handy! My CVS accepted my $1 off coupon, so HELLO, $0.12 nail polish!

I have a serious obsession with pale lavender nail polish, and I have been wanting Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud for the longest time. Since it's on clearance for $1.99, it was finally time to get it. I think it's THE palest lavender I own.

And finally, let's talk about these Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powders. When they first came out a while back, I remember everyone talking about how they're MAC MSF dupes. Well, I kind of kept that in the back of my mind but the $13.99 price tag always scared me away. Since these are (probably) being discontinued (all three shades are on clearance) I figured it was finally time to try one.


I'm kicking myself for not getting one sooner. Ladies, I LOVE this stuff, and let me tell you why:

1) No fallout. It's so finely milled, it's a pure joy to apply.
2) No chunky sparkle! The shimmer in the shade "Brighten" is so fine that it literally just makes my skin glow.
3) Buildable shimmer. If you want a very subtle look, it's easily achievable. If you want a more intense glow, you can easily get it by building.

I wore this yesterday and Mr. G, who usually is the first person to say "Why does your face look so sparkly?" said to me, "Whoa. Your skin looks like it's glowing." I even asked him if he meant "sparkly" and he said NO, that it just looked glowy. 

For an oily-skinned, MAC NC20 gal who lives in constant fear of a glowy/dewy look, this product is Holy Grail material. A finely-milled powder that TRULY gives me a glowy look, without looking oily? It's too good to be true! Oh, and the pink color of the powder doesn't really deposit color on my face--it's more a very subtle silver glow. I'm telling you, this is THE. PERFECT. HIGHLIGHTER.  For me, at least. But hey, if you're not interested in getting one, that's cool because that just means there's more for me!

PS: I just updated the master list with new items and shades spotted by you, and also things I have personally spotted (spoiler: I spotted NYC Blushable Creme Sticks for 75% off at my CVS, as well as some Neutrogena and Garnier skincare items for 50% off. So definitely take a peek!)

If you have spotted additional products on clearance that are NOT on the master list, please leave your comments here. Thanks SO much!


  1. I went to my local CVS yesterday (Brooklyn, NYC) excited after reading your posts on the huge sales and sadly found absolutely nothing that was on sale :/ All the items you bought for 75% off had their regular price tags on :(((( Any idea why?

  2. Urban Warrior: Did you actually try SCANNING any of the products on my master list? I can't stress enough that even if you don't see clearance signs or stickers, many times the products will come up on clearance in the system. Let me know if you tried scanning, and good luck! :)

  3. Thanks so much for your response ... no, I actually have not tried that! But I surely will! Thanks so much for this tip - I'll let you know how it went :*

  4. I bought the revlon mineral finish too and I LOVE it! I used a $2 revlon coupon and got it for 1.50! best deal ever!

  5. Mine didn't have any sale stickers on them either, but they were on sale when I scanned them. Both of my CVS stores were sold out of the makeup remover as well. What a bummer! I might have to go back and check out those Revlon powders (even though I promised myself I was only going to make one trip this time...oops).

  6. Urban Warrior: Any time! :) I hope the clearance prices come up in the system when you scan them. Keep me posted? :D

    lily: Yay!! That is TRULY the Best. Deal. Ever. :D

    theangrypollo: Yay! So glad the sale prices came up in the system for you! And that IS a bummer that you couldn't find the makeup remover either. There are probably a hundred CVS stores in San Diego and I am not stopping till I find some, darnit. lol! Oh, and yes, you neeeed one of those Revlon powders. ;)

  7. I have used that Revlon product for my highlighter for over a year and love it!! since i don't use it daily, it has lasted a very long time! but i just love it!

  8. I tried last week and nothing came up as on sale, but I tried today and everything you mentioned was on sale. I was so happy!

  9. I got Lavender Cloud too for the sale price since I'd been wanting it forever...but unfortunately it shows up as almost pure white on the nail! Debating returning it..I know it was only $2 but it was really disappointing :(

  10. I got Lavender Cloud too for the sale price since I'd been wanting it forever...but unfortunately it shows up as almost pure white on the nail! Debating returning it..I know it was only $2 but it was really disappointing :(

  11. I actually picked up one of the Revlon powders on clearance at Walgreens. I would have gotten more but they only had the one left and every other store I've been to has sold out of it already. It looks like they must be discontinuing it :(

    I wish they had CVS in Colorado!

  12. The Sunkissed version of those Revlon ColorStay powders is a dead on dupe for Lorac's TANtalizer :D.

  13. I scanned sooo many items! Hahaha. I hauled everything that was on 75% sale lol. I got two of the Revlon brightening powder! Thanks so much for your updates G! :D

  14. I'm actually peeved I didn't grab this revlon product when I saw the last one the other day. I was like "eh, I don't have a coupon and do I really need it?" Sounds like the answer was "Yes!" It's only a few bucks after all.

  15. I bought one of those Revlon powders in the darkest shade and when I ran my brush across it, it looked like nothing on the brush, so I ran it across again, still nothing. So I'm thinking this stuff is hard as a rock! But then I ran my brush over my cheeks and oooooooooooo it looks gorgeous! I love this as a bronzer, it looks like I got some sun without looking Jersey Shore orange and overdone. Still not sure why I can't see it on the brush though.

  16. Margaret, You might want to keep it anyway, if it's like other SH Salon polishes and has a good formula and opacity then you could use it under other polishes that aren't as opaque. You know, the ones where you love the color but get VNL because they're too sheer?

  17. darn, i had the finishing powder in my hand on my mini haul and put it down, b/c i didnt know what to make of it! I hope to get to CVS for Revlon nail polish this week and will be looking for it! Thanks G.!

  18. I went to my CVS on Saturday and didn't see anything on clearance. I will be checking back later this week. I want that revlon highlighter. That's my mom's favorite!

  19. I tried the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing powders when they first came out, I thought it was nothing impressive esp for $15, but I guess for $3.49 and considering it's mineral it's acceptable

  20. BAsed on your review of Revlons Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten I picked one up at CVS today! Holy Cow just the tiniest bit made my cheek bones just about jump off of my face! Which is exactly what I was looking for! The fact that I had a $2 off coupon brought it down to $1.69!! Score!! Thanks G.!! :)

  21. I remembered this blogpost, so when I went to visit CVS today I had to grab it. At 75% off the ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder was marked down to $3.75. Then I scanned my extracare card and got a $6 off Revlon Colorstay product coupon. I ran back to grab a 2nd Finishing Powder and got two powders for 75 cents each! My very first extreme couponing moment, I'm so proud of myself, and thankful for your blog!

  22. Perhaps the highlighter will start being sold at Big Lots and/or Dollar Tree ;) I'll keep my eyes out. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Walgreens tomorrow to see if they're on clearance.

  23. Update: I went to Target today and they do not sell this anymore. However, I went to Rite Aid and they had it, and even though there were no signs that it was on clearance, it was in the system. Ended up getting it for about $3.25 (w/ wellness card). Hope this helps some Rite Aid shoppers! It works wonderfully.

  24. I love that powder as well:)
    I got it after I saw your post the first time. I (of course- like always) only bought it because of you!


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