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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail Color Collection (part two)

This post brings Wet n Wild Week to a close, and I can't think of a better way to end this whirlwind week than with more color. I'm going to post one more quick Wet n Wild-related post tomorrow just to answer some frequently asked questions I've been receiving all week, and then next week I'll be posting some eye looks utlizing products I've featured here this week.

But as for official new 2011 releases, this is the last of what I've got, so let's get started!

 Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail Color Collection
(retail: $1.99, 0.46 oz)

(To see PART ONE of this collection, please click here)

From Wet n Wild:

Fast Dry Nail Color - $1.99 SRP
Impatience is a virtue. One coat dries in 60 seconds! These vivid, can’t-miss-‘em nail colors come in a no wait formula and apply smooth for streak-free, even coverage. Specially-engineered ManiCurve™ Brush is designed with a flat rod for ideal liquid dispersion and a rounded bristle tip to hug nail curves for perfect application.

Available in Everybody Loves Redmond,, The Gold & the Beautiful, The Wonder Yellows, Sage in the City, SaGreena The Teenage Witch, Teal or No Teal, Teal of Fortune, Ebony Hates Chris, Saved By The Blue, Buffy The Violet Slayer, FuschiaRama, How I Met Your Magenta, Hannah Pinktana, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Silvivor, Gray’s Anatomy and Party of Five Glitters.

Please note: I spent some time color-correcting these photos to try and present you with the most accurate representations of what these shades look like in real life. In some cases, my camera just wouldn't cooperate so that's why my fingers might look a bit blue or red. So just focus on the colors and not my skin!

(No top coat was used in any of the following images.)

The Wonder Years
(two coats)

 Looking at these photos, I probably should have used three coats but, to the naked eye, two seemed like enough. This color is very similar to Sally Hansen Sunflower, which is an LE polish from the Spring 2011 collection.

 Everybody Loves Redmond
(three coats)

This is probably the truest tomato-red polish I own. The pictures taken with flash are truer to what you see in real life. Very tomato-y!

(three coats)

This polish reminds me of the Milani Neon shade called Rad Purple. It has the same level of opacity and after three coats, you can still see my nail line. Also, this one dried a bit on the matte side so it would definitely benefit from a top coat.
(three coats)

I love this one for the name alone (because I'm a diehard original 90210 fan--not the new version). This is such a pretty orange and gold shade that's loaded with glass flecks, but it is very sheer and you can still see nail line after three coats. I'm thinking it might work well as a layering shade over a red or one of those chocolate browns that were all over the place last fall.

The Gold & the Beautiful
(three coats)

Here's the other glass fleck polish in this post. In real life, this is a MUCH more "blingy" type of gold and it's got the kind of sparkle you can see on the nails from a mile away. My pics don't do it justice at all. Again, it's sheer at three coats, but I think this one's worth the extra effort. Also, I want to point out that if you have the original The Gold & the Beautiful from the LE Pixel Perfect collection, this one's different. You can see the original here, which is a straight gold shimmer without the glass flecks.

Buffy the Violet Slayer
(two coats)

My camera absolutely hates purples. Boo! No matter how hard I tried to color-correct this shade, I could not capture its true color.  The pictures without flash come the closest, but just know that this is a true royal purple with violet shimmer and it doesn't pull nearly as blue as what my pics lead you to believe.  I was very happy that it only required two coats for good opacity. Also, if you have the original Buffy the Violet Slayer from the Pixel Perfect collection, this new version is deeper and darker, while the original is more of a medium-toned violet purple as opposed to a royal purple.

How I Met Your Magenta
(three coats)

Excuse my blue-green hands, but apparently my camera doesn't like hot pinks either so I had to do a lot of work to get this as close to real-life as possible. It's still not showing you how truly vibrant this hot pink is, and I don't know if you can quite see it but there's a very subtle silver shimmer running through this shade as well. Much brighter and prettier in person, but these pics are in the general ballpark of what you can expect when you see this one in real life.

Hannah Pinktana
(three coats)

To me and my admittedly untrained eye, this shade seems to lie somewhere between the Milani 3D shades Hi Res and Digital. It's very sheer and could have used a 4th coat. Also, my camera (again with the camera!) sort of freaked out when capturing the holo in this polish and it blurred the holo particles. You can see what I'm talking about if you enlarge the above collage. So just note that this is a scattered holo just like Blue Wants to be a Millionaire.

 Party of Five Glitters
(three coats)

Probably the most talked-about shade in the entire Fastdry collection, I want to state for the record that I think Party of Five Glitters is a MUCH better dupe of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday than Milani Gems. Why? Because the glitter colors in Milani Gems are jewel-toned while the glitter in Party of Five Glitters is much closer to the "birthday" type of colors in Happy Birthday. I don't own Happy Birthday, so I can't tell you if the colors are exact, but Kellie has some great swatches you can see here for comparison.

And just to give you a better idea, here is a side-by-side pic of Party of Five Glitters and Gems:

I also included a pic of what one coat of Party of Five Glitters looks like over Silvivor, just so you can get an idea of what this polish looks like layered over another shade.  Also, in terms of consistency, I found the glitter in Party of Five Glitters to be more sparse than the glitter in Gems, so you'll need to use three or four layers if  you want a super blingy look.

Final Verdict: I mentioned in Part One of this review that I loved the brush in this new line. After using these polishes for some time now, I have to say that the ManiCurve Brush (details at the top of this post) is my favorite thing about this new line because this brush enables me to get a very clean look with little to no clean-up required. I also love the variety of colors and finishes offered in this collection, and I appreciate that Wet n Wild has offered us some good dupes of more expensive nail colors.  Unfortunately, after having now used every single polish in this collection, I believe several of these polishes do not dry quickly for me. Some are better than others (the cremes, jellies and shimmers dry more quickly than the holos and glass-flecked polishes for me). But I am sad to report that I found none of them to dry any quicker than standard polishes and, in a few cases, certain colors took longer to dry than polishes I own from the Wet n Wild Megalast and Craze collections. I ran into this problem with the new Revlon Top Speeds as well, which don't seem to dry quickly for a quick-dry line. I also was a bit disappointed that several of the colors in this collection required three or more coats to achieve good opacity, but I do think that for $1.99, this collection offers some nice dupes and a fun assortment of shades to play around with without having to commit to a higher price tag. Also, for the few shades I've worn for over two days in a row, I found the staying power to be just as good as other lines from Wet n Wild, and I didn't experience any excessive chipping, peeling, etc.

Have you spotted the new Wet n Wild Fastdry collection in stores yet? Have you purchased any? What do you think of them? I'd love to hear from you!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. oh! FuchsiaRama definitely looks like a cheaper dupe of Rad Purple! Good for peeps that don't have access to Milani as well! And I hate to buy something called Hannah Pinktana, but it looks like an awesome franken base!

  2. Ahhh! I love, love, love all of these because the names are super cute. I'll probably snag the whole collection cuz when they're so inexpensive it's hard not to! Thanks so much for all you do to find us awesome deals. You have single-handedly converted this polish snob and fueled my newfound obsession with drugstore polishes (especially wet 'n wild).

  3. j: Hey, I never thought about that (since I'm too scared to franken--haha!). What a great idea to use Hannah Pinktana as a franken base. For this price that's a fabulous use for it! You always have the best ideas. :)

  4. colourcoated: What an incredibly sweet thing to say! Thank you so so much for that, girlie! And I would LOVE to know what you think of these polishes when you get them. Keep me posted? xo

  5. I just picked up 7 of these tonight. They're on sale at walgreens right now for 99 cents!

  6. Buffy the Violet Slayer is awesome!

  7. Rachel Marie: Yep, I mentioned a few posts down on this blog that ALL Wet n Wild is currently 50% off at Wags this week. Glad you were able to take advantage of that! :)

    Phyrra: Again, I totally thought of you when I swatched this shade. You neeeeed it. ;)

  8. I picked up Party of 5 today, idk why i didnt purchase more. I was looking for a couple of new eye pencils and they were already sold out. Then I forgot about the 50% off sale, can you believe it? But happily I can always go back. Going to put on the Party of 5 tonight over the black that I am already wearing!

  9. I totally want How I Met Your Magenta, just for the name! I LOVE How I Met Your Mother!!! =D

  10. I wasn't too excited about some of the first polishes, mostly because I already have dupes, not because I don't like them. But I'm loving the last 3 and I will probably get both Milani holo dupes. My favorite out of this group is How I Met Your Magenta, which is strange because pinks are usually my least favorite! It doesn't hurt that How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows!

  11. I would love to try these new WnW products you've been reviewing but both of my local Rite Aid and Walgreens locations haven't had anything new. :-/

  12. I saw Party of Five at my RiteAid (there was only one on the display) and i actually didn't buy it. I must be one of the few who finds those large hcunky glitter ala Happy Birthday/Party of Five/Gems to be rather gaudy and cheap looking? lol maybe it's because i never really saw it under sunlight? I thought they were rather ugly, so even though it was the only one on the display, i decided to not get it...
    i hope i don't regret my decision LOL

    are these LE or perm btw?

  13. I grabbed 2 today. The Gold & the beautiful, and Party of five glitters. Can't wait to try them.

  14. I got Hanna Pinktana last night despite its gawdawful name. I had to put it on right away. Yes, it is sheer. However, after 3 coats to get it even, it is a lovely translucent/jelly color. It is also far more pink than it looks in the bottle. It reminds me a lot of tourmaline. I thought it dried fairly fast, but definitely not a record-breaker. I just can't bear the name, though.

  15. I got Saved by the Blue, Wonder Yellows at regular price then when they were marked down this week, bought 4 more. This time I bought Gray's Anatomy, Buffy the Violet Slayer, Fuschiarama & Everybody Loves Redmond. I also got backups of my fave new trios. The Clinical serum/mascara duo did not ring up at 50% off although the Wags circular showed no exclusions. Since it's $6.99 and I'm cheap, I'm passing on that until it's on sale. LOL

  16. Buffy the Violet Slayer is definitely calling my name! :D Wow Wet 'n Wild has done a great job again!! :D


  17. I got NINE of this collection altogether and I am THRILLED with the formula and the brushes, I am late to the game of course, but I am in for the long haul. I am so excited these are CORE collection colors, that way I don't have to stock up and can buy them as needed. Thanks for the great info, I am really loving your blog!


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