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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun with Sinful Colors Green Ocean

If you saw this post then you know that Sinful Colors Green Ocean (retail: $1.99), which is one of those harder-to-find Sinful Colors shades, is now a bit more easily available thanks to the St. Patty's Day display that is now surfacing at Walgreens stores across the country.

I thought it might be helpful to those of you considering picking up this elusive polish if you saw it layered over a few shades.

I want to apologize for any chips you see in my polish, but I forgot to take pics until after I had washed a few rounds of dishes, so my nails aren't in the most pristine shape. But regardless, I think this might give you an idea of how beautiful Green Ocean is when layered.

First up, Green Ocean layered over Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris (two coats of WnW, one coat of Green Ocean):

Black polish really brings out the stunning hues of green and blue in Green Ocean, doesn't it? When the light catches my nails, the colors just dance. Love this combo.

Next up, Green Ocean layered over China Glaze For Audrey (two coats of China Glaze, one coat of Green Ocean):

My camera just could not capture the true look of this combo, but in the pic above, you can kind of see the flakes of light teal blue that catch in the light. In person, these flakes of pale teal really sparkle and they almost look electric when the light catches them. This combo totally reminds me of the tile hat used to be in my bathroom many years ago. I was living in an apartment that was built in the 60s and it had the most awesome light teal bathroom tiles that had glitter embedded in them. It really looked like this and I was so obsessed with that countertop...aaaah, the good ol' days!

My only complaint about Green Ocean is that, unlike Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, the flakes in this polish do not always sit smoothly on the nail. If you don't use a thick top coat, your nails are going to feel a bit bumpy, so I would suggest using two coats of top coat if bumpy nails tend to bother you. Other than that, this polish is WINNING (sorry for the Charlie Sheen reference but that word is cracking up me lately).

Do you own Green Ocean already? What do you like to layer it over? If you don't own it, are you thinking about taking a trip to Walgreens to pick up a bottle?


  1. I do own Green Ocean. And I have a backup bottle. I need to get to Wag's and pick up an extra bottle or two. I have franken ideas. :D

  2. That is really pretty! I like it under the black polish. I

  3. very pretty! i just picked up a bottle this morning. can't wait to try it for my next mani!

  4. I have Green Ocean (and a backup) that I frantically searched for. I'm actually wearing it right now, over another Sinful polish-HD Nails. Seeing the flash of blue/teal depending on how I move my hands makes me happy :)

  5. I keep hoping this will show up at the 2 Walgreens by my house, but no luck so far. :( I'm going to try again this weekend, & I'm also going to travel a bit to find another Walgreens in case it's there. Beautiful color & swatches!

  6. Oh my gosh! :O
    I didn't know that Sinful Colors was still making this!

    I had bought a neon green polish (Irish Green) and this one for 50 cents each the day after St. Patrick's Day— in 2008! Well that was before I started getting into nail polish. Recently, in the middle of 2010, I tried to look for it again but the cheapest I found was on Ebay for 99 cents and 6.99 shipping. D:

    Anyway! This is such a good thing to hear. I'm excited and I'm going to be scoping out my neighborhood Walgreens soon!

  7. Green Ocean is gorgeous. You should try layering it and Hidden Treasure together over a dark color... I promise you, it looks awesome!

  8. GAH! My Walgreens doesn't have these yet. I'm heading into the Cities this weekend and checking out Walgreens there as this is a MUST for my collection. Thanks for posting on it.

  9. I also own Green Ocean. It looks so pretty over dark polishes like "Ebony hates Chris" . I might want to try the other combo.

  10. I just got mine today at Walgreens and can't wait to try it over China Glaze's For Audrey. It's one of my faves and your pics were awesome!

  11. Love this layered over For Audrey! I have it layered over WnW Teal of Fortune on my toes right now. And I did pick up an extra bottle of last night to have in a giveaway!

  12. I might pick up a bottle next time I'm near Walgreens. I have "For Audrey" and I kinda wanna test it out too. :D

  13. Ever since your post on the St. Pattys day display, I have been HUNTING for Green Ocean. I have gone to 3 Walgreens, but nothing so far. I love it layered over the For Audrey. Its beautiful.

  14. I already told you on Twitter I was having trouble finding Green Ocean, too. Seems like I'm not the only one! Maybe they just don't have it out yet? St. Patty's is around the corner, but it's not really a big season. I can see it only being up for 2 weeks or something.


  15. OMG beautiful!! I want one!!!

  16. I really hope I can find this at my Walgreens! I've checked twice so far and they haven't had it...but I'm definitely going to keep looking!

  17. Love this color, and wearing it over a dark or black really brings out the magic.

    Is there another color that is similar, but has blue/purple flakes instead of green/blue?

  18. I got Green Ocean and layered it over SC San Francisco. It looks amazing but my only complaint is...Green Ocean STINKS!!! It has a really weird polish smell...not a fan.

  19. I picked up Green Ocean the other day, and despite the goop and bumps, it looks FANTASTIC over American Apparel's Peacock or any other vibrant teal. (I believe Essie's Go Overboard is pretty similar)


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