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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: New Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair and Speed Dry Top Coat

[UPDATE: I just spotted printable coupons on the Nutra Nail website! Click here to print them.]

A few weeks ago, I actually ran out of top coat. This might not seem like a big deal, but since I usually have around five or six spare bottles lying around, it sort of caught me by surprise. So instead of buying my usual favorites (Seche Vite and Sally Hansen MegaShine), I decided to try something new from a brand I've never tried before.

Luckily, I spotted a new counter display for some new Nutra Nail products at Rite Aid, and they just so happened to be running a BOGOFREE sale on Nutra Nails at the time. Plus, there were $1 off peelies on each bottle, so I ended up getting both of the following products for around $4 total (they retail for around $6 each):

Nutra Nail Speed Dry 30 Second Top Coat
and Instant Smudge Repair
(retail: around $6 each)

These products are Big Three Free and made in the USA. They also come with a money-back guarantee, which is always nice.

First let me give you a brief summary regarding the Speed Dry 30 Second Top Coat:

This product didn't dry my nails in 30 seconds. In fact, I found that it took longer than average to dry, especially given the fact that it claims to be a quick-drying top coat. I've used this top coat four times now, on a variety of different polishes, and I can confirm that it takes about two hours for this top coat to fully dry on my nails. If I take the edge of my nail and gently press into the polish, I will DEFINITELY see a dent unless I wait about two full hours for this top coat to dry. I do find that it adds a nice shine to my nails, especially when I'm wearing shimmery polishes, and I think it also does a nice job of protecting my polish. After about three days of wear, I can confirm that this top coat doesn't cause me any major chipping or peeling issues, but I do notice that the shine has dulled a bit after three days. I would give this product a C+ because, while it doesn't live up to its claim of being quick-dry (for me at least) I've certainly used worse top coats in my life.

And now on to the product I was the MOST curious about: Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair:

If you're anything like me, I always tend to smudge a nail within minutes of giving myself a manicure. It never freaking fails. So a product like this, if it works, can get a lot of use in my home.

I first decided to put this product to the test on a FULLY DRIED nick, just to see if it would work. This product does NOT claim to fix dry nicks, but you know me--I had to try anyway:

No dice. I did find it interesting that the product kind of pooled up inside the little nicks though. Oh! I want to point out that any bubbling you see in my polish existed BEFORE I used this product (that's what I get for trying to do a mani in front of a fan! But hey, it's 95 degrees in San Diego right now so what can I say?).

Next up, I tried fixing a fresh, wet smudge:

Wow. I am seriously impressed! It took no effort at all to fix this smudge. It was literally like applying clear top coat and BAM! It completely evened out the smudge AND it didn't make the shimmer in my polish look all weird and distorted.

Now, I know what you're saying: "G., this is nice and all, but can't you basically get the same results if you fix a wet smudge with regular ol' top coat? I'm tired of you and your love of gimmicks."

Well, I have to agree--I'm tired of my love of gimmicks too, but I can't help myself. I LOVE beauty gimmicks! But since you're all so darned practical, I did the following test just for you:

For the above test, I used a basic top coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat, which I forgot I had since I actually never use it). As you can see, it SORT of smooths out the smudge, but not to the degree of Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair. In my opinion, there's really no comparison. The Nutra Nail product works like magic in front of my eyes, whereas regular ol' top coat does not.

FINAL VERDICT: For me, Nutra Nail Speed Dry 30 Second Top Coat was nothing to write home about, but I absolutely love Instant Smudge Repair. It works like a charm on WET smudges (remember: it's not designed to be used on dry nicks) and I can see myself keeping this handy for all future manicures. I also like the fact that this product (as well as the top coat) are Big Three Free and made right here in the good ol' USA. If you're a chronic smudger who wrecks her manicures as often as I do, I'd consider giving Instant Smudge Repair a whirl.

Do you own any Nutra Nail products? What are some of your favorites? Anything else I should know about?


  1. I've never heard of this brand before. Is it strictly a Rite-Aid carried brand?...if so, that may be why. No more Rite-Aids down here in Florida :(

  2. @OnceBitten: I have seen this brand at Walgreens.

    The smudge repair sounds like a miracle product for me! I always smudge my polish. I can't wait to check it out :D Thanks for the review!

  3. I have the Nutra Nail Mineral base & top coat, but I think I'll definitely be looking into the smudge repair. Like you, I always seem to jack up my mani somehow right after I do it.

  4. Once Bitten: You can

    click here
    click here for list of retail locations. Hope that helps!

    Heather: Yup, at CVS, Ulta and Walmart too! I'd love to know what you think if you give it a try. :)

    TrailerHood Chic: How do you like the Mineral Top & Base Coat? Thanks!

  5. omg, thats cool. i really want to try the smudge repair~~ i'll be stalking the weekly sales post, so please let us know if theres a sale! :D

  6. I cant believe you painted your nails today! I find it so hard to do when everything is melting :D

  7. smudge repair?!
    ::gleeful gasp::

  8. Ugh, I NEED the Smudge Repair stuff. I am so so clumsy... I always manage to smudge or dent my nails before they dry. I think Orly has a product like this. Oh they do! (I just Googled!) Its called Smudge Fixer. I would rather buy this one though since its cheaper!

  9. The Smug Fix looks like an amazing product! You never cease to amaze me. ;)

  10. Wow! I definitely need to get some of the Instant Smudge Repair. Amazing!

  11. Oh, that's too bad! I got 2 of those Nutra Nail Top Coats at Rite Aid when they had it BOGOFREE too and was looking forward to trying it. I don't actually have any other top coat polish. Luckily though I only paid tax for them with the BOGOFREE Nutra Nail coupon. :)

  12. Kind of agreed on the Smudge Fixer. I have it, and it works on wet smudges but I find that any clear nail polish works EXACTLY the same haha total gimmick

  13. Smudge Repair is my life line. I never fail to mess up my nails no matter how still I sit while waiting for them to dry.

    I have yet to find a quick dry top coat that really works. They'll set the polish but it won't really be dry so as soon as I need to use my hands the polish will end up smudged. Unless you have 100% hard as rocks base coats and make a really, REALLY thin final coat they never work.

  14. Gonna try the smudge repair when I see another sale. I've used their nail strengthener in the past and wasnt impressed but I def need a smudge fixer! :)

  15. I wonder what would happen if you dabbed a bit of the same nail color on a dry nick, waited a few moments for it to become tacky, and then used the smudge repair on top of that?

  16. Can't wait to try the Instant Smudge Repair! Thanks for the info!

  17. Thank you G for all that you do!

    Your blog is so helpful and it always makes me smile.

    My favorite top+base coat is from Orly the one in the blue bottle with purple rubber top. I buy it from Sally Beauty. Excellent shine,long lasting and dries fast.

  18. Oh my goodness, I NEED this. I am usually cheap when it comes to nail polish, but I smudge them at least three times each time I paint them. I am way too impatient!

  19. Nutra can be found at Albertsons & Walgreens; I have seen it there.

    I have used a Sally's brand of smudge fix: Oops. Works as well as what you show a top coat fixing: sort of a fail. I'll have to ditch this Oops and get the Nutra instead. Looks like just the thing for the dreaded just-painted-nails smudge.

  20. Wow, this product is going to save me hours! I have to redo my all my nails 3-4 each time I try to paint them because I'm so absent-minded when it comes to waiting for them to dry. I can't sit still! Thanks for the share!

  21. NEED that smudge repair! Love that you tested it with a regular top coat too! And don't gimmicks make the world go round? I love them too. :)

  22. I swear by Nutra Nail Speed Dry top coat! There are certain brands of nail polish that never dry for me...Sally Hansen. I mean seriously I did my nails 6 or 7 HOURS before I went to bed and woke up with sheet marks wearing one of the SH Salon polishes one night. I thought I'd just have to give up on SH, but no! Nutra Nail to the rescue! It's the only top coat that for sure dries rock hard for me and I can now wear SH polishes because of it. Now I won't say that it dries in 30 seconds because I really never use my hands for 10 to 15 minutes after I polish my nails, but never had a problem with Nutra Nail after that.

    Anyway, I just want to say that I am so surprised to hear that it won't dry for you, G. I have heard from several nail bloggers that body chemistry does affect nail products and this is definitely proof of that. For anyone who isn't having luck with the usual brands, like Seche and want to give it a shot, you can get it for only $3 at Family Dollar.

  23. With the Instant Smudge Repair, for fixing DRY nicks, if you put a drop of wet polish in the center of the nick and then apply it, I find it works better. :)

  24. Is it possible to use it for smudges which have dried already?


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