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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First glimpse: New Wet n Wild Megalash Clinical Mascara, Serum and more

Today is the final day of Wet n Wild Week here on Nouveau Cheap, and boy has it been a blast! I've still got this and one more post to show you, and then sometime next week I'm going to post some eye looks utlizing several of the new 2011 products featured this week, just so you can get a feel for how they work together.

So now I'd like to show you two new eye products plus an extension of an existing eye product. Please note: this is not a formal review or even an "initial thoughts" post. As many of you know, mascara reviews take a lot of time for me to do, and I don't think initial thoughts about mascara are always that accurate. So with that being said, this is just a "first glimpse" post:

Left to right:
Megalash Clinical Mascara (retail: $4.99)
Megalash Clinical Serum (retail: $6.99)
Megalength Waterproof Mascara (retail: $2.99)

Wet n Wild Megalash Clinical Mascara
(retail: $4.99)

From Wet n Wild:

MegaLash® Clinical Mascara - $4.99 SRPBoost your batting average: Get longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes instantly! Research shows 87% of women saw an instant improvement in the length and volume of their lashes.* Breakthrough P-Charged+™ technology delivers a peptide complex that promotes visibly longer, thicker lashes. A conditioning and activation complex provides oils, vitamins, and nutrients to condition and stimulate stronger lashes for a “wow” factor that can’t be missed.

Available in Very Black.

I am such a sucker for cute packaging, and I love how this is a white tube encased by a clear tube. I also love the light blue accents. And that brush is quite interesting, isn't it? If you look closely, you'll see that the bristle pattern is different on each side of the brush.

Wet n Wild Clinical Serum
(retail: $6.99)
From Wet n Wild:

MegaLash® Clinical Serum - $6.99 SRP
Increase your daily winks…In just 4 weeks, get longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes!* Breakthrough P-Charged+™ technology delivers a peptide complex that promotes visibly longer, thicker lashes. This revolutionary lash-lengthening formula contains Bulgarian Rose Water, Chamomile Extract, Soy Protein, and Pro-Vitamin B5 to condition and promote lash health. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but long, flirty lashes are a girl’s best secret weapon.

Available in Clear.

I know some people may feel that this product is pretty price for Wet n Wild, and looking at the rest of their price-points, I agree. BUT, that said, when you compare it to the price of other drugstore eyelash serums, it seems like this would be a good bargain if it works, at just $6.99. I'll have to test it for several weeks in order to give you my opinion.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Wet n Wild products are cruelty-free. I should have probably mentioned that on my other posts, but I guess I've known it for so long that I just took it for granted that everyone else knew too. The bottom line of the packaging above made me remember to mention it.

Wet n Wild Megalength Waterproof Mascara
(retail: $2.99)

From Wet n Wild:

MegaLength™ Waterproof Mascara - $2.99 SRP
Engaged to be married! wet n wild’s award-winning mascara has been a single gal, but now we found her a mate… introducing MegaLength™ Waterproof Mascara! Delivers up to 80% longer-looking lashes! Special blend of waxes lavishly lifts and lengthens with amazing staying-power. Waterproof formula stays on through rapid rainfalls, uncontrollable sobbing, unbearable humidity, and even while swimming. Specially designed brush grips each and every lash for extreme separation and definition.

Available in Very Black.

Please note, this is not a new product; it is an extension of the existing Megalength Mascara, now in a waterproof formula.

That's it for your glimpse at the new 2011 Wet n Wild mascara products! What you do think? Are you excited to give any of these a try? I'd love to hear from you!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I <3 that the clinical mascara has Argan Oil in it!!

  2. They look interesting, but I really wish WnW would release some mascaras in colors other than black! I have to go for brown or brownish black mascaras because pure black looks really harsh on me :(

  3. i got a package deal thing with both the serum and the mascara for about $7 so i was like WOOHOO! i have been using it for about a week. i'm excited to see if it works :)

    the only thing i'm not in love with is the serum can burn if you're not careful about applying it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I agree with Trailhoodchic that Argan Oil is very interesting! Cant wait for reviews. Boy G. you sure have your work cut out for you! But what fun! Thx again!

  6. Packaging is adorable. I'd love to know the final verdict! There's so many lash enhancing products out there, you can't tell which is good, and which is a fluke! Thanks :]

  7. I can't wait for your review on the lash length serum! If it does work I may look into getting it as it's actually at a price point I can afford! Thanks so much for an awesome week of Wet n' wild!

  8. Cruelty free!!?? How wonderful! I suppose I've never looked at their packaging long enough to see that (I usually just rip it open as soon as I get it home).

    I think I'm going to have to write WNW a love letter :)

    I'm definitely getting that serum, and with 50% off right now, the price is perfect.

  9. Wow, I never even thought that Wet n Wild could be cruelty free. They have such a low price point but are still able to provide quality products without testing on animals. I am very impressed. I love WnW more than ever now!

    I'm not sure if I would try the serum if it weren't on sale, but the 50% off is a perfect time to try it! I'm also looking forward to trying the clinical mascara.

  10. For people who are looking for a cheap lash-lenghtening product, you should definitely try Castor Oil -- all natural, used for thousands of years in India, and the best part, only $5 for a HUGE HUGE HUGE bottle (well at least for our purpose) at the drugstore (it is sold in the laxative section). After 3 weeks of daily use, eyebrows will regrow in patchy places, and after a month eyelashes will be longer, thicker, and denser (more lashes). I highly recommend it.

  11. I got the mascara and serum in a pack for $6.99. I like the mascara (it's really black!), although I feel the formula is just a tad on the dry side.

  12. The serum looks interesting! Can't wait to read your review on it!

  13. I've never tried any if WNW mascaras but these look interesting! Definitely want to check out that serum :)

  14. Since wet n wild is 50 percent off now I got the 7.00 combo pack for only 3.50 :D excited to try it!

  15. I've been using this product for a few months now and (as it should be obvious since I've just purchased my third tube of this stuff) I think it's fabulous. I'm 50 and my lashes are now like they were in my teens -- so long that they near touch my eyebrows when I look up!

    My only caveat would be to be VERY careful when you apply it. If you get any in your eyes, it stings worse than any soap!

  16. I've been using this product for three months now and (as should be obvious given the lengh of time I've been using it), the results have been fantastic! My lashes are in the best condition they've been in since my teens.

    My only caveat would be to be VERY VERY careful when applying it; it stings terribly if it comes into contact with your eyes; worse than soap.


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